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  1. If he ever had a chance before, it’s now been reduced to 0.01%. 😊
  2. That’s true. I personally was really happy with Min Min’s inclusion, so maybe it’s just the even numbers (CP 6,8,10) that will appeal to me! 😅
  3. Not too pleased, but definitely has the potential for a unique moveset.
  4. This is actually perfect. 😊 Here are my wants (replace Min Min with the Chorus Kids): I personally predict Crash, Cinderace, and Travis Touchdown.
  5. Same. Pokémon is going to deliver trash DLC again (even though everyone’s so hyped because they shove a few legendaries in their faces), so I need something to get excited for, besides Animal Crossing and Hyrule Warriors 2. 😔
  6. Ooh, looking forward to this couple!!! 😃
  7. I hope you’re right, I’m kind of desperate for a new Smash character announcement at this point. 😂
  8. I would love to see more 1st Party characters in the fighters pass, but the Ring Fit Trainee is certainly not one of them! 😂
  9. Probably because they wouldn’t want a Ring Fit Trainee taking a spot in the fighters pass. 😅
  10. It still amazes me how everyone is getting so excited over three ports and a deluxe edition. 🤷‍♂️ I guess it just goes to show how popular Mario is. 😅
  11. Possibly, but with all the Mario hype right now, I doubt they’d announce/release another character until that dies down, unless it’s a Mario character. 😅 As someone who isn’t a big fan of Mario (and everyone I know hates me for it), I would love something like that to get me excited! 😁
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