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  1. I really hope we get more info on Patricia. Tiana too of course but I really want to know where Edelgards mom allegiance lie
  2. I loved the monastery in part one but by part 2 there wasn't anything to do (lost items and good side quests were gone). So I'd talk with everyone and then feed all the people I could.
  3. Awesome! And very understandable. I certainly don't have the time I once had. Getting older sucks lol Edited: did not realize I has 2 different accounts on here
  4. The branching promotion patch would be a really cool idea. I'm just learning the very basics of hacking so its cool to see what all can be done. For fun I added myself in as a pupil. Gotta fix the battle palete to make it look better and fix my starting stats but so far so good. Lightcosmo, u said u did this for 6? Do u have that patch available for the public? I'd be interested in trying it if it is.
  5. So I was just curious how feasible it would be to recreate all of FE 6 or 7 within FE8. I imagine using FEbuilderGBA would help. Do you think you could just copy and paste the entirety of one of those games and insert it into FE8? I was just thinking about this because it would be cool to bring the branching promotions to the older game. What do other think about this?
  6. Also let's not forget that Edelgard feels the territories of the Kingdom and Alliance are rightfully the empires and because of the churches will to weaken the empire, they r allowed to exist. So it's just as much a unification war as it is a reformation of society.
  7. In Sylvain and Ingrids ending (both have crests) they have all crestless babies so maybe they cancel each other out. Or the dominant one takes over as stated above.
  8. Honestly, this is me too. If I cant understand the language, I cant get the emotion or the acting from it. I stick with English dubs because of that. Plus I respect alot of our actors and want to encourage their work.
  9. Which is why there holy weapons can be used by anyone and just provide health boosts to people with the blood of the saints as opposed to only working for the Crest bearer. No stone needed.
  10. I saw a video of El fighting Claude and getting the option to spare. Pretty sure its tied to a dialogue choice at the beginning of the month.
  11. I'm curious about this. Are there teammates that die if you dont support them or do their Paralogues?
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