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  1. No, that's lightning breath, that one you can inherit to any dragon. Thing is, it slows the special cooldown +1 and it's 11 might base, breath of fog has higher might and can forge it +eff or forge it +atk for 18 might and it heals you every 2 turns but it has 1range. (and i somehow got like 4 hectors in the recent banner so i had a lot of spare distant counter)
  2. Hey guys i’m pretty new to Fe heroes so i don’t know a whole lot about good builds so i went with whatever seemed good. my A!Tiki is +strength - spd A-Distant counter B-Quick riposte C-Goad dragons but i can change it for whatever seal- quickened pulse Special-Ignis weapon- breath of fog(i don't really how should i forge it +res so she can take a hit or +eff Does this build seem good to you? what would you change?
  3. Hey guys how is it going, i'm pretty new to Fe Heroes.I don't know a whole lot about builds so i kinda made my Tiki build with whatever seemed nice My tiki is +atk and -spd A-Distant counter B-Quick Riposte 3 C-Goad dragons Seal-Quickened Pulse special-Ignis Does this build seem good to you? what would you change from it?
  4. Even though i do like grinding the trainees, the only one really worth using(without exploiting the valni tower like a call center operator) is ross. He comes in early enough that with just a couple of lvl ups he can sort of fend for himself (aka not blowing up the moment you put him one tile on enemy reach). Out of the trainees he has the highest hp and strength growth and a normal lck growth (yay best stat). Even if he has the lowest speed growth out of the three, a couple of good lvl ups and he is good to go, he won't double a lot but he won't really be doubled (except myrmidons). I usually make him a pirate so he can acces berserker (imo the best out the three possible classes for him but hero is debatable) since he has a high strength, good bulk due to his large hp pool and good luck paired with the innate 15% crit he will be relatively bulky crit machine with decent dodge. That being said there are way better units to dump exp on.
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