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  1. @GuiltyLove Quite the hit from Catria there, love to see it! Shamir also did really well handling a huge portion alone. Not every day you get to see colored archers duking it out. Nice clear! I beat this BHB pair with another BHB pair, Tana and Amelia. I had been waiting for the day when the Cancel Affinity that Tana picked up from Jamke while getting Heavy Blade would come in handy lol. Also note the Chill Spd seal for added disrespect on Ike.
  2. Poor Orson (and Matthew & Leila BHB), didn't get a thread before Fernand. @Diovani Bressan Nice clears! Nifl is such a nice theme, and with Gunnthrá's newfound powers they really output some high numbers. For the one turn clear I find it funny that Petrine is a ruthless beast slayer, yet her best friend in Heroes is Rafiel to help out with Galeforcing lol @Sasori Oow, Fernand must be feeling salty after this one. Must be the most frustrating thing to have barely armored peasant Boey staring him down and then his lance just slides off Boey's muscles. Supportive Ross, huh? I like the Love Candelabra on him. I gave mine to NY Azura, but maybe I'll promote another Zelot in the future if Ross wants a new axe. Nice clear! All the Tanas got to do a bit of fighting this time around, nice when it works out like that. They were also joined by Summer Lyn who got to show off her newly obtained Duel skill together with Summer Tana. A proper ponytailed brigade.
  3. @GuiltyLove Very nice clears! I like how all the Whitewings are some sort of alternate version of them too. RIP Est though. Bride Catria is so much fun, thought you might be back when she was announced. Good to see you got her! I was able to pick her up myself, though sadly with the wonderful IVs of +HP -Atk. She's still amazing though of course, currently Galeforcing Røkkr Sieges to death. @Sasori Nice clear! Shame the usual orphans couldn't make it, but it's not all bad when it means getting to see some Wolt in action. @Some Jerk That's certainly an unusual Eldigan build! I'm a fan of builds like this when they work though, and this certainly did. Took a while taking Near Save man out, but they did it in the end. Silvia destroying the Far Save one at the end was pretty satisfying to watch, nice work! Also, nice avatar! @NSSKG151 The Anna gang went in and never let up, very nicely done! Spendthrift Bow is such a powerful weapon, and the trusty Arena staple of Hammer Anna did really well handling that Near Save guy when the time came. @Landmaster The Elises did well as always, some really huge damage numbers from all of them, impressive! Even Mirabilis got to show some might, good stuff! @SatsumaFSoysoy Very nice Fallen Celica! I should give mine DC sometime too, that weapon lends itself really well to the tried and true damage reduction builds. I see she brought another fallen friend too. It's easy to forget since Fallen Edelgard is so absurdly over the top, but all the units on the most recent fallen banner are incredibly strong. Morgan taking down a goddess in one round is a good demonstration! Also wanna say I appreciate the Melia thumbnail. Double Save skills is not the most fun thing to see when you want to do a one turn clear. Luckily they forgot their Svalinn Shields so a good hammer smash from Ross was all that was needed to open the map up. After that the Tanas could easily clean up the rest.
  4. I think Canto wasn't actually necessary for this particular clear. I could have just attacked the bow fighter and Sigurd from the left and ended up in the same spot... but using Canto looks more stylish lol. Very nice use of Catrias from you! Her getting the brave hit on Sigurd for the kill was pretty satisfying. @Sasori Oo, Lyon slots nicely into this team. He's really useful, even though he's spooked me quite a bit while aiming for Tana merges. The rest of the kids are strong as usual too, nice clear! @Landmaster Nice clear! Nice to see how Elise actually counters this well with Gravity stuff. And the Bladetome and such is effective as usual in ripping apart the rest. And yeah, you'll definitely see more of this Tana from me! @Unknown Gamer11 Great two turn clear, I really like the units used here! The siblings make such a good team, and that Ewan set looks great. Impressive how he dealt with Sigurd so fast! @Diovani Bressan Nice one turn, Petrine is coming along nicely. Very good unit for maps like this. Well done! @SatsumaFSoysoy Canto is almost too convenient, at least it can't generally be used with Wings of Mercy or it would truly be silly for one turns. It wasn't actually necessary on this map though, but the stat penalty from Trace is nice, so might as well do fancy movement too then lol. Haven't gotten any more merges at the time of writing, but I'm hoping to get one more at least. And nice, efficient clear! Winter Hilda looks so nice, wouldn't mind collecting merges on her myself... but there's a little too much other stuff on my agenda now.
  5. @SatsumaFSoysoy Sky Maiougi Dorothea huh, that's an unusual but effective way to deal with that Armor. Nice and effective clear! Tana and Nowi demonstrated some serious shmovement on this map. Also featuring Shamir getting her fill of Tana's bananas.
  6. @Some Jerk Great refresher clear! Dancer Eldigan really tanked that hard, only reason Sigurd could do anything was because he cheated. And Puddles didn't care for his damage reduction or triangle advantage when she took him out. Ninja Silvia was a treat as always too, she really got to cut up that blue bow at the end. Young Tana gets to make her debut in a one turn clear! And she's pretty nuts. This wasn't too hard, no really bad enemy positions. And doing it in one turn sidesteps the main difficulty element of crazy movement. In fact I did Infernal and Abyssal in one turn and then almost lost on Lunatic because I completely forgot about the movement stuff, eheh. Pretty happy I got to use all three Tanas for this clear.
  7. @Some Jerk wow I hate this! Nicely done! @Diovani Bressan Nice clear! The fact that the sword fighter decided to go for full health Dimitri over 11 HP Seteth says something about Seteth's bulk. @GuiltyLove That Close Counter seemed like a worthwhile investment! There sure are a lot of incredibly powerful carry units from Three Houses that can be used on this map. Nice work! @Landmaster Warding Stance Brave Dimitri, interesting. He cleaned this up pretty well. And Dedue being used as intended I see, covering his highness from everything he can. Nice clear! This was pretty easy to clear in one turn. At first I thought I would be using Legendary Edelgard since the starting positions are pretty nice for her getting Stride activated, but the closest units really weren't the best for her... so ended up using regular Edelgard instead, and she really proved herself. Summer Ingrid also got the rare opportunity to shine, and Byleth was useful as always in breaking through Wary Fighter.
  8. @Diovani Bressan Nice one turn by Saizo and Claude. Not even that bulky armor unit stood a chance, Bonus Doubler is quite the drug. Great clear! @Naoshi Nice to see some Nino revenge, that's the most important part! @Sasori Nice Forrest, I really like bulky Palm Staff sets. That was a close call with him surviving at 1 HP! Cool to see Nino's kids take some revenge for her to, awesome clear! @Landmaster Nice clear, no trouble for the Elise brigade. Sonya must be pretty tired of being defeated by green mages at this point, especially with her being a supposed ranged tank. I wanted to include Nino in my one turn clear this time, but it was looking a little difficult since she can't Galeforce. But then I remembered that I finally obtained L!Lucina on the recent Mythic banner, and she turned out to be perfect for it as she can both move someone and attack. Happy to finally have her, I'm sure she will come in handy in the future too. Also got to use my new Forma Celica, so pretty happy with this clear. Also, I think this is the first time I have thought "I need Warding Blow" lol
  9. @Sasori What a lovely red headed team. The oldest units did quite well in tanking the heaviest hits, and Azelle made good use of the damage the team got to warp around to help. Spring Minerva is so cool, it's tempting to merge her but there's too much other stuff that requires my orbs now. @Some Jerk This is the first time I'm seeing a Repel Silvia but she made great use of her new toy! And Azura really demonstrating the power bladetomes still have there by taking out that terrible Lance Knight. Nice clear! @Diovani Bressan Nice clear! That Nowi is so strong as always. Didn't look too hard between her and Leif. Dagr tried her best to cheat death with Deflect Missile, but she went down to Leif in the end regardless. It refers to the relatively recently introduced line of Armor exclusive C-skills that allow them to enter combat in the place of an ally within two spaces, meaning there is actually a huge area around them where your attacking options are severely limited. It appears on the Lance Armor in this map, and can be incredibly annoying to face. I was able to clear this in one turn, but sadly I had to hit Ephraim's cheat button to get to battle. I think that's fair though, considering they brought their own cheat skills in the form of D/R Near Save. Wasn't too bad figuring it out once I decided to use Ephraim. Tana sadly had to sit this one out, but her summer version got to appear as movement and Chill support at least.
  10. @Maaka Great work on the one turn clears again! I didn't have the motivation to try it for most of the maps this time, but for the Abyssal getting it done in one turn is kind of the easy way out, so I ended up doing it for that one. @Some Jerk Very nice Jugdral units! That ninja Silvia looks especially fun, I really want to pull some copies of that sword sometime. Great clear! @Diovani Bressan Nice clear! Fallen Julia is a very handy delete button, i probably would have brought her out as well if I didn't find a way to skip most of the map. Osian is also a surprisingly nice unit, the cool thing about the Limited format is that units like him get a chance to shine since the stuff that usually outclasses him isn't available. @GuiltyLove That Mareeta inheritance definitely looked like it was worth it. Amazing how she's still clearly among the best sword units in the game even a year later. Nice clear! @Landmaster Cool team, they handled it well. I was also planning to use Ishtar initially, to test out her new refine, but then I found a one turn solution and chose the easy way out. She still got to appear as movement support though. Nice to see that massive Res on Temari Lachesis as well, having a flying debuff dancer like that looks very handy. Nice clear! I was able to find a solution pretty quickly by Vantage sweeping with Legendary Leif and cheating with Harmonized Dorothea to clear the map in one turn. Might have been able to do it without relying on the Duo skill if I gave Erinys Galeforce or something, but if I can clear an Abyssal LHB with this little effort and wothout spending a feather I'll gladly take it.
  11. Kinda hate that this works with a freshly crystal trained Spring Myrrh, but that's just how units are made these days I guess. I think if I didn't have that Def superbane she could have done it without Iote's Shield as well.
  12. @Diovani Bressan Nice clear! It's fun to see the original cav duo in action like this, they make for a nice team. Kaden being there as a sneaky cavalry support also worked very well for this team. I decided to do a fairy themed one turn clear this time, since another one of my Galeforce units got a fitting Resplendent attire to be on the team. Had to downgrade Elincia to regular Brave Sword to manage to Galeforce though, her extra resplendent stats made her too strong lol.
  13. @Diovani Bressan Damn it, and I thought I was original by using Nowi. At least I didn't Duo Cheat. Nice clears! Mirabilis slaying Solon like that is somehow really funny to me. The fairies make for a pretty functional team together. Nice use of Nowi as a beacon in the one turn clear as well. I can see her coming in handy for one turn clears in the future, because that movement is so amazing. Here is my one turn clear, also featuring Nowi's new refine, coincidentally. It also features Tana using Odd Tempest for the first time, and I also found a use for that Brave Sword I gave Palla like 5 days before she got her refine which felt good. Not a hard map overall, but fun.
  14. Got these done in one turn this time, except for the Conrad one. I wouldn't say my Binding Blade roster is lacking, and Brunnya could practically solo the map, but in terms of tools to do it in one turn I had nothing. But I'm happy with 4/5 done in one turn. Astram with Heroes: Elincia & Nephenee with Fates: Cherche & Virion with Three Houses: Duma with Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn:
  15. @Diovani Bressan Nice one turn clear! When giving a unit a seal named Threaten doesn't make them more threatening... Him not having Iote's Shield meant L!Leif was a very good answer though. I had to nerf Freyja's weapon for one turn clears before myself. Luckily she's so strong she can make up for the lost Atk. @Sasori Nice clears! Cool to see Azelle in action. Siegbert is also a unit I don't see that often, but he did very well Galeforcing to take out key threats here. And the orphans pulled through in the end as well! @Maaka Great clear! Clever setup to quad Claude there, hurting Bartre with Fury to disable Catch and having Spring Fir close for the Atk/Spd Rein. Don't know why I didn't think of trying to take damage before attacking Claude myself, might have been easier, eheh. @Landmaster Ah, Claude falling to the power of the Blade tome, what a nice sight. @Unknown Gamer11 Nice brother-sister clear there! That Ewan is really awesome, wish mine was even half that strong. Definitely want to get him that Fox tome sometime. My one turn clear features my newly built Ninja Hana, who did nicely in opening up the map. Tana also got to put her new Resplendent stats to use in doubling Claude while his Catch skill was active, as a small flex (his Spd was chilled though). In all not that hard of a map, for once all the enemies weren't miles away.
  16. @Flying Shogi Nice work by the Nino family. Raigh took out those horses very nicely, and from there it looked very easy. @Diovani Bressan I didn't think of how hard Wonter Altina cheeses this map, but yeah that really is pretty much an auto win for anyone that has her. Nice work on the one turn as well, that Seteth is coming along nicely. @Sasori Nice clear! Null C-Disrupt Raigh is definitely a very strong answer to this map. I tested slightly with my own Null C unit in Ross, but that red mage is very mean to him. Raigh took it like a champ though. @Maaka Nice work as usual! At this point I consider Odd Tempest to be Spring Fir's default C skill, and any clear where she uses a different one is the exception. @Landmaster Nice Elise clear! Veronica couldn't even damage her huh. And once it was her turn Elise deleted her, proving who the superior cav healer is. Here is my one turn clear, featuring the debut of Resplendent Tana!
  17. Pretty late to the party here, but better late than never right? @Sasori Nice clear! Expected you to abuse Far Save more, but it seems that wasn't necessary. @Diovani Bressan Nice clears! Kaden does really well as an opening unit for Galeforce clears. Saizo had no trouble either. @Maaka Good stuff as usual, this map didn't really have any units that could potentially challenge Bartre's family. @Flying Shogi Nice Nino family! Flying Nino's new(ish) refine seems quite nice for her, even though she did more of a taxi job here. @Landmaster Nice Elise action! They are all surprisingly bulky when they want to. Tana didn't need to be Resplendent even to completely solo this map, asserting herself as the superior lance flier. Also got it done in one turn with a Sacred Stones team.
  18. @SatsumaFSoysoy Love Duessel, so happy he got to be strong. His massive bulk has helped me auto clear a lot of maps. @Sasori Almost a complete pink twintails emblem! Boey needs to fix his hair for next time. I like how Osian went "You messed with the wrong guy!" twice in his final battle... If your cool line failed to land the first time, it gets way worse if you try to do it again lol. Nice clear! @Flying Shogi Hands sticker. Nice clear! I see a lot of people use beasts on this map for some reason (including me eheh). Freyja is just really amazing in general. @NSSKG151 Quick and easy! This is a nice Galeforce team. Still funny to see those lopsided stats on Raven. @Maaka The family had no problems with this. They keep placing us far away from the enemy in these, are they trying to increase the value of Odd Tempest? I certainly want it more than ever now at least, haha. Great clear! @Diovani Bressan I was convinced until they all transformed and two of them lost their fox ears. Kitsune emblem fail Great clear! Beast teams are pretty good for Galeforce. Opening up with Kaden was pretty smart so he copies all this buffs to the ones that warp in. I did a one turn clear as well. Freyja got to flex by using the weakest beast weapon available. Her Nightmare Horn was too strong to allow her to take the damage for Wings of Mercy, but it's not like she needs it at all with her stats. Tana also got to take out the bulkiest green unit, and this is also one of the rare appearances of Brave Lance in post-Ninja Yari times. The extra bulk is needed sometimes! Also got surprised by how much Speed is stacked on that Mage Flier in its starting position. Bond, Spur, Rein... And when I thought I had enough speed to double through all of that I noticed the Owl tome giving 2 more Spd as well lol. Drive Spd solved that luckily.
  19. Yay, free Tana! Yeah, it's kinda hard to find the perfect role for her since her Prf doesn't match her statline that well, and the refine does not help, sadly... (Re-refines when?) I basically just have a ton of different inherited lances on her and use what's best for the map, usually either Slaying Lance, Flowing Lance or Ninja Yari these days. I like both her voices but I will admit the Japanese one is closer to what I imagined. Great Azura clear as well, that Catria looks awesome. I used her with DC and Vantage myself when clearing the map, but that Firesweep and Dazzling pair up front made things really annoying for her. Seems yours avoided that quite easily though, nice! @Maaka Great bunch of one turn clears, that Klein and Clarine one looked especially tricky. Placing a Dazzling staff unit behind a wall like that is really mean for one turns. Great performance by Gray in the Azura clear as well. @Diovani Bressan Mila really makes a world of difference for regular clears of this map. Duo Alm also put in a bunch of work, I've never been made more aware of the fact that I don't have him than now. He's literally the only green melee unit from Echoes, so for these limited battles there's a lot of roles only he can fulfill. I didn't think I would be able to beat this in one turn with my limited Echoes roster, but thanks to Diovani for the idea of using Python I managed to do it in the end. Putting Firesweep and Dazzling Staff on this map right from the start is pretty mean and makes it harder to enemy phase. I wasn't really considering my 4-star roster when trying to solve this, but it turns out finding a bow cavalier among them became the key to getting the positions just right to beat those cavaliers on enemy phase without dying.
  20. Tana handled this one all by herself. I am a little worried about the upcoming Azura battle with Echoes units though, I definitely consider that to be my weakest roster. But I'll handle that when I get there.
  21. @Maaka Very nice Bartre family one turn. I wished I had Odd Tempest several times while playing this, still pretty mad I couldn't get it on my Forma Tsubasa. Spring Fir made great use of it here! @Diovani Bressan Nice enemy phase one turn, they gobbled up that map very easily. Great fairy clear too, I always like seeing the fairies fight because their attack animations are all very cool. @Flying Shogi Those beasts never let the enemy gain an opening, their pressure was just too much. Flying beasts with their three movement seem to be very much in their element on this map, great clear! @Landmaster This map isn't very nice to two of the Elises with all those trenches, but they pulled through all the same. Very nice beast clear as well, cool to see the new year units in action. Your NY Keaton visited my castle the other day, and I could smell the Nailah blood on his hands. @Sasori Cool theme clear, nice to see the new units in action. Makes me hope I get a Sara one day, her pulling Leif back with Return to save him from the Odd Tempest Sword Fighter was unexpected, because I'm still not used to staff units having movement skills. But it seems so handy! I got the idea of using Cormag in my one turn clear, in memory of his English voice actor who sadly passed away recently. Had to lower his attack a lot to make it work, but luckily Veld's HP is nice and lets him take some extra hits to charge Galeforce. Happy it worked out.
  22. Thanks! I do indeed have S!Tana at +10 as well, she actually got to see some action in my one turn clear of the Lyon & Eirika BHB recently. Very nice theme clear! Amazing how much of the map Guinivere cleaned up immediately by just placing her there. And Lugh did phenomenally as well, none of the mages stood a chance. I like that set, those Glacies flying around everywhere pack a wallop. Great work! Indeed~ The Elises (and backup) did great as always here! I really like seeing Elise's staff animation, don't get to see it that much myself (because I had Wrathful Staff on mine...). She sure gobbled up that Sephiran fast, but seeing Odd Recovery in action it seems it was worth it.
  23. Thanks! Dorothea was actually important, but not because of her assistance in movement. The green armor would actually survive with 1HP if Ephraim didn't have the +7 Atk buff from Hone Atk 4. I could have fixed this by using trait fruit on Ephraim to make him +Atk, but I'm still too indecisive to use those haha. But yeah, I technically could have chosen to not move Dorothea at all I guess, but I like to not use the cheat button Duo Skill if I can do without it. Very nice clear, that's quite the Celica you have there! I usually see the more player phase Galeforce oriented variant, but she does incredibly well like this too. That refine is so strong for her, no matter the role. Hope this was a good reminder of his existence then lol There's still like six thousand units on my "Oh, I should give them Galeforce!" list, so I don't blame you for not having gotten around to it. Yeah, Ephraim was definitely the mvp of this clear. I think I could have replaced every other unit with something else and still made it work, but Ephraim was essential with his ability to break through the fighter skills while having effective damage. And I made sure not to cheat to appease you, you're welcome. Nice clear yourself! Odd Tempest is just too handy in these one turn clears, I've wished I had it so many times haha. Spring Fir really is the perfect unit for opening up this map, and Bartre made for a grand finale with that Astra. Great stuff!
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