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  1. Been awhile since I've been here, this hack still going strong is a nice surprise. Can't wait to get back into it and see how great it is.
  2. Okay lucky me chapter 10 Eirika’s path Gerrik got sleep status. Same problem with the poison it never goes away. It sucked cause I had to restart cause then I couldn’t recruit the crimson flash.
  3. The problem with the poison still exists, I’m on chapter 7 random growths, with minimugs, and Gilliam won’t cure his poison.
  4. Hey man glad to see your project is finished. Oh and no need to worry about three houses distracting me cause I don’t got the money for games.
  5. Oh yeah I can see how that would be a pretty massive issue that completely ruins the balance of the game kind of ruining what you’re going for with this hack.
  6. Oh cool glad that I can play the game without fear of explosions. I am curious though by what you meant by. Did this just mean that there skills were not what you wanted them to be? Could you give an example? I'm just curious and don't need to be answered if you don't want to answer me.
  7. Hi, again, I know you liked receiving a compliment instead of a bug but I noticed a bug. On update 7-12 random growths with minimug, chapter 5x, Kyle got poisoned so I checked the poison counter and it was at 0 and he was still taking poison damage, I let several turns go by to make sure it wasn’t just a graphical issue. I’m not sure if it was just that chapter cause that was the first time any of my units were poisoned on this update so far. But if that is a continuing issue it could spell potential disaster in latter parts of the game. Edit:Okay Gilliam got poisoned on chapter 6 and the same issue occurred, and since there is a fort there I could sit for awhile.
  8. I love this it's a nice change to a game that I enjoy a lot, I in fact made this account specifically to say that this is quite a nice change. As much as I love it I got one complaint, and it is by far the most sarcastic complaint I can make so don't take it seriously, it's really super ultra amazingly annoying to have to re-download a new patch one day latter and then patch it in, and since I'm using my phone to emulate I don't know how to transfer save data over. Again, and I can't stress this enough, no need to take this as an actual criticism cause having updates is nice. It also helps that this is a nice hack.
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