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  1. Interesting insight everyone! Hm, seeing as so many of us want more and there's the thought that the developers think that fans will NOT want more, is it possible to contact someone involved in this project and let them know that a bunch of us do want more? I know it's only a few right now, but if several do end up getting in touch maybe they'd think about adding more slots in a future update? I have no idea who to contact about this kind of thing though.
  2. I know that older school FEs had very few save slots (the last one I played was 776 which had two), but IIRC some newer ones had more. My memory is terrible when it comes to stuff like this so I could very well be wrong. Precedent notwithstanding, there's no technical reason to limit the player to 5 slots is there? So why do so? I find this very limiting since I like to keep many saves for various reasons. Thankfully you can save your endgame data over the old ones and the playthroughs still stack, but it would be nicer to have at least 10 if not 20 slots. Is it theoretically possible that the number of slots could be increased in a future update?
  3. Isn't 3H built using the Warriors engine? If so, then I would bet Warriors 2 will be coming next.
  4. 1: I like a lot of the electionic influences, but that one dubstep near the end of GD track took it too far. 2: I like "The Long Road". A bit of an odd choice, maybe, but I love that one. I also really like the post-timeskip monastery song (not sure of its name) and "Roar of Dominion". 3: I haven't finished AM yet, but of BE:CF and GD I liked GD's final chapter the best. I honestly can't recall BE:CF anymore, nor any other final themes from prior games. 4: After three playthroughs the music in the market is starting to grate on my nerves. I actually think that track is quite appropriate, interesting and at first it was nice. It just gets SO repetitive after so many playthroughs. As stated above, I also didn't like the dubstep track. I think part of my problem with both is that the loop seems to be too short. If they were longer they would be more tolerable. 5: Yes, this is definitely my favorite soundtrack and I've played a good portion of previous games. I wish there was a video game music award that meant something since this soundtrack deserves to win it overall.
  5. I found a video with lyrics. ;) ...Seriously though I hope you all figure it out! It would be really interesting to know.
  6. Thanks a lot for the link! I didn't think to search "paired endings" and only searched marriage so I totally missed that. There's lots of good information in there. Well it looks like I'm in trouble for my current playthrough since many characters already have multiple A ranks, but I guess next time I'll try the not getting A support trick. It's somewhat annoying that the game seemingly forces you to do that to play matchmaker, but it is what it is. I guess it's more realistic this way... I wonder what it would take to figure out exactly how the game determines which character ends up with another when there's multiple A ranks in play? And I am really curious about how C+ or B+ impacts the final result if at all.
  7. I'm nearing endgame in Golden Deer and I'm now starting to think about trying to pair characters up so that they end up married in the post game. I've read various contradictory things about this mechanic in different places, and I really don't know what's what! Some seem to think it's all random, but others think you can control it to a degree. I've heard that in order to control who ends up with who, you need to look at who their "Close Allies" are under Notes as well as having the highest level of support (only A, or A+ will have a chance to marry each other). Whoever is the top in the "Close Allies" field has a good chance of marrying their corresponding top if their support is maxed. In order to get an ally into the top spot it is said that you have to spend a lot of time fighting next to each other and/or assign them as adjutants. I've noticed that perhaps assigning as adjutants is more effective since my Byleth has Felix in his top spot and they hardly ever fight together but I often assign Felix as Byleth's adjutant. I guess it's easier to get into fights together when you're stuck together! Now a question I have is: LOTS of people have Marianne as their top in "Close Allies". Marianne does not have any A+ supports on my route, but she does have two C+ supports: Ferdinand and Lornez. I actually don't want her married to either of those guys, but will the game pick one due to her having a special C+ support or does it HAVE to be A+ support to force a pairing? FWIW she currently has A support with both of them. I've also understood that the game keeps an invisible tally of support points past A or A+, and whoever has the highest tally will end up married (but I am not sure if this is always the same as the person in the top spot of "Close Allies"). Oh yes and also I've heard that if you ONLY give a character one A or A+ support (and leave the rest at B or lower) this will force them to wed in post game. It's too late for that in my game, but many report this working seemingly. If you micromanaged your characters' love lives, what was your strategy? Also, is there a list somewhere of all potential pairings? I've heard of fun ones like Dorothea x Petra but is it the case that all A supports can end up married regardless of gender?
  8. 1. Is there a definitive guide as to how stats work in this game yet? I have seen a few but they seem to contradict each other sometimes (or leave info out perhaps). 2. What determines who gets MVP? It seems more complicated than just damaged dealt but perhaps I'm wrong? It feels more like damage dealt + exp earned + # of battles fought or something... But I really don't know!
  9. Wow, thank you for saying this! I've been struggling with trying to figure this out for a while now. As for my thing I didn't realize: I didn't realize that Divine Pulse wasn't just for bringing characters back from the dead but is basically just a rewind button. That's a big "duh" since that ability features into the story a few times. Granted, I haven't really needed it yet but it certainly would have been helpful a few times.
  10. I seem to recall that too so it's probably the case.
  11. Wow thank you so much for the very detailed answers! I'm very grateful. 🙂 Yes, I did mean Jeritza and Felix re: duelling. It feels weird and wrong to have mages use bows, but I will just have to get used to it. 😉 The flexibility seems like it'll be fun!
  12. I have... Many questions! Please feel free to answer only one or a few or whatever. 🙂 Does turn count matter? Are there battle rankings (S, A, B, etc.)? If there are rankings, what do you get for getting higher ones? Is there a limit to how many items you can have in the convoy? Can most physical units be trained to wield a melee weapon as well as a bow or only certain ones? I’ve had two characters ask me to fight them in a duel and turned both down. Was that a mistake? What does dueling entail? What does the training ground do? What is the level cap (I've seen this asked approximately 4 times in this thread so I assume we don't know yet)? EDIT: I just read on Gamefaqs that it's been confirmed that 99 is the cap. Not sure how accurate this is!
  13. Thank you! This is all very helpful. 🙂
  14. I have a couple more questions! This is probably a very daft question but is it possible to "use" items in the 'convoy' / deploy menu (not sure what to call it exactly)? My specific question is: I am on chapter 11x and Asvel is fatigued, could I in theory I use an S drink on him in the menu if this is possible, but I cannot see a way to do this. (FWIW this level looks easy enough that it's not something I will probably waste an S drink on but I am just curious if it is possible! I may have overlooked some simple way to do this.) Another question is: do morale bonuses (support, Nanna's charm skill, etc.) work in the arena? So if I have Brighton support Matcha by standing within three squares of her when she is grinding in the arena, can I expect her exploits there to go better than if he were not nearby? A sub question is: are supports the same strength no matter how close the units are? For example, if Brighton is only just within three squares of Matcha will the support be as strong as if they are directly adjacent to each other? Thanks as always for any help! 🙂
  15. Thanks! That makes sense. I'll get there one day. 😉
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