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  1. That's true. It doesn't help that Kronya gets yeeted out of the story at record speeds. I definitely do miss villains that just love being villains and aren't just pissed off at something or another.
  2. If we get a Genealogy remake, I'm sure your itch will be scratched. Also, aren't there kinda non-morally-grey villains too? Like, the main antagonists of the Deer and Church routes? You know?
  3. Awakening's self-referential nonsense wreaks havoc on a bunch of canon, so it would probably be best to ignore it. Nowi's existence comes to mind. I think that Intsys just really likes the idea of mixed human/mythical being hybrids a lot, so you end up with things like holy blood, Sophia and possibly Roy, the branded, flat out half-animal or half-dragon hybrids, and the crests as a function of that. It's not really such a big deal. Also, doesn't Byleth function as the fire emblem already?
  4. ...Unless you plan on using them in the future, just stack them up on vulneraries and give them a hp-restoring ring if you have it? And then just keep them out of range.
  5. Do what we've always done in FE and keep them out of enemy range?
  6. ...I mean, the game she's from is consistently ranked as second only to Mystery among the JP fandom's favorites, but okay.
  7. Protagonist as in a proper main Lord. Also, do you really think Corn isn't going to get a legendary alt? Never mind the fact that those are extraordinarily popular characters, as opposed to Elincia, who although she's a great character who needed more screentime, is... not that popular. Elincia's important in the tale of Crimea as a country, but not as important as Micaiah and Ike in the tale of Tellius as one. Arguably, not even as relevant as Caeneghis.
  8. My bad. I didn't notice because, well, she barely uses that class whatsoever. Still think you sound kind of hilarious saying she'd have more of a chance of getting a legendary outfit than an actual protagonist, lmao.
  9. Those Who Slither In The Dark use Cyrillic lettering in their base, so it's probably a Slavic language.
  10. Edelgard route, story-wise. Love that abolishing exploitative nobility baby! Gameplay-wise, Claude by a long margin. It's got everything that Blue Lions and Church have going for them, with a more interesting endgame. (Edelgard isn't even in the running, thanks to the shortness. Even if she has some interesting maps.)
  11. "IDK, I don't think Elincia will ever have a legendary alt, since her normal outfit in Heroes is her Queen outfit as opposed to her Princess one. It just doesn't make sense for them to give her a special Legendary outfit when she already has two outfits in canon." That's how you sound.
  12. Other, because the remix of FE1/FE3 songs that is Marth's theme is the biggest banger of a track I've heard in a long time. I wish SD and NM had done something that inventive with the original compositions.
  13. How do you get to the Holy Tomb (where other gender!Byleth is) in NG+? I see people talking about it, but maybe I just missed it, because I have no idea where it is.
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