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  1. I agree that limiting supports will make better supports in general, but I'm so thrown off with Byleth being able to romance pretty much everyone. I just wish it was that if there's no S supports, then there should be none at all. I really hope this isn't a sign that Byleth will be like a Corrin.
  2. True, but it's been confirmed that there can be multiple A ranks. And if there's canon couples, how would Byleth's marriage affect that? Like if Byleth married someone who was supposed to be in a couple with someone else. It would mean a few different endings, and I really don't think IS went that far.
  3. Man, I'm really disappointed with the fact only Byleth can S support. That is just so off putting. Why even include S supports in this case? I always enjoyed pairing other people up more than the avatar character. I would even be okay with limited S supports, as I like canon couples. Oh well. I was going to marry Dimitri, but I think I'll just keep everyone only at A supports. It feels weird to let Byleth marry but no one else. Unless if it's true that Sothis and Rhea supports are platonic?
  4. puffins


    Hello! It has to do with map recreation. It'll take awhile, but I think it will be super cool and unique!
  5. puffins


    Hello everyone! I'm puffins, and I've been a lurker on this site for the longest time. I only decided to make an account today. I honestly should have done it sooner because FE is a big part of my life and I love talking to other fans about it! Fire Emblem has gotten me into one of my other favorite hobbies, drawing (though in recent years I've been majorly slacking). I got into FE when I was 14, so about 5 years ago. I have to admit, Awakening was my first game. I have further branched out and my goal is to play every game in the series. SoV is currently my favorite, though I believe Genealogy or Thracia would easily replace it once I get around to playing them. I love both lore, strategy, fantasy, and RPGs, so FE is my kind of thing. I'm really excited for Three Houses and I'm going with Blue Lions. Gotta love Dimitri! Besides my interest in Fire Emblem, I'm in uni in a science related degree! I have a really awesome plan for a project to integrate the two in the future, but give it a couple of years! Anyway, hello once again. Looking forward to becoming more than a lurker around here!
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