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  1. That's a rather odd time to release it... Are we to expect minor updates over the course of the 3-4 months until the big one finally drop?
  2. The entire pre-timeskip accusation was foolish, narrow-minded and irrational. Both of them are aware of that, so they didn't feel the need to bring that up afterward.
  3. You're talking about the Book of Seiros. Maybe the censored part of the book directly contradict the existence of the 10 elites (possibly something like how the hero relics are evil) : the book was likely made when Seiros made her first appearance before starting the war against Nemesis, and there's evidence her initial plan was to eradicate all 10 elites and their bloodlines. The history book mention the war, which is described as "senseless", was ended several years after Nemesis's death by the grandson of the the first emperor. Remember that the official history (AKA lie) state that the elites was on Seiros side since the beginning, so it doesn't make sense that the war would keep going long after the King of Liberation's death, especially if Seiros intended to spare the elites. This show she was instead forced to do it after she lost support from the emperor and his army.
  4. I remember someone saying that her dialogue actually change in CF to mention the lacking crest stone. I know her S-support is pretty much played as a joke, but I have a hard time believing they would create such a very obvious plot-hole, when they've clearly made sure that that the story remains as consistent as possible until then.
  5. Don't forget that the rumour of the Goddess tower blessing lovers was born from Ionus & his true love meeting there. So Edelgard does have reasons to believe her mother cared more about her father than Lambert. Anyway, what if she was still alive, but through unfortunate circumstances became an Abyssian? I have no basis to support my theory, but it does bother me how there is not a single clue that could remotely suggest that she is either alive or dead.
  6. Interestingly, those warp tiles only appear in that chapter, which just happened to be located past a secret passage of the monastery. Based on new dialogues from the latest update, Garreg March has a huge complex underground called the Abyss. So what we see here may be the tip of the iceberg. It's possible that a long time ago, crests could be used for other purposes that have now been lost to history.
  7. Doesn't Sothis technically survive, regardless of route? I think it would make more sense if the "dream" represents her legacy instead.
  8. That is a good point. Rhea does mention the mother had to make a choice between her life or her child's, so it doesn't sound like she died from giving birth. So, at the very least, it's likely that homonculi are fully dependant on crest stone in order to survive. Interestingly, TWSITD may be those as well, as Kronya died upon her stone inside her being broken by Solon. However, there's still the Crimson Flower ending, where Byleth loose his/her crest stone but still live. People may claim that Byleth simply became human or that the writers screwed up because they rushed that path, but I don't believe either of those. The reason is that Sothis still exist within Byleth even after that event, as shown in her S-Support. I've heard she even have unique dialogue exclusive to that path, but I couldn't find a source for this. So I believe that since the fusion, Byleth was no longer a homonculi but became partially Nabatean, which don't depends on crest stones in order to live. (yes, I'm stubborn. But I love my theory too much to give it up just yet!)
  9. Again, he never said that : the dialogue is about peoples claiming that Dimitri finally turned nice, but Dedue counter by saying he has always been nice from the start.
  10. A complete Hero Relic (with both the bone and the stone) is proof that any Nabateans whose weapon were formerly part of their body had their crest stone in them when they were killed. So I agree it makes sense that their souls would get stuck in those stones, like some sort of self-preservation mechanism. However, the same logic don't necessarily apply for the artificial hero relics, which are made of agarthium, not bones. So with my theory, there may not be any souls in those one, only the draconic power. That would be like forgetting how to ride a bicycle. Dragon power may weaken, but an outright loss of it through lack of use seems farfetched.
  11. ??? Dedue never said that! He was talking about how Dimitri was always a very empathetic and caring person from the start, not the opposite. Azure moon reveal that the true reason behind his blood-craving behaviour was because he believed it was his duty, and was afraid of being selfish (another problem with Faerghus concept of knighthood). The fact that he didn't want to that but did it anyway is exactly what broke his mind. And the fact he keeps referring to himself as a monster, even before the gronder incident shows he is aware that what he's doing is wrong and contrary to his own ideals. Another evidence of that is in Heroes : he specifically state "killing is bad, no matter the reason".
  12. But so far, we've only assumed that they need it to live because they seemed to be like human heart, but in reality, the stones appear on their forehead when transformed (same for the demonic beasts), so they may not be heart in the litteral way but rather the "heart" of their draconic power. The Nabatean don't seem to be normal dragon creatures, considering the wild variety of their appearance and the implication that Sothis didn't create them the "natural" way. So just because they (presumably) are born with crest stones doesn't automatically means they can't remove it. And there some more elements that bring more suspicions about this : the fact that some crests retained their Nabatean names despite their stones being potentially under Agarthan's possession, suggesting they actually survived but disapeared; and the fact that Sothis can still live despite her crest stone being gone in the Crimson Flower path. Also, in Silver Snow, it's explicitely stated that Rhea gave fragment of her crest stones (not just blood) to her most devout, and is the reason behind their transformation into white beast : that definitely implies that she can outright remove it from her body. EDIT: actually, I'm not sure if it's her stone or just a random one. . But the fact that they react to Rhea going berserk does suggest that it's hers. In any case, need to re-check. Lastly is about Seteth's inability to transform : if it's not because of the lack of crest stone, then what else could be the reason behind it?
  13. Perhaps a Nabatean's transformation into dragons is tied directly to the crest stone : when Miklan turned into a demonic beast (which is partially draconic), the dark energy where clearly coming from the stone. And in CF, some Faerghus soldiers willingly turned by holding them. With that in mind, it's possible Seteth can't transform anymore because he gave up his crest stone. That would also suggest that they don't actually need them to live, despite being described as hearts. If this theory is true, then we could take much further : it's possible that some of of Nabaetan who were written off as dead are actually alive (except those with crest stones explicitly named after a human, like Chevalier), but simply lost their crest stone to the Argathan. It's also likely that Flayn doesn't have her stone in her, and therefore cannot transform either. Plus, it would of been bad if she transformed by accident, so it was likely encouraged by Seteth. Otherwise, her chances of survival would have been much lower, as TWSITD seems to highly covet them. The only thing that oppose that theory is Sothis, who clearly reside in Byleth's heart, or rather the crest stone. However, it's possible it only happened because she died while still having the stone : some kind of soul transfer, if you will. It may help justify how she somehow manage to survive in her S-supports, even in the CF path (assuming this isn't just a non-canon silly joke). Sorry for the dump, but it has been on my mind for a while, and I needed to put them somewhere.
  14. 1. Combat arts always 30% of the stat whenever they use it. 2. It give a permanent and stackable stat boost to the golems each time it roars.
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