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  1. Hmm so by that theory the test would be to deliberately finish a battle with over 50% health and see? When I check the preparation screen where Balthus has full health it still occurs.
  2. Ah I recruited him at lvl 6 with the stats shown here: https://fireemblemwiki.org/wiki/Balthus/Stats#Chapter_6 The auto leveling for specifically chapter 6 recruitment is significantly more generous than standard growths for some reason. Though 18+17*0.5 STR and 13+17*.45 DEF is admittedly average DEF and only a bit below average STR. So it may be a quirk rather than a bug. I might do a BL run after this if I'm still enjoying it and check. For my DLC save it's the same but the only way to be sure would be to check a fresh recruitment. In the meantime I'll probably farm some STR boosters for him,
  3. Hi All, I'm currently on a Maddening GD run using the Ashen Wolves and I noticed something strange with Balthus. If I change his class and inspect his base states it states that his base STR and DEF are 29 and 26 respectively. However the actual stats showing are 23 ad 20 respectively plus class modifiers. The difference is 6 for each stat ie what he gets from King of Grappling. Is this a bug or just the way King of Grappling is implemented? Can anyone else see this on their saves? It's the same on my other saves of the same run but I don't have a save handy to try recruiting him from scratch again. At lvl 28 the STR 29 and DEF 26 look roughly right for his bases and growths while the STR 23 and DEF 20 that are showing look way too low but it is possible he's just badly RNG screwed (I've had terrible RNG this playthrough, Byleth just hit lvl 30 and is on SPD 20 😞 ). It's a shame because I love the character and fist builds but he's just not pulling his weight atm.
  4. Do folk recommend trying Maddening NG+ first but a NG Maddening run?
  5. I really like that change. Definitely helps the brokenness of fliers. I'll steal that for my first. 2. Let mounted classes use any physical melee weapon for advancement. So you can have a Sword or Axe Paladin, or a bow knight via Sword C. If giving faire skill, make it the one they have rank A in. 3. Give some reason to master heavy armour. Not sure on the specific yet, but atm it's kinda useless beyond level C.
  6. I've completed BE and almost finished GD, having recruited a lot more characters second time round. Certain characters seem to make far more sense being recruited than others. I'd like to compile a list of which characters make the most sense from a story point of view. Here are the ones I've found: Black Eagles: Lorenz - His family are pro-empire and he loves nobility. It makes sense for him to join the Empire and attempt to finish the war asap to save the peasantry from further suffering. Also his supports with Dorothea and Ferdinand are great. Felix - With his bitterness towards Dmitri and his Father it makes perfect character sense. It's driven by disgust with chivalry and outdated nobility and meshes nicely with Edels philosophy. Leonie - I didn't actually recruit her but from the mercenary perspective and promising to look after Byleth it works. Ashe - Again not someone I actually recruited but after the events with his adopted father I could see him turning against the church. Lysithea - I didn't recruit her but given the shared background with Edel and the shared border with the empire, joining up would be a good way to keep her parents and land out of the war and to potentially find someone to take over after she's gone. Also an opportunity to find out more about TWSITD and get revenge or maybe even a solution to staying alive longer. In my BE run I recruited Ingrid but it didn't make much sense story wise. Golden Eagle: Felix - Same reasons from above apply, albeit it's a less severe reaction. We helps Byleth because they're strong and he respects them, more than he respects his family/kingdom. Petra - When I recruited her she mentioned Edel asking her to join her but there are implied consequences if she doesn't. She was kept as a vassal all her life, fighting for her and her kingdoms freedom from the empire makes sense. Also her and Claude are of similar backgrounds and their support is great. Ferdinand - I failed to recruit him. 😞 But I can imagine him trying to fight back against Edel due to her overthrowing his father and out of envy. Dorothea - She's an opportunist out of necessity and she has some bitterness towards the nobility of the Empire. Additionally the Alliance seems a lot more egalitarian than other nations, or at least to have a stronger middle class where there would be opportunities for her. I recruited Linhardt, Ingrid and Sylvain too but tbh it felt odd that they stuck around. It didn't not make sense, but there certainly weren't compelling reasons for them to stay. I've not played the Church or Blue Lions yet (I started the first couple of chapter on Maddening but given how much it mixes things up I think I might replay GD or do Church first on maddening). That said here are some thoughts: Blue Lions Raphael - Where better to become a knight? Leonie - Same as above. Tbh both characters would fit nicely with all the routes. Petra - For the same reason as the Alliance. Another thought that occurs is she wouldn't trust Edel after her sneak attack. Lysithea - Because screw TWSITD and she's not got much to lose. Church Any and all the BL characters. They're all anti-empire and quite faithful. Lorenz - Because the church is an institution required to guide the people (his view not mine) Ignatz - He's very faithful. Thoughts?
  7. Assassin for the win. People forget the ignoring terrain advantage. Super useful in many maps (final BE map in particular). He has enough STR that the low growth doesn't matter and the high SKL helps for crits as his base is average. The other decent option is Mortal Savant. I've currently got Felix in a GD run with High STR and SPD and decent everything else, who can hit hard and high crit with sword, fist, magic or bow. That gives incredible flexibility, as almost every class is weak to one of those and he can hit 1-3 range. Combine that with his shield, healing focus and vantage and he's un-killable. Worth noting Bow Knight ignores that advantage his shield gives him.
  8. Few of small changes I'd make: 1) Make mages able to pass any terrain like assassins. I found Felix as an Assassin super useful for his ability to move quickly through terrain like a flyer (super useful in BE final chapter). Adding this to mages while keeping the slow movement would balance them without breaking them. There's also historical precedence with mages and sand. 2) Remove the -MAG growths for physical classes. Makes it more viable to switch in between as needed. 4) Scrap lances from knight classes. Balance mage knights by reducing the overall no of spell uses. Then the lack of x2 uses hurts way more. 5) On a similar note allow physical units to use some magic. Perhaps it takes two usages to use magic as a physical unit. So you'd have a hierarchy where advanced mage only get x2 uses, mage knights get normal uses and non mages get half uses. Combine with less overall magic usages and then every unit could heal or use fire 2/3 times a map but no more. That might get unbalanced but I think it's an idea worth exploring vs more magic/physical combo units. 3) Scrap lance requirements from cavalier/paladin and instead allow promotion based on a melee weap type and riding. (I believe PoR did this but never managed to get a copy). 6) Give sniper +2 range . Give bow knight just +1 range. You could also make cavalry unable to use close counter.
  9. I'm also bummed about the lack of TWSITD content. I genuinely think a DLC to extend it should be made. What are the two endings this BE? I only saw one.
  10. They're based on Speed and HP, both of which he's has great growths in when you factor in aptitude.
  11. Make her a wyvern with axe and bow skills and she kicks ass. Get her death blow first and you can have her zooming all over taking out threats singlehandedly. Close counter skill allows you to throw her at other flyers and they just die.
  12. Dorothea is atleast A rank, she's one of my best units. I think your using her wrong, she's a gremory in the making not a spellsword. Her STR may suck but her MAG growth is excellent. More importantly she learns thoron and physic early. 1-3 range attack with lots of uses and a long range heal. Add to that decent HP, DEX & SPD and she's a machine. Tad squishy sure, but not by mage standards. Edit: I forgot she also gets Meteor. Super super useful.
  13. Petra: Brigand -> Wyvern. Death Blow and STR growths are useful as her base STR growth is only 40. Turned her into a beast with her high speed. I also unlocked armored knight at lvl10 to get the def boost. Edelgard: Armored Knight -> Brigand -> Wyvern. I managed to get both armored and death blow so she's indestructible when attacking. I also unlocked mage so she can use that if required (so annoyed armored lord is non magic, like WTF!?). Bernie: Archer -> Sniper. Will make her a bow knight eventually. She does it well and can't really do much else better. Might be worth trying her as a cavalier to boost strength. Or as a Brigand for str and death blow. Ferdinand: I screwed him up. Went Mercenary to get vantage but kept him using swords rather than axes. My long term plan if I can fix him is vantage plus desperation plus wrath, which will make him deadly under 50% HP (which he has a lot of anyway). Then stick him in great knight and he'll be a machine. Dorothea: Mage -> Warlock. She also has the dancer option. Her spells are ridiculous, long range attack and healing with all round good stats. Linhart: Mage -> Bishop. My main healer but thanks to decent defense also an excelled Nosu tank. Hubert: Mage -> Warlock. One of my weaker units tbh. He's very fragile and his weakness in faith minimizes his utility as a healer. Also dark magic is heavy and he's not that strong, so his AS is low despite good speed. That said he does have great range and magic. I'm hoping he'll get better as a Dark Knight. Caspar: Brigand -> Armor -> Fortress. I plan to make him a warrior soon for wrath. He's great but slow. I got slightly RNG screwed on speed but also shouldn't have put him in armor for so long. It's worth unlocking for the much needed def boost, but not using. Plan is to make him a war master. Felix: I recruited him as Merc then made him an assassin. I had planned to eventually make him a sword master OMG, this guy with a bow is insane. If I had him from the start grappler would also be tempting.
  14. I'm BE so I haven't been able to recruit Cyril yet but terrible bases were easy to fix in this game via certification so I presume he's easily fixable.
  15. So interestingly I discovered a cool training tactic. If you have low defense axe fighters (Petra and Casper in BE), train them in heavy armor then have them pass the exam for armor knight. They get their defense boosted to 12 to match the armor knight base stats even if your not using that class. It makes Casper even more incredibly tanky. Looking at the base stats axe users in particular seem to have classes with base stats high def and high str. It probably only works at certain points due to the difference in bases between ranks of classes and the general shortage of seals when you get to each reach rank but it seems perfectly gamable for min-maxing.
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