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  1. Horribly late, but thank you both! I have plenty of Swift Sparrow fodder between Katarina and spare Ayra/B!Lyn, so I'll go with it. I'm mostly a player-phase person anyway so it'll suit me fine.
  2. So I'm really excited about Raven's new axe and finally getting around to building him properly. He'll be +1 with +SPD -DEF, and I'm torn between the following A-slots: LaD, Swift Sparrow and Fury. What would be best? In case it matters, he's going to be running Desperation in B and either Draconic Aura or Moonbow depending on whether or not I'm running him alongside an Infantry Pulse carrier.
  3. +DEF -HP or +RES -DEF for Ayra? I was going to go for the former but I just found out that her HP is a -4 bane. Is it worth it? (I would also like to second the above 'who likes Swift Sparrow' question lol, since I ended up with a spare Ayra and Brave Lyn.)
  4. Thanks for the answer (and for helping out with a lot of my previous questions as well)! My question was mainly because I was debating which copy should be merged and I put Iceberg on my -HP version already, plus I thought -HP might make it easier to trigger Desperation. And thanks for reminding me the calculator exists, I'll try running some numbers myself as well.
  5. What's better for H!Henry: +ATK -HP or +ATK -RES? Build undecided, but leaning towards Gronnblade with standard Fury/Desperation.
  6. So, uh. I got really lucky with the Halloween banner. Is it advisable to run 2 Armor March on a single armour team? I've been running Hone/Fortify instead of Wards so it seems kind of reasonable, even if it does mean foddering off a good IV H!Henry because I managed to get a pair of +ATK copies orz. Alternatively, should I just run both copies of Henry on my armour team with different builds instead of foddering him off? My current team is BK/Effie/H!Henry/H!Jakob.
  7. Alrighty. I'm thinking of building Brave Bow+ Halloween Jakob, but I'm not sure how to go about it. My resources: 43k feathers, 2 Kleins (5* +DEF -SPD and 4* +ATK -HP), and any amount of lower-level skill fodder. (My H!Jakob is +HP -RES for the record.) Initially, I was going to merge my old 5* Klein into my upgraded 4* +ATK Klein to make 5*+1 Klein; my current 5* Klein is fully built with Reposition, Luna and Hone Attack inherited, so new Klein can just step into his shoes. But now that I have Halloween Jakob my options have turned into: A. Follow through with my original plan of making 5*+1 Klein, and upgrade a Gordin/wait for another Klein to pop up to feed to Jakob (40k feather cost); B. Feed 5* Klein to Jakob, letting him inherit Brave Bow+, DB3 and QR3 after feeding him lower-tier skill fodder first, and promote 4* Klein to replace my original 5* Klein (20k feather cost); C. Say screw IVs, promote my 4* Klein and feed him to Jakob for Brave Bow+, DB3 and and QR3, and go on using fully built 5* Klein (20k feather cost). I'll confess that I'm unlikely to build Klein up beyond +1 because the man is such a fodder god, but I miiight be somewhat sentimentally attached to Klein as a character and would like to carry on with fully-built, optimal Klein in some form, lol. I do have the fodder to fully build Klein again, though I'll use up my last Barst doing that; I just like the idea of Klein+1 since with +ATK he'll hit 35 ATK, the same as my neutral Jakob, while having unconditional 2 move. Alternatively, if anyone has any other build suggestions for Jakob, I'm all ears! I've never pulled Leon for Slaying Bow, though...
  8. /dying noises The craziest thing is that I was actually at the base 3% pity rate? I think this is the best session I've ever pulled oh god I'm still freaking out. (Henry is +ATK -HP and Jakob is +HP -RES to boot!)
  9. Hana is pretty good in terms of sheer win count. Wo Dao+/Moonbow/LaD3/Swordbreaker 3 with +SPD/-RES actually edges out Brave Sword+ by a few wins, versus both the vanilla cast (145/21/16 wins/losses/draws with Wo Dao+, as opposed to 143/26/13 with Brave) and with Fury 3 as an override (133/27/22 with Wo Dao, 130/32/20 with Brave). Do note that I haven't checked who those wins are though. They could be totally irrelevant people like Lon'qu for all I know. I also haven't checked if adding on seals will change this. I tried a build of Wo Dao+/Moonbow/Fury 3/Swordbreaker 3 on Olivia, Palla, Selena, Seth and regular Roy which wasn't nearly as high as Hana in terms of win count, but was relatively resilient and only clocked in between 8-10 losses on enemy phase, mostly to units they'd have no business trying to tank (Reinhardt, Cordelia, archers vs. Palla, anti-horse weapons vs. Seth, etc.). Overall, Palla and Seth performed the best, but you can make a case for Wo Dao Olivia since she doesn't have many other builds to run and the Wo Dao gives her a much better enemy phase vs. blues compared to the Ruby Sword. And as a final note: Athena herself is actually pretty damn good with the Wo Dao+. With +ATK/-RES and an identical build to Hana's above, she nets 2 extra wins compared to Hana (147/14/21). So if you have the perfect IV Athena you can just use her out of the box. (Disclaimer: I checked all this because I have a spare 5* Athena and a spare 5* Karel sitting on the bench and have no idea what to do with them. I honestly think 4* Athena's best use is as Moonbow fodder LOL, especially because all these Wo Dao builds are really IV-dependent.)
  10. Which swordie does well with the Wo Dao and Fury? I pulled another Karel and he's +ATK -HP, so my old +DEF -SPD Karel (who also has Fury 3) is now fodder since I'd rather get an extra unit for AA than make a Karel+1. I'm currently considering my +ATK -HP Selena (4*) or my +SPD -DEF regular Roy (5*). I also have +SPD -RES or +ATK -HP Hana but she was on the backburner for a LaD Brave project. I also considered Alfonse for a troll-y QR + Moonbow build, but I've already given him a Brave Sword (not +). Special that procs off speed when, this would be perfect for Lon'qu if it existed
  11. Memu still works, but the error is much more frequent now. Before the update, I could consistently go a day or half a day before getting error'd out, but I'm now having to deal with the error literally every 15 minutes to half an hour. I've used the bridge trick from here so I can remove deviceAccount:.xml instead of uninstalling and reinstalling, but I can no longer reliably complete any series of maps longer than 5, which does not bode well for the upcoming Tempest Trials. Guess it's time to shop around for better options, but it doesn't look like there are many. >___>
  12. THIS IS EXACTLY MY PROBLEM. I was going to hop to Team Ike goddammit. I'm sorry, guys, I really did want to contribute to the first male victory in a gauntlet. /facepalms
  13. Thanks for the responses! I noticed that in the trailer as well and was hoping so. I just doubted it because special costumes have mostly been cyclical. At least I know I can continue failing to pull them after their banner is gone.
  14. Quick question: the CYL Heroes are here to stay, right? They'll still be around when their banner ends?
  15. Echoing the sentiment of Klein's complete and utter MVP-ness. After seeing a few people use him in the thread I fielded him and Infernal just became a total joke. Reinhardt/Klein/Olivia/Azura; Olivia had to tank an axe cav but Azura saw no combat at all. I have become complacent and over-reliant on Horse Emblem and have forgotten how much I love Klein. He cheesed Michalis's GHB too. I can't wait until I pull a decent 4* version of him to promote so my current +DEF -SPD Klein can get a bit of a bump.
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