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  1. That same thing happened to me! I had them both, but it just disappeared early. I'm guessing it's bugged. It could be that the wrong date was listed, but I haven't seen any other paralogues that end earlier than they have to. The only paralogue I've seen with an early end date is Sothis's, but there's reason for that too
  2. I think it's route exclusive, like Mercedes and Caspar Also there's a post timeskip Bernadetta and Petra paralogue. It gave me some unique battalions for them, but no relics. I did rout rather than arrive, so that might make a difference
  3. I'd hazard a guess that you'd need Ingrid recruited to gain the lance. I didn't get it on BE with just Dorothea recruited, but I'm doing a BL route now so we'll see
  4. I also ordered from gamestop(thankfully not cancelled), but the cashier on hand mentioned that Nintendo had started underselling to them (since Octopath Traveller). So it might actually be Nintendo at fault, rather than Gamestop itself
  5. Yeah, so you have to spend time tutoring them in that specific skill. There's three stars, but we aren't actually sure if it only takes three times to change (I think I remember someone mentioning that they saw a video of Hubert being tutored, and the first two times fill stars, but the third time didn't). It could also differ depending on the character too Edit: as for order, it just depends on how early you want those characters to use those skill levels. The only obvious one to do from the beginning is Dorothea, because her natural path is as a mage, and it'll be better if she has access to more magic.
  6. It's definitely subtext- But it's all done in a way that makes ambiguous if they're in a romantic or friendly. So ultimately they leave it up to the player's interpretation, but it's certainly subtext And having one (per gender) for each house would be the logical option, plus it would mean a required minimum of same sex options. Though currently, the only entirely straight house is Golden Deer (which I find ironic because so many of their members can easily be read as queer or fitting
  7. It could still be useful to have Byleth as a monk. You won't have an increase to magic, but it would allow you to raise reason during battles, which is the best way to raise skills for Byleth Basically yes. You could also work to increase your support levels with her, which would decrease the skill and stat requirements
  8. Lysithea's is definitely worth it, Dorothea's is nice and can be beneficial, but you'll probably prefer just having her Faith change to a strength rather than use the skill itself that much
  9. Dismounting actually reduces speed. For a pegasus knight at least, we can see a speed -2 and move -2. No idea how that compares to dismounting for other classes or if move is always reduced to just 4 either
  10. I think Soulblade and Ice Lance are really good for Lysithea and Marianne/Hubert as well, since it gives them magic based combat arts for those weapons. The couple different sealing combat arts also look like they could be useful. Really the only one that seems unhelpful is Edelgard's because
  11. Here's a list of all of them https://serenesforest.net/three-houses/characters/budding-talents/
  12. Apparently there's also a kind of time requirement- so you can't just overlevel Byleth to get them.
  13. Since it's normal, you could grind battles to raise supports. So, yes it definitely is, it just might not be fun. It could be really easy and not require grinding since there's functions like tea parties and lost items, but we don't know how much it takes to raise a support level. We also don't know how much the arrows will affect how long it takes to raise support levels
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