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  1. I honestly did not know the answer to this when I first posted. It’s a very interesting question if you think about it. I think I’ve figured a definite answer but am not totally sure yet. The interesting version of the question is Mt vs Hit. Mt as actual effective damage after Defense vs calculated Hit after Avoid. 0 Mt is equally bad as 0 Hit. Consider the extreme cases: 1 damage, 100% hit max damage or even just 100 damage, 1% hit. Here’s the kicker: Final boss Normal difficulty in certain route has 107 HP... 99 turn limit... hrrmmmmmmm 🤔 Edit: And while this seems to suggest Mt > Hit in the extreme case, if one is counterattacking during enemy phase, that’s 99 turns * 2 phases * 1 damage = 198 damage. Still... there’s a tougher boss with at least 3 bars Health, but I can’t find anywhere exact hp it has. Am almost certain it’s over 198...
  2. I asked Raph for clarification on something. Edited OP
  3. You’re the professor and you must answer this thoroughly. Which one is better strength or skill? Explain full FE nerd-like. 🙂 edit: I noticed Raphael asked a silly question so I went back to him for clarification, and his response was not helpful at all... because there is no “skill” stat... there’s “skill level”... And I’ll let you decide which version to answer: I think he meant either: 1. Which one better: strength or dexterity? or 2. Which one better: strength (or Mt??) vs hit rate? I don’t think he meant literally Strength vs Skill... as in what allows one to use weapon or mounts, heavy armor, battalions... But if you’d like to answer literally Strength vs Skill that’s ok too... I mean it WAS his original question.
  4. I found this in the web. Mine wears a bow making him look like a Greek god Apollo or something awesome... until he dances lol
  5. I met a Lysithea dancer selling Levin Swords. Was that yours? Yeah, she’s a pretty good dancer too.
  6. She gets certified automatically. Choose to reclass her under Unique classes, right next to the Noble/Commoner.
  7. In my version of the story, when it came time to choose a representative for the Golden Deer I at first considered the likely female subjects... and then when I rejected Raphael he said: “I may not look like it, but am actually a pretty good dancer”... Hrmm.... HRMMMMM..... REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! YEEEES... Raphael dancer! Not only did the judges decisions totally made sense: Manuella voted for that other handsome guy, but the roguish lady voted for my Raphael as to sabotage and troll the event, Alois also voted for Raphael because it was a joke... Raphael actually made a great dancer! A dancer with ridiculous defense that I can join the vanguard safely and attack when needed, Raphael’s lack of speed was balanced by the class, the other magically inclined characters stayed magical but I gained another magical support in Raphael to spot heal when move again is not necessary. He has a new source of income to support his little sister... On top of all that, seeing Raphael doing a little dance “Ugh! Rrwaaah..!” Always, ALWAYS makes me laugh.
  8. Along with most of what already been said, I would add: Slightly over-level two or three units: a lot of FE is about experience management when it is limited. Think of them as your Queens on a chess board... that you never, ever sacrifice... SLIGHTLY over-level, if this is over done you’ll waste experience. Use the level of the enemies on the map to judge what “slightly” means. Use your strong units to vanguard a strong enemy formation. Consider these strong units may also lure enemies, weaken them for others to kill, sometimes they’re so strong they need un-equip weapon, take the hit as other units go for the kill and experience. Remember multiple units may attack within SAME square: if your unit is strong enough to kill enemy unit, that square becomes open for another unit to attack, then another... and another, AND ANOTHER. Consider if your unit will survive all multiple attacks. Do you actually want to kill them all in same turn with same unit or spread the experience among your other units? Do the opposite of what enemies are doing... most of the time. If they are standing still, move into their range to lure them to attack. If they’re charging towards you, hold ground let them come. If they are REALLY charging at you overwhelmingly maybe you’d rather retreat to the limit of their attack range and slowly weaken their charge with counter attacks until it’s manageable. This can be tricky cause you don’t want leave units vulnerable. Be careful when moving units in offensive retreat to leave units you intend to be attacked at the correct enemy attack range, and that moving a unit does not open a path for another you did not intend to be attacked. If you move too far and enemy can’t attack you in their phase, you may have wasted a turn to weaken their charge. If you ever charge at the enemy, always consider the new enemy units that are able to attack. Don't totally trust game’s enemy attack range display, if it has one. If an enemy unit has ranged weapon, its attack range may not display properly if there is an enemy unit in a spot the ranged unit may move into if that enemy wasn’t there. If that unit blocking the spot moves or is killed, ranged unit can move in and attack farther than the enemy attack range displays. Also, the display usually does not update for moving your own units opening a new path for enemies. I think I’ve noticed Three Houses actually updating this, tho am not sure. Splitting the party is usually a bad idea. Even if the map heavily suggests that you should, sometimes you don’t HAVE to. And the side you don’t go for ends up running towards you wasting a few turns moving, you’ve already overwhelmed one side with the full strength of your army, and by the time the other side arrives they’ll meet the your entire army again. Your units are safer when they are together. You gotta judge carefully the goal of the map vs the safety of your units. Sometimes it’s necessary to split the party when you’re rushing an objective. COUNT ON reinforcements arriving soon to overwhelm your split parties. Get the objective done quickly and reunite the army asap. Recognize when the map wants you to rush. Usually its something far from your position in the map (a treasure, a house to visit, someone to protect, square to arrive...). Plan your rush from FIRST turn usually involving a flier or strong cavalry that lone rangers to that far objective. If it SEEMS like you can take your time to it, ITS ALL A PACK OF LIES!! 99.999999...999% of the time bandits appear to claim it if one doesn’t consider it during the first turn. Doors... you don’t have to open all of them... unless you have to. If there are alternate routes, closed doors can block enemy movements if you leave them closed. Until a thief comes along and opens it... Even an enemy unit with a key in its inventory will not open a door to benefit enemy movement because... “Alright, soldier! You’re gonna hold on to this key but never EVER use it. Guard it with your life and stand near the door it may open such that our enemies may grab it from your corpse and easily access the door and open the way for our assault! Bwahaha!” “But sir! What if I just open the door and...” “SILENCE MEANS NO TALKING!!” Manipulate the AI: it is often helpful to anticipate how the enemy will behave and use it against them. Sometimes you may want enemy to place themselves in certain squares or move in a certain direction. The AI tends to go for units they deal more damage, units that can’t counter attack, sometimes they go for the Lord regardless. Most definitely units they will kill... but don’t sacrifice your units... unless you HATE that ally... but still that’s mean :(... If a thief grabs a treasure you wanted, often times they’ll go for the nearest next one. If that treasure happens to be behind your army, you haven’t opened the treasure yet, and you leave a path for the thief to “pass by”, the thief will likely come straight towards you through that “little opening”... “Hey, fellas! Am just passing through. Don’t mind me!” *WHACK* Loot treasure off thief. Unless it was gold! Thieves immediately transfer funds into international bank accounts and don’t have the funds available in their bodies.
  9. Without spoiling anything openly, something about Three Houses has exacerbated the issue I described in the first post. Here hidden in a spoiler, just in case you rather find out yourself...
  10. THIS.... can you imagine a FE game where the Lord is not the frontline vanguard it grows to be in EVERY FE game? Instead it relies on its units giving them different kind buffs, healing, move again... maybe also affect the battlefield like in Fates... but never or rarely ever seeing combat. Maybe a character that WANTS to help in battle but for some reason just can’t?.... too weak? A physical handicap?... and is most useful leading the army in other ways. That would be interesting... Granted, Azura has amazing speed and strength growth making her a great fighter.
  11. This should never have happened. Am sorry you had such bad experience. The problem is that it was completely out of your control... (as long as you actually leveled Ike through ALL levels and still got low speed). The root of that problem is random growth, and the SEED of the root of the problem is that randomness does not exist... ever... nowhere... there is absolutely NOTHING random about ANYTHING. It’s a lie fed to appease ignorance of a potentially very, very, very complex pattern. Think about it... if you have 10% chance to gain RES. Ten levels go by... no RES gain. Wait, wasn’t one supposed to get one? Well, technically 10% is 10 out of 100 and maybe they are not evenly distributed!... but in FE games you only usually get 40 levels, so we can never really tell what the true % of a stat would be. And that’s only if the gains are static! If there is a RNG... all bets are off. You can say, oh I have 50% chance gain DEF.. 40 levels go by and just HAPPENS that every time given 50/50 chance one rolls low and gains nothing.... NOTHING. When 50% can be equivalent to 0%.. or maybe you got really lucky and got it every time! Then 50% was actually 100%. 50% can be anything! It does NOT inform you of anything. Similar problems occur with the other %’s except 0% and 100%, of course. This is a big problem in academia and a great source of grief between me and Statistics prof... it is a problem in philosophy between Determinism and Free Will... it is in computer science and by consequence in video games making players grief whenever something critical to gameplay is left to Randomness... like not having enough speed and getting doubled by the last boss. Here is an alternative, maybe use True %’s. A True % is what % pretend to be but often end up lying to us. If you’re told your character has 50% Def growth, over 40 levels it will grow 20. Which levels the character actually GETS the gains may be randomized.. sometimes earlier, maybe later... maybe more or less evenly distributed... but if you actually go through ALL 40 levels without skipping promoting early.. you’ll get 20 def. Now, True% maybe not be as exciting... there is something thrilling about gambling... sometimes we like to be told 50%... but HEY... maybe its really 85%.. or 90%... with the risk of it being actually less than 50%. So perhaps a better solution is to let it be part True%... part RNG %... and never let the player know EXACTLY what 50% means.
  12. Agreed. I’m all for the epic developments in FE4 but without a sense of time Sigurd’s romantic development felt kinda awkward to me. If a significant amount of time passes between turns, more than usual, players needed a better hint, I think. This is a good idea. I think devs have have sort of hinted at something like that with the Triangle Attack... maybe let be something like: Cavalry Coordinated Attack: Pick a cavalry unit Move it next to another cavalry and they merge, like carrying or supporting, do that with other cavalry that are nearby and movement allows, limited to 3 or maybe 5. Move in and attack as a single unit. After attack, move rest of space AND... this might be tricky... at the end all merged cavalry must separate back to single units. I dunno how hard that would be to program and implement. The fact that cavalry would have to use their movement to Join, Attack, then Spread would force cavalry to already be nearby each other in some sort of formation, and there needs to be space for them to spread out. Another detail, when it comes to Canto, maybe Canto should discriminate the direction the cavalry follows through its movement. If it’s the same direction or 90 degrees they attacked towards they get full rest of movement. If they go the opposite direction, rest of movement may be somewhat reduced. Might be getting a little too detailed with rules. Too many rules might not be good. Edit: But then why not move each cavalry individually instead of this Coordinated Attack?.... hrmm... am not sure.
  13. This made me laugh. Does the game really let one get into a dead end state like that? I imagine the heroes going through a long arduous journey, overcoming the odds and FINALLY get to the boss... look at its stats and go: ”Ok guys its over, just give up... WE’RE DONE! RESET!” I guess if one REALLY had to, start sacrificing people... but then if the boss has Vantage??! Lol I dunno... I’ve run into MANY situations where enemies just happen to have the EXACT stats to kill a unit... like they do the exact amount of damage... if its not one unit its the summation of a two or three that overlap attack range. VERY SUSPICIOUS... sometimes I wonder if it’s coincidence or like the game wants to kill me... if I forget how to add... which sometimes I do...
  14. Is there something you think deserves a second look about the way Fire Emblem games play? Not necessarily something that is bad... but like needs something else added or maybe tweaked. I love FE... but there's these two things... that ARE NOT BAD DESIGN... its just, they feel funny, and I don't really know a solution or if it even needs a solution. Ok, am sure you've all experienced these at some point: There's a bottle neck... you plant your guy/gal... on the other side there's this MASS of cavalry.... like a MASSIVE MASS... horses on top of horses on top of horses, like one huge horse triple decker festival. Enemies turn... one horse comes attack, moves away... then another, moves away... another... another... another... EVERY SINGLE HORSE attacks the tiny bottleneck. I mean, I get it! Horses Canto... and I take advantage of that when I can, but when I think about it, IT DOESNT MAKE SENSE! I understand that it is a turn based game and all... but really? All these horses take turns attacking a narrow bottleneck, there's no way they can perform the attacks simultaneously so... what? In all that time the horses go back and forth the team behind the bottleneck is doing what?... they are waiting for player turn... cause... ugh!.... Edit: I mean, I can accept that somewhat in an open world map... cause of dimensions... so like there a square represents a very wide open space where that situation can happen... but then why can't we have more than a couple (or just one) per square?... and what about in a closed environment indoor map?... AND THEN... imagine that your bottleneck guard is a superhero and is actually killing these horses... there has to be piles upon PILES of horses getting stacked up. HOW ARE THEY EVEN GETTING THROUGH TO ATTACK?! There should be like a wall of dead horses at some point... I dunno... it's just a game... I really have to suspend realism in those times. (...cause I don't suspend realism when people throw lightning bolts...*cough* #DoYouBelieveInMagic?...). They don't happen often, but when they do am like: "Yeah, right.... ok, whatever..." But then am not sure of alternatives... AND THEN... what if one doesn't want to attack them back? I wish there was a way to selectively suppress counterattacking, other than un-equip weapons. Like maybe something you press before the attack animations engage or something. But I guess, that could adversely affect some abilities... maybe let it be like a skill that allows suppression? So that's my thing... what you think? Is there something like that for you?
  15. If you’re being really picky and want to create an elite squad that can tackle anything FE games throw at you, this is what I suggest from my experiences: Make sure every unit has enough Luck to at least deny Thunder Mages critical chances. Depending on the game, that’s usually 5-7 Luck early chapters, then it grows to like 10-13ish. Game loves to kill units over 1-2% crit chance... it happens way more often than the actual percentage suggest. Use the Thunder Mages as a guide to keep up with Luck. Choose a fighter. Every FE games provides one or two foot axes that become awesome later on. I’ve been trying to explain this over at Least Favorite Class thread, but I just gave up on them... too much bias, I guess. Anyways, if given option choose the fighter that excels in Health, Strength and Speed. This will be your meat shield early on, use it to draw out enemies into your formation. Might be tempted to use the lord or the knight for this job, but I suggest the fighter so you keep training it. Once it gets weapon levels up and starts gaining defense, this unit often becomes reliable to handle an entire half of map. Choose that healer with high Res and Luck. Fighter will need heals to keep up meat shielding until defense grows. High Res healers are also used to make enemies wear out very long range magic like Bolting. Make this healer heal very often even if units just have little damage. You want to level healer this way and bring weapon level up so you can use higher level Staffs to Restore Sleeps, and cast Silence. Endgame winning strategies often require use of high level staves. I highly suggest picking two healers... the game maps often asks for two sides attacked simultaneously, and threaten to Silence/Sleep that one healer... then the other may Restore it. It depends whether or not the game provides you with another character with high level Staff, maybe you can use it on those levels. If you’ve kept up leveling your mage and it can now use staffs maybe there’s no need. Mage with high Magic and Speed. This often will be your Knight and Boss killer. Once it can use staff it may fill in role of second heal, don’t deny training its Staff unless you decided to use another Staff user. At least two cavalry. No surprise the game traditionally provides them early. Boss fights often require indirect attacks and then unit be carried to safety by cavalry. I suggest one with high speed and another with high defense. Both should have decent Strength. When it comes to cavalry, I highly suggest prioritizing Bow Knights as long as they get a melee option at some point. If given option train bows into cavalry. High mobility, indirect attack and move again works wonders in many situations. An archer... but don’t invest too much on it, just use when necessary until you have enough Bow Knights. There’s always a map that overwhelms you with fliers. If you’re team has plenty Bow Knights this is encounter will be super easy. At least one flier, preferably a Pegasus high speed and Res. It’s job is to kill that mage shooting long range bolts if wasting its shots on a high Res healer is not an option. These often fly over shortcuts to kill thieves, or maybe mobilize a powerful unit into a position to cause massive damage to the enemy formation. Always the dancer/singer. Moving a unit again is very useful. Endgame strategies often call for this. Don’t ignore leveling the lord really good. I’ve found that games often punish you if you’re lord is not very strong. And of course it will kill the last boss. EXCEPTION 1: So you got your team and are thinking of only using them... well, I think the game devs didn’t want us to do this and switch units depending on the scenario. There’s always at least one desert level when you’ll need to bring more mages and fliers than usual. EXCEPTION 2: A bridge or maybe high artillery level where you’ll need bring more cavalry than usual. EXCEPTION 3: A indoor level filled with lock doors and chests need bring those thieves. YOU CAN TELL THESE ARE COMING cause the game just happens to provide you with the necessary units not long ago. Niches: Oh boy am I gonna get flamed for this.... Myrmidons and Swordmasters. *takes cover*. OK IM SORRY... go ahead and use them if you love them!... am just saying, the Lord is often the best at filling this role. Archers and Snipers... yeees.. they are VERY cool... but Bow Knights. Knights... maybe... the Fighter can fulfill that role... maybe am wrong... Wyverns... eh... fliers with defense... that may not be able to handle that mage with Bolting/Meteor... maybe an advocate of Wyverns can help me out. They can be effective walls... unless bows. I dunno... And there you have it! The A-Team according to Rioma with an “i”. What do you think? Edit: Alternatively, when choosing units, relax about optimizing so much. Go with characters that you like personality wise. That might actually be MOST IMPORTANT. Even if they have big flaws, that’ll force one to play around them. You can have a really good time with not the “perfect” team, but characters you love. Edit 2: ...and when the game potentially kills them, you’ll genuinely feel that sweet, sweet pain and grief I’m pretty sure game devs wanted us to experience over the loss of loved ones in a cruel and often unfair battlefield. War is NOT fun.... but it’s just a game so maybe you can reset... or swallow the pain and press on... up to you.
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