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  1. Without spoiling the ending (or create one spoiler tag for info regarding NG+ and another for the ending), would someone be able to summarize the NG+ info from that link? 🙂
  2. I posted this in another topic, but I thought I’d be thorough: If you get any information on Combined Seals or combined classes/composite jobs, definitely share please! 🙂
  3. That’s awesome! Thank you so much. Any word on what the Combined Seal does specifically and what combined classes are?
  4. Darn. If that’s the case, it seems that making her an axe-wielding Gremory is also a viable option.
  5. Oh nooo! Our worst fears realized. How did you happen on this info? (Also, any pics like for the class reel yet?)
  6. I still think it’s weird that we don’t have confirmation on this yet despite the amount of BE playthroughs leakers have been doing, as well as the datamining, lol. I’m impatiently excited (but understanding, of course).
  7. Below plan for my Golden Deer, first playthrough run (may contain class spoilers). When slashes are used, that means I’ll choose the first class in that tier until the other class becomes available.
  8. Now we just need Dimitri’s Advanced Tier class specs, and then all of their three Master Tier classes!! I am so excited to see them and see what they specialize in! (I hope Edelgard’s can wield magic.)
  9. A few questions I have so far: What are the aptitudes of Edelgard’s, Dimitri’s, and Claude’s lord-exclusive Advanced and Master level classes? Also can Edelgard’s final class wield magic? Can Male Byleth become a Dark Mage/Dark Bishop via the Dark Seal? Or is the class student-restricted like the Dancer class?
  10. Can you show what you mean by Linhardt’s line and the dark pegasus on the map? Are you sure you’re not just getting confused with the wyvern class line?
  11. At this point, I’m just curious about two main things: 1) The highest tier of classes (especially if there is a mixed magic class and/or a mounted magic class) 2) The inclusion status of same-sex S Supports
  12. Wait, I’m still unclear. So the game becomes digitally available Friday, July 26th at 12am EST (right when the calendar date switched). And the release is simultaneous for the USA. Since they’re 3 hours ahead of PST, does that mean PST people get the game Thursday, July 25th at 9pm PST (three hours before 12am marks July 26th)?
  13. Hello! I’ve been a long time FE fan and long time lurker on this board lol. So greetings, everyone! 🙂 I have a question regarding FE: There Houses and pre-loading the game onto the Switch. I am considering digitally pre-loading so I have access to the game sooner than waiting for my online Amazon pre-order to be delivered. Does the game officially become digitally-released and accessible to play right on Friday, July 26th at (or shortly after) 12am EST? And if that’s the case, then does that mean those who live in the west coast will have digital access to play it on Thursday, July 25th at (or shortly after) 9pm PST? I’d appreciate any/all advice that can be given regarding this. Thank you!
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