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  1. Nope. I didn't recruit Farina either. As it is, I think that I can still 5 star funds. I'm still going to promote 2 other people eventually, for a total of 4 non-lords. I was expecting my funds rank to drop at some point and slowly come back by the end of the game. However, these particular circumstances are puzzling. Whether I'm missing key information about the game itself or selectively forgetting key information about how I play chapters, I'm concerned that I'm going to get blindsided and not be able to recover. Given that no one has an answer at this point, I will continue my playthrough. No need to stop playing Fire Emblem just because I might be losing my sanity. If anyone can figure this out, I would be very glad to hear it.
  2. This would be the logical answer. However, given what I remember from playing the chapter, the numbers just don't add up. Other than a couple uses each of Silver Lance and Elfire, I only used lower end weapons. In addition to the Elysian Whip that I ended up using, you also get a Divine tome, worth 2500. This should offset the cost of my weapon uses for the chapter. I don't think my memory is so bad that I would be terribly wrong about all this, so I'm wondering if I missed something about the game.
  3. This would make sense, except that I got a bonus Elysian Whip from the 0 requirement chapter. I had 5 stars before I got this bonus. So, subtracting the 10000 should bring me back to pre-Ch25H funds value, for which I had a 5 star ranking.
  4. Obviously, human error is the simplest explanation, although i would remember an error egregious enough to affect my funds ranking so. I thought I would see if I'm missing key information before questioning my sanity. Here are a couple of my admittedly dubious theories: 1. Ch25H actually has ranking requirements of which I and others are unaware. This is highly unlikely, unless the source of the ranking tables on SF and elsewhere is a single individual's unverified work. 2. For some reason, the game is evaluating my ranks as though I've ALREADY COMPLETED the chapter when I check them in battle preps BEFORE said chapter. I would have noticed this if it was happening from the beginning, but if it started recently then I may not have noticed because of some funds and EXP surplus, the former of which has obviously run low enough to be noticed. I did play through Ch26H on a separate save and the 4 star rating remained, so either the issue didn't resolve or this is not the issue. These are some pretty weak ideas, but it's all I've got so far.
  5. I'm in the middle of a HHM ranked run, and something strange has happened. At the beginning of Ch25H, I had a 5 star funds rank. I played through the chapter, obtaining the Elysian Whip, the Divine, and refusing to recruit Farina. After the chapter, in Ch26H battle preps, I still had a 5 star funds rank as expected. However, when I used an Elysian whip in Ch26H battle preps, I checked my rankings and found that my funds rank had fallen to 4 star. Ch25H is 0 requirement. The Elysian Whip obtained there is a bonus asset, with no corresponding increase in the funds requirement. I made no major expenditures in Ch25H (I did promote in preps, but I had 5 star funds after doing so). With the exception of 2 uses each of Silver Lance and Elfire, I used lower end weapons, the cost of which would be offset by the acquisition of the bonus Divine tome. How could my funds ranking fall if I used an item that the game does not account for?
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