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  1. Is Clanne better as a Mage Knight or Sage?
  2. How many slots are available for skills?
  3. Thank you so much for this! It’s just nice to hear some tips from someone who is playing the game. And yes, I love Diamant too. 😅
  4. Thank you so much for this!! Do you have any recommendations in regards to emblem pairings for the units I mentioned or is that something I should figure out while playing?
  5. Hey guys! I am looking to start playing FE Engage once school calms down a bit. I like to go in with a general plan as to who my final team will be, but I’m a little confused with some of the new mechanics (notably Emblem rings) and haven’t had enough time to do extensive research on the game like I did for Three House. In terms of character designs, I like Etie, Jean, Diamant, Lapis, Timerra, Fogado, Chloé, and Kagetsu the best, and would love to incorporate them into my team. Do you guys have any suggestions for how I should organize my team (i.e. what classes? Emblem rings?)
  6. Omg this is probably my favorite character design so far!
  7. I haven’t been on this forum in a hot second, but I am so excited for Fire Emblem Engage! Thanks for making this thread - it will help me keep up with all the news from Twitter. 😅
  8. I pretty much agree. Definitely my favorite FP2 character based off of the initial trailer.
  9. I’m hoping for Cinderace, Phoenix Wright, Sora, Rex and Pyra, Lloyd Irving, Impa, Tom Nook, Chorus Kids, Isaac, and Celica.
  10. If he ever had a chance before, it’s now been reduced to 0.01%. 😊
  11. That’s true. I personally was really happy with Min Min’s inclusion, so maybe it’s just the even numbers (CP 6,8,10) that will appeal to me! 😅
  12. Not too pleased, but definitely has the potential for a unique moveset.
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