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  1. i remembered seeing the modifier code for florette in some forums, but with those codes i have it'd be too easy to get the game doned, so i wasnt intersted enough to make a modifier code for florette, but it was do-able
  2. Tormod, Ilyana, and Soren skill modifiers -Dark magic -Light magic Items code slot 2 for Laura and Nolan Alondite Ragnell Wishblade Urvan Double bow baselard Rexflame Rexaura Rexcalibur Rexbolt Balbarith :D i can do these things, i want the break cap limits code too, the game is getting boring after the 3rd replay
  3. you can add a florette in the inventory, and change someone class/skill so they would be able to use the florette, it's actually not quite difficult when you figure out how to use the code in post #1
  4. :) i have some code list which works in both pal and ntsc-u version for me, give me your email, took me quite a while to search and make them work , you can find the bexp,gold and 99exp per char( from micaiah to reyson, the rests are still unknown to me, been trying to find them) and the blessed weapon,blessed item(ntsc-u only, you can use them to max arm scroll)
  5. ah,i couldn't find the download link
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