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  1. Wow, you did it alone? Congratulation šŸŽ‰ for you brother, you done great job. . I wonder, to do hackrom by yourself, how you learn it? I want to make my own hack to be honest
  2. Indonesian here full support you Ghast, even yg friend who stop play fire emblem im sure he Will atracted to this hack, SEMANGAT
  3. I love this hack Cant wait for completed version Im from Indonesia Will wait for you (Kinda confuse which class to promote the unit, but its great the game has 3 other choice)
  4. Thank for make great game, it some how touching my heart and this game i listed on bests hack fire emblem. I love how u write story', character and the plot, and how are i give us clue about every possible in game without spoiler the ending. I Will give the score 8,9/10
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