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  1. I was not expecting such nice character portrait sprites. Those are really good for the GBA style. No idea if I'll be able to find the time to sit through every video but there's a decent amount to look out for.
  2. A few people have already mentioned it but I actually watched through Teen Titans as a binge watch about a year ago and I think it still holds up as a solid TV show for just sitting back and enjoying something, even if it is a kids show. Otherwise, all my animated viewing is anime and the only ones I'd really say are kids shows are Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh, which hold up less well to an adult audience. Though I have been tempted to go back and give Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy and that Batman cartoon from the 2000s another look mostly out of nostalgia.
  3. Sort of following on from the bloated banners thing, Duo Heroes being effectively seasonal units kind of bothers me because that's just going to bloat that pool and reduce chances of previous stuff appearing again in their limited banners. Especially since I'm kind of expecting them to put one on most/every banner for a couple of months until there's something of a supply of them.
  4. Sort of new, sort of not. Made account in July and almost immediately forgot about it. Just come back, looking around. Little bit daunted about what to post, not feeling like I've much to contribute, that sort of thing. Trying to get a feel for things.
  5. I used to use my surname as my username but then wanted a name for places I wanted to be more private so corrupted my middle name and it honestly just stuck regardless of what I signed up to. 42 is my favourite number, not sure why, might blame Douglas Adams. The 1 is also there. For reasons. Probably.
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