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  1. @Bell-kunWhile you aren't wrong here, we also have to take into account that it's actually more expensive and tedius for the company to have new voice lines for certain supports (especially if they decide to patch it for most if not all localizations) than it is for new/edited CGs (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, I'm not the brightest bulb).That means that the list actually comes down to: The other characters that would only require a CG change (with the other programming tidbits that come with adding those S supports) are: These characters don't refer to Byleth with gendered pronouns of any kind, so it would actually be more cost effective and much less tedius for these and the first list to be the ones included in a future patch. The characters that I absolutely think wouldn't be considered by IntSys as same-sex S supports for various reasons are: You'll notice most on that list are dudes, which is the unfortunate reality of the situation, especially for two of these cause I can totally see a bunch of straight players hoping on the anti lgbt bandwagon for making explicitly straight characters same-sex options. Plus you'd have to change their voice lines a bit. Again feel free to correct me if I'm wrong or debate these lists, I've spent too much thinking time on this Hahaha XD
  2. That's actually an interesting point, I've always found it super unnecessary to demand literally every demographic being represented in fictional media (especially in games that have an extremely strict narrative with no malleability). When companies unnaturally try to do that it often results in lack luster token characters at best and downright offensive stereotype characters at worst. But I do have to argue that games like the modern form of the fire emblem franchise, which has character relationships and romance as a high selling point for the more casual players and a handful of hardcore players, having diversity in at least the gay/bi romantic options is pretty much necessary for obvious reasons. Now that also means that assuming IntSys is pretty much entirely made up of straight men, they'd presumably have trouble grasping that gay relationships are barely any different from straight ones, which is why it's important to give them constructive criticism when they flounder a bit or a lot. Hopefully in the future the people that bring this issue into IntSys' eyes aren't the kind to write clickbaity, misinformation spreading articles that only hurt our chances of better representation and are instead the kind to write well constructed and well informed pieces that inform them on how to improve in future titles or updates. Edit: Not a critique to the quote, more like an expansion of it.
  3. Now I absolutely love Edelgard, but I absolutely don't like that out of all the lords she's the only bi option because it almost sets a precedent to her being the canon path for being the one to love Byleth regardless of their gender (super fanfictiony, I know). I agree 100%. The guys feel almost like an after thought compared to the girls. That perception of lesbians in Japan is the reason why Soleil was created in the first place, and we all know how well that went. Not all of us are hating on the girls btw (I'm S-supporting Edelgard on my Black eagles playthrough), and the majority of us are stoked to have better representation than in fates. Keep in mind the contention here isn't with the female bi options (well, except for one of them that seems extremely questionable up till now), but rather how seemingly better thought out the girl options seem to be compared to the males.
  4. *WWWWHHHHHEEEEEEEEEZZZE* Such beautiful fanart XD Unfortunately, it's pretty much confirmed that those three dudes are the only options for M!Byleth. I still stand by my opinion that if at least one of the male lords where an option, this wouldn't be as much of an issue. Now that I've analyzed the situation better though, I feel like all of the lords should have been options in the first place considering that 3 out of five of the female options are super important to the plot. At least that's what I would have considered to be fair, I certainly wouldn't have ranted so hard if that where the case.
  5. Thanks for the Welcome! And don't worry I've read the rules quite a bit, don't wanna accidentally do something dumb and avoidable haha 😄
  6. Hello, I finally decide to officially join Serenes after years of reading forums and that one time I used discus to comment on recent Fire Emblem news. I've been a fan of Fire Emblem since I got Sacred Stones as part of the 3ds' ambassador program and fell in love with the series since then. As the name implies, I like cute stuff... that's it. There's nothing else about me that's remotely relevant to Fire Emblem. I also love Pokémon I guess. Uh...ask me anything??? sorry this is the first time I've ever joined a site dedicated to forums and discussion and whatnot :v pretty awkward for me
  7. I find it funny that the reviewer said that she couldn't show the female options for spoiler reasons, but the fact that Alois is a same sex option is a spoiler in itself since it implies that something bad happens to his wife. In my opinion, it would've been better story wise if certain characters weren't even romance options at all. The fact Alois is romanceable ruins the surprise of whatever happens with his wife. Also the fact that Sothis of all characters is a same sex option seemingly shows that this caters more to straight dudes than actual lesbian women which is absolutely sus. Not to mention the fact that female Byleth gets story relevant characters as options (best girl Edelgard, Rhea, and the worst option Sothis) while male Byleth gets two dudes that are probably the same age as his dad and one character that certainly has mixed reception between gay men. I mean, they could have at least made one of the male lords be an option (I'll leave it up to you guys to decide between Claude and Dimitri, I ain't touching that fam). I'm hoping that what's happening here is that IntSys. wants to see the reception of these options first to see if they should add more that would fix the unfair disparity between the w/w and m/m options. edit: I forgot to finish the second sentence hahaha oops
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