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  1. The reason everyone is disappointed is because they expected it to be much bigger than what it is was. I’ll admit, the WWE thing is trash, but the Cadence of Hyrule DLC looks cools and we FINALLY got something about Shin Megami Tensei V!!!! 😁
  2. We’re either getting nothing or a mini. Ugh, I hate shadowdrop directs... 😕 I’m hoping for Smash... edit: Direct today at 7pm PT
  3. First of all, we don’t even know if assist trophies deconfirm. Second of all, while I would be fine with him, Matthew isn’t as iconic as Isaac. Isaac works because he’s been pretty popular around smash speculation, and for a pretty much dead series, that’s important. Since Dark Dawn didn’t do too hot, I doubt they would put a representative from that in the game. It’s either Isaac, or nothing... 😕
  4. I think CP7 could be there, but I doubt we’ll see gameplay. If anything, I think we’ll get a Joker Game Awards type of trailer.
  5. Who said having two fire types would deconfirm another one? 😅 Greninja and Incineroar both had a large presence in the anime, so it makes sense why they were chosen. It looks like the Scorbunny line is going to have a large presence in this anime, so if they are going based on that, then Cinderace would probably be their pick. 🤔
  6. Since Nintendo is choosing the characters, I don’t think they really care about how many characters are in each series. 😅 After all, they decided to add Byleth to FE, which had quite a few reps. (No complaints here, though I wish they did what they did for Arms, where they added a popular character...) I actually totally forgot about Pokemon, so I’m glad you brought that up. I think they COULD do a promotion thing with Pokemon if they wanted to. Cinderace would be the only likely Gen 8 rep that I would like to see added in though, so 🤞...
  7. Looking back at this, Paper Mario seems like a dumb choice to be honest... 😅 I mean I think it could still happen, but a Xenoblade rep just seems so much more likely. I also wanted to mention that I completely undermined Puyo Puyo’s popularity in Japan. I think it would definitely be a niche pick for the West though.
  8. While I doubt Sakurai and Nintendo will try to fit these categories, here are my PREDICTIONS: A character for non-Nintendo fans- I would go for Crash because he is iconic, has that legacy factor, and is still pretty modern today. A character who comes from an overall big franchise- I would go for Lloyd because the Tales Of series is huge in Japan and Lloyd seems to be its most iconic rep worldwide. A character for hardcore Smash fans- For this category I’d go with Geno because he is one of the few highly requested characters left that have been requested for awhile now. A character from a niche franchise- For this category I am going to go with Arle Nadia. I feel that in the US at least, Puyo Puyo is a pretty niche franchise, so I guess she would fit. Modern Nintendo/Switch fan- If they are giving us another one of these I would say Rex & Pyra or Paper Mario. If an ARMS rep can get in, so can Rex & Pyra. Paper Mario: The Origami King is coming soon, so Paper Mario has that relevancy factor.
  9. Yeah, that was another one of my worries... 😅 If it happens, it happens, but for the sake of social media, let’s hope it doesn’t. 😕
  10. I feel that a character from Astral Chain could be cool, but I don’t know if non-base game spirits are deconfirmed... 😕
  11. It really comes down to what you consider “noteworthy.” I would say Advance Wars, Rhythm Heaven, Golden Sun, and Chibi-Robo, but I don’t know how “noteworthy” those would be. Again, it all comes down to what you consider “noteworthy.” If you mean relevant on the Switch then none of these would apply (yet...)! 😅
  12. I think this character could be Phoenix Wright, Arle Nadia, Ryu Hayabusa, or Geno.
  13. I really loved the art style and concept of Octopath Traveler. I’m glad to see it’s getting at least some representation! 😁
  14. In the ARMS presentation, it seemed like Sakurai considered Springman, despite him being an assist trophy. I’m not going to get my hopes too high, but I think it is POSSIBLE that this “rule” might be broken... 🤔
  15. I understand this. There are people who genuinely shut down characters because it doesn’t fit their “criteria” for a fighter. For example, whenever I brought up a spirit character before Min Min someone (not on here) would shut it down. Keep hoping and then you can laugh at them when they’re wrong! 😂
  16. I would love any character from the Tales Of series! 😍 Lloyd is one of my Top 10 Most Wanted Characters, so he would be my pick. For Bandai Namco, I would be cool with Klonoa as well. 🤞
  17. I didn’t think it was possible either, but then I read the comments... 😒 Pokemon Presents 6/24
  18. They are removing dislikes from yesterday’s Pokemon Presents! 😂
  19. I'm disappointed as well. We probably just got a pay-to-win game. They didn't even give us a release date. The fact that they don't know what fans want is disgusting. Saying "big project" implies a main series game... 😡
  20. Yeah, Sinnoh remakes are highly requested. However, knowing GameFreak and the Pokemon Company we're going to get Let's Go Johto...😒
  21. I hope you're right! Phoenix Wright is one of my Most-Wanted fighters for smash. You brought up some good points about being unique (moveset wise) and legacy, as well as the potential marketability of the character.
  22. That would be an interesting mechanic to set her apart from the rest.
  23. I think there is a pretty good chance that we will get a Capcom rep. But what do you guys think? What Capcom character would get in? Explain your reasoning below.
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