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  1. I pretty much agree. Definitely my favorite FP2 character based off of the initial trailer.
  2. I’m hoping for Cinderace, Phoenix Wright, Sora, Rex and Pyra, Lloyd Irving, Impa, Tom Nook, Chorus Kids, Isaac, and Celica.
  3. If he ever had a chance before, it’s now been reduced to 0.01%. 😊
  4. That’s true. I personally was really happy with Min Min’s inclusion, so maybe it’s just the even numbers (CP 6,8,10) that will appeal to me! 😅
  5. Not too pleased, but definitely has the potential for a unique moveset.
  6. This is actually perfect. 😊 Here are my wants (replace Min Min with the Chorus Kids): I personally predict Crash, Cinderace, and Travis Touchdown.
  7. Same. Pokémon is going to deliver trash DLC again (even though everyone’s so hyped because they shove a few legendaries in their faces), so I need something to get excited for, besides Animal Crossing and Hyrule Warriors 2. 😔
  8. Ooh, looking forward to this couple!!! 😃
  9. I hope you’re right, I’m kind of desperate for a new Smash character announcement at this point. 😂
  10. I would love to see more 1st Party characters in the fighters pass, but the Ring Fit Trainee is certainly not one of them! 😂
  11. Probably because they wouldn’t want a Ring Fit Trainee taking a spot in the fighters pass. 😅
  12. It still amazes me how everyone is getting so excited over three ports and a deluxe edition. 🤷‍♂️ I guess it just goes to show how popular Mario is. 😅
  13. Possibly, but with all the Mario hype right now, I doubt they’d announce/release another character until that dies down, unless it’s a Mario character. 😅 As someone who isn’t a big fan of Mario (and everyone I know hates me for it), I would love something like that to get me excited! 😁
  14. I think part of the reason why Euden is so overlooked is because the EU (EUden ) doesn’t really like the concept of gacha games, like Dragalia Lost. It might not settle well if he is added into Smash, but I could be wrong. 😅 I personally wouldn’t want him in anyway. I’d much prefer Lloyd Irving or even another Fire Emblem rep.
  15. I’m just not a big fan of Fortnite or the community that comes with it. 😅
  16. I considered the possibly, but I don’t dwell on it anymore since I really don’t want one to get in... 😂
  17. I tried to make this a combination of wants, and a diverse group of five characters. Based off of this list, I would choose... -Phoenix Wright -Shantae -Arle Nadja -Isaac -Geno
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