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  1. Do you really ship Byleth with any of these women? Really? Are you convinced that any of them would actually love someone like Byleth? Would YOU love someone like Byleth?? I say let him stay single. Imagine he goes on another adventure and finds love off screen... Spare the ladies a miserable life. I bet each of them will be grateful to you. 😉
  2. It’s comments like these that Marianne can’t get pass her depression. X( ...erm... Marianne’s “character development” is on her Crit quotes... before and after time skip. She’s the depressed girl who FINALLY snapped and kicked ass.. I love each time she crits. Lol
  3. Now that’s understandable. I find him obnoxious. Lol Thing about FE characters is that they are hard hard HARD archetypes. And there’s “good” reasons for it... it’s a game, dev is expensive, if we’re investing on a character, they each need to be remarkably different. Also their personality needs to scream resonance with their unique ability. So you end up with a cartoon cast of characters that together are all colorful and varied... but they are cartoons
  4. WhaAAatT?! How dare you hate on Raphael?! I shall make challenge of the two of uz to the DeAth!.. Every stupid 3h characters... are stupid cartoons.. at least Raphael is straight forward about and not pretending to have some depth... later disappointing you when you realize the writers suck... Anyways... 😛 My dislikes are evenly distributed between Dorothea, Cyril and Ignaz. Dorothea for her personality. I hate when writers try to force a character be linked with obvious physical appearance and cheap seduction. Am like: Oh you trying hard me to like her? Well, I won’t! I understand her drama, just don’t like it. Cyril... poor guy... had a bad first impression and never liked him since. Was at the greenhouse very early in game. He said: Looking for greenhouse? There! Looks like greenhouse, THAT’S the greenhouse. Like I was stupid or something. Wanted to punch him in the face! Ignaz, also feel sorry... cause I used to like him until I met the voice actor. He did and said something that pissed me off. Now every time I hear Ignaz I remember the actor... and BTW.. the voice actor is a great professional! Very good at his job... cause he is absolutely NOTHING like Ignaz. He ACTS really really well. 👍. I just wish I never met him then I’d still like Ignaz.
  5. About Kronya and the ritual... I always find the scene distastefully cruel and sadistic. Bone crunching sounds... ripping heart out, she begging for help and our heroine is like: Duuuhh what’s going on? Cause of COURSE Byleth won’t try to stop it!... writers want it to happen... for the shock and drama... and seemingly as if to justify if it, before that they had Kroya kill Jeralt, but also mock him calling him a dog and laughing as he dies. It’s like... it’s ok to be cruel and sadistic towards Kronya cause she is soooOOOooo EViL... It’s so obvious the writers want audience to hate Kronya... but then she’s cute!... but then we murder her in a disgusting way. No clean death. There’s some writer in that dev team that really wanted that disgusting scene while somehow keeping the good boys and girls morally clean. Of COURSE it had to be the other cartoon villain to do the dirty deed while the “heroes” keep hands clean and watch. Sickening.
  6. Yeah, with limitations. I don’t think Divine Pulse is a power inherent in Byleth. Sothis allows Byleth to use it because she is uncomfortable with “children in battle”. I don’t think Byleth can time travel whenever. And I would have had Byleth use Divine Pulse SEVERAL times to try save his father each time failing in different ways, becoming increasingly frustrated and emotional... like a full nerd rage when you’re like screwed on a map and there’s nothing you can do but still try... and the enemy blocking him I’d have him laugh at him as if he KNOWS Byleth is traveling thru time and still failing... until finally Divine Pulses are used up, Byleth keeps trying to Pulse but the power is worn out. An exhausted Sothis tries to console him but Byleth is just angry and sad. No talk about fate... just a good ol’ miserable time of rage and tears.
  7. Vigbiorn from Ask statistics says: ”I am still a student so I wanted to give a crack at this, to see how well my learning has been going, so any criticism is welcome.. I also like TTRPGs, so I know how unfair randomness can seem. First, both instances are independent events, unless there's an ability I'm not aware of but we should be able to use the probabilities as if they're independent, regardless. I'm modeling each round as if they're sampling from binomial distributions. The first has 1 success and 3 fails with 88% success. The second has 3 successes and 1 fail at 37% success (I'm bundling the four attacks against together since, again, I see them as separate identical samplings, as we were given 1 hit chance, it's effectively one 'person' taking four shots). I used R to run a multinomial test (using the EMT package) comparing the suspected binomial distribution to your results in the first round. The probability of getting that result is ~6/1000. Seems unlikely, but how frequently is the game played? Unlikely outputs are possible, and especially since this is a single instance, it sucks but it may be within reason. As is, there is evidence that your first round may not have had an 88% chance to hit. The multinomial test for the second round came back as 14/100. That's not significant at all. That's in-line of what you'd expect. There's no evidence of a deviation from the stated distribution. Overall, depending on what you mean by "RNG screwed", you might have been. Ideally, RNG should be random, but if this is a computer game, a lot of programs go with "good-enough" randomness, and so non-random patterns can pop-up from time to time. But, the flip-side is that 88% chance of success can end in 4 failures, and that's perfectly reasonable as an outcome. Maybe it seems extra unlikely because you had three successes from a low-chance attack right after, but they're unrelated. Even given deterministic issues with RNG functions, they were independent at the code level.“ Seems like you did get RNG screwed. X)
  8. Depends on how the rest of the team is doing and how your brother rather play. Sounds like you got a very specialized Def fortress knight. Which is great!... if you’re playing fortress knight strategies. Plopping the knight in range to lure enemies attacks setting them up for other attackers, blocking a bottleneck.... *cough* breaking enemies weapons over several turns then luring enemy to stand in forest attacking it with rusted weapons to grind skills*cough* Fortress knights don’t need speed if they have so much def they’re taking no damage... they don’t even need dex or str if their sole purpose is to be a shield. I’d say Res is also negligible. You shouldn’t place them in range of magics in the first place. If you’re Dedue is so Def blessed that he can still do the Fortress knight job as a Warrior then yah... switch him. Keep an eye on his growth and how enemies strengthen in case you need to switch back. How hard are the enemies hitting? How bad do you need another Attacker? Is the rest of the team not doing so well? You don’t really need fortress knight if your team allows for alternative strategies.
  9. Whatever makes you happy! 🐱 🐈 I’m happy with my 3%. In FE that may be a huge risk.
  10. Still not a definite answer. It’s highly unlikely but not a 100% certainty he is not.
  11. This is really good. I think that nails it. I THINK... On one side she said “soldier of the Kingdom”, and on the C support she called him mercenary. It’s plausible for soldiers to be hired as mercenaries. I don’t think knights could sell themselves as mercenaries. Now... this thread being a nitpicking thread exploring a farfetched stretch of an idea, I’ll admit I’m like 99% convinced it’s not him... Because she said KINGDOM... which kingdom? Faerghus?? Another ancient kingdom? 98% convinced... Rhea is a liar! Known to bend, omit, misguide the truth. 97% convinced... I want him to be that soldier to giggle every time I see it! 😝 So... 3% chance it’s him. How many times have you had to reset on a 3%??
  12. It’s a good point. That could probably prove he wasn’t. Gotta confirm that he was a knight of the kingdom BEFORE he was hired to escort Rhea when he took the hit. Can you point out the conversation Rhea mentions he was a former knight? Does it definitely put him as a knight of kingdom before the escort? edit: According to the C support, Jeralt was in a mercenary band when he got hired, and took the hit.... hrmmm.
  13. Are you sure? If you can definitely find evidence anywhere of his age, birthdate, or other reason why that is DEFINITELY not Jeralt please share. It would be very valuable. Cause so far his background is very blurry, perhaps intentionally, and because of that ambiguity is that I suggest that COULD be him. I can’t prove it... but I can’t disprove it either. The story seems to match... but that’s it. There’s a feeling that Jeralt may be hundreds of years old but not into thousands. A feeling, not a fact. A feeling because a man who had lived for thousands of years would probably act differently... maybe, or maybe not... Does Rhea act like you imagine a thousand plus person should act? Not to me... but who knows? If Jeralt was that ancient maybe Seteth and his daughter would have known him? Maybe? Where they there? Could Jeralt have left before like he did more recently? I’m not sure it’s possible to definitely say THAT guy IS or IS NOT... but it’s fun and interesting that he could be.
  14. My (bad?) suggestion is to SemPErfY!! On a 12 roster with 3 adjs: 2 grapplers/bows 6 bow knights (females with intermediate pegasus alts for the few desert maps) 4 magic users/ healers... probably dark fliers. 3 def adjs in units you’ll wait to lure attacks. On lower roster maps, bench a few bow knights but keep the grapplers and magics. That’ll get you through anything maddening throws at you. Probably a really boring run cause you’ll destroy the enemy before they get anywhere near you and break the game tapping far away units to aggro them, luring then into your death zone. I once forced Edelgard into bow knight... she whined and complained about training bows, but goodness once I got her there she was a mobile nuclear artillery. So if you actually want have fun just ignore everything former. 😛
  15. I think, the “evil” father emperor is a story that’s already been told in FE games. As you may know, FE games have a number of recurring themes the writers play around telling the same story a different way. Specifically...
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