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  1. You can do it, it requires a bit of changes in the save file tho. The RD copy has to be USA (or at least I didn't get it to work on a PAL iso) There's an easy way that involves just editing the very beginning of the file. I don't remember it working for me. (the beginning of the file also doesn't seem to be the same) For the other way, you need a blank PoR USA save (just start an USA copy, click yes on creating a file, and you should have your file in (dolphin save)/GC/USA/Card A/01-GFEE-FIREEMBLEM8J.gci) and your JAP save. For sake of simplicity, in JAP POR, copy your epilogue save to the first slot (makes things easier). Then, go to (dolphin save folder,)/GC/JAP/Card A or whatever is your save folder, and open the JAP PoR save file in a hex editor (should be called 01-GFEJ-FIREEMBLEM8J.gci). If you can find an option in the editor to 'Select block', then chose that option, and put these two values as beginning/end: 2040 and 603F. Copy the block. If you can't find the option select block, you'll have to copy from 00002040 to 00006040 (this last line is excluded) manually. After copying that, got to your blank USA file, open it, select the same block and paste. After that, make sure to replace the old blank USA save file with this one (should be in (Dolphin save folder)/GC/USA/CardA/01-GFEE-FIREEMBLEM8J.gci). On RD, import a save (in dolphin/tools) with hard mode unlocked (attached, comes from https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/wii/932999-fire-emblem-radiant-dawn/saves ). Open RD nomally, create a new game, and you should be prompted to transfer from PoR. The epilogue file will be kinda weird (japanese characters, probably) but it should work. If you can't figure it out, you can always send me your PoR save. Said manipulations can also be done on console (not exactly in the same way, but I mostly did it like this). radiant dawn - HM unlocked - NM clear data - BEXP view.bin
  2. On the same level as OP, my Byleth decided to gain 1 point of def until 15 lvl. Ironically, this was on the same playthrought where Ingrid had more strength level up than dedue (at 70 - 60% respectively)
  3. Well I already almost did a full W.lord BL squad (except Mercedes), but maddening came out mostly at the middle of that. Not to mention that Ingrid got strength blessed on that file (she overall got 70% str growth, while dedue had 60%, considering the actual growths are 35% and 50% respectively) On this current GD maddening run, I wanted to make byleth a war master, if that counts (I hate EO, but I don't even know why), might not hapepen since I started training axes way too late. I want to do a reverse class run at some point (boy, bishop raphael and fortress knight lysithea... going to be funny)
  4. Well, aside my very first GD run, every single run I did was full recruitment. I'm currently replaying GD on hard/non NG+ and it's going well (the only one that is a problem is ferdinand, but I should have enough time to rise heavy armor) other than that, here is my current planning (quite normal, except a lot of wyvern rider/lord): Lysithea: Gremory Lorenz:Dark knight Petra (or someone else, I'm still unsure about who is going to replace Ignatz): Wyvern lord Hilda: Wyvern lord Leonie: Wyvern lord (I considered making her a falcon knight, but then I realised that she had C lance, and switched focus to axes, because W.Lord for life) Marianne: Holy knight Raphael : War master And I'll keep both byleth and Claude in their upgraded classes
  5. On a NG+, should I spend the renown from early game + last playthrought in professor level? (I wouldn't want to use too much renown to complete the statues later, but I also want to save some for support conversations, so I don't really know what would be the best)
  6. If anyone knows where to find the aurora shield, I'd appreciate it.
  7. not been long since I finished pre time skip (Golden deer). Took me a huge while for some reason. (40h ish) Then I realized I only needed 3 characters to complete the game. In other words I realized how repetitive these sections are. Overall probably spent part of this time grinding or exploring, somybe 25-30 hours? After that, I spent mostly no time except for gardening and some other stuff.
  8. It was clear that birthright was more classic, especially after the early events. Going to try and do both , see afterwards if revelation fits in somewhere. Also, are pair ups still busted in this game? (in awakening, I had the same characters during the whole game, and they were slaughtering everything the whole game) And in the same way, can I focus on some characters from the beginning? (the only reason why I could regret that was that I missed a lot of supports in Awakening, I might even replay the game for these) On the same note, is the 'I come from the future' thingy still a thing? Cause I hated that in Awakening (surprisingly not because of the game itself, more because I hate time travelling with all the paradoxical stuff it comes with, oh and forced marriage too (forcing a feature cause of plot, at least I knew that lucina was Chrom's daughter, so I suspected that would be forced) -- is that still a thing, too?)
  9. Just got to that moment... If it was only me, I would choose to not pick a side, but then the game says that I shouldn't do that on a first playthrought. Also, the beginning really wants to tell you that Nohr are... bad guys, and Hoshido are... ok? (I don't trust the game at this point) Which side has the best story? As long as the gameplay is fine, I'd probably take the worst story first (which is Conquest, if I trust the early chapters) Or do something different and play both at the same time (which I'm considering at this point)
  10. I liked switching sides in radiant dawn. Tho I still hate the dawn brigade (the main character is a mage, which I hated playing with in PoR, and that I still hated in RD) I don't know if I really liked PoR's main storyline, it felt kind of linear with a very set goal, while radiant dawn mostly never felt like that, once you get through part 1. I haven't experienced all the supports from PoR, but these were great. There is something that I didn't like from the get go on RD, tho, and that probably is the artstyle. Idk, but it felt off from the simplicity of PoR. (I ended up forgetting about it, but I remember that it was my first reaction). The blood pact wasn't a problem, it added to an already good side of the story. Otherwise, I can't really decide on which game was the best. I also mostly don't care about gameplay, as long as the story is good. So I'll probably give it to RD. (I mean, RH, cause Haar is the only character, right?)
  11. Started playing awakening, is there anything I miss by not playing the ones hapenning before. (I read that there's only one character that comes back) Otherwise, I'm probably switching forum, begins to get off topic.
  12. Thanks for helping with this playthought, I guess 😄 Also, since I'd like to play more fire emblem games, which ones have sequels and which ones are "alone"? Idc about gameplay, as long as it's not to tough, I care more about the stories.
  13. I ended up using sanaki's tome, but forgot to equip purge. Not that it matters tho. Sephiran's battle is weird... I did have a strat tho, and it ended up being easy (and long) Also, if one of the kings die now, does it change any of the prologue stuff?
  14. Oh, thanks, didn't knew about the cover tile, Ike litterally can't die now. Also,I regret killing Levail with Haar now. Also: * when the games crits the bk but you wanted the weapon lol
  15. I don't know how I'm going to deal with the black knight. Oh... wait, he has 56% chance of hitting. I could just rely on battle saving frequently, and keep my stronguest units on the other side (not even thinking about deploying the weakest)
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