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  1. Thanks so much! It sounds like Hard/Classic is the most popular opinion, so I will go with that because most other people here are more experienced than me. Don't sell yourself short. Play the way you enjoy the most! You have that privilege as a gamer.
  2. I was wondering what difficulty all ya'll are gonna be playing Three Houses on? I feel like the first playthrough of a game is important, and It ruins it a little if its too easy or too hard. And I can't decide what difficulty to play it on, assuming that there is the usual three Normal Hard Lunatic options generally. I have beaten every fire emblem game from 6 onwards, so I'm somewhat knowledgeable of Fire Emblem. :)
  3. Yeah, I thought I would give it a go though, you never know. And yeah, that would be amazing. And thanks you guys so much for all your support!
  4. I've been trying to get into FE4. But every time I do, I end up stopping around Chapter 3 because I start feeling very overwhelmed, and just really sad and lonely in general. Mostly because is so big and overwhelming, and you need to do so much planning in advance. Which I am not really very capable of doing, because I don't know very much about this game. I really want to play this whole game though, so that I can have the experience as a Fire Emblem gamer. And I wanted to play it with a fellow Fremblemer to negate the feeling of loneliness. So I was wondering anyone in Utah, preferably male. Who would want to play FE4 with me?
  5. Hi ya'll! I've been looking for someone to play Genealogy with because its just so dang depressing and lonely to play that game by yourself. At least that's how I feel. And I figured this was the place to do that, so I joined. I've played every Fire Emblem game from 6 and up except Echoes and Heroes. My favorite Fire Emblem game is either Blazing Sword or Radiant Dawn. I love the Fire Emblem series with my heart. And I am proud to be part of the Fire Emblem Fanbase, and I look forward to being part of these forums too!
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