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  1. I've found that if anyone can learn physic, just train them in faith until they learn it. Having multiple healers is a blessing. Especially if they are also a physical fighter who can be on the front lines
  2. Im currently making burnadetta and Petra mage hybrids. White for burn and black for Petra. Seems to be working out fine. Got lucky tho, Petra got 5 mag Level ups in a row. That's when I decided she was gonna be a savant
  3. Seeing as how you need certain stats to recruit units, is there a way to improve byleths magic stat? It isn't very good. Currently trying to recruit marienne but she requires high mag. I just want to know if it's worth investment into, or if that 35% mag growth is code for "why you bothering?"
  4. I don't agree with the dean part, as I still believe she's preferred over him. Story importance and support spells trump another dread fighter imo. I guess I can understand the rest, I didn't have any issues getting her to saint tho. 60% is still better than the 50% single rng of gaiden
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