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  1. I agree with your point on Bandanna Waddle Dee. I wouldn't be wowed by their inclusion, but I wouldn't be disappointed. I also understand your point about relevance. However, as we've seen with characters like King K. Rool, you don't have to be relevant in the industry in order to get in.
  2. Oh wow! 😂 Yeah that excuse has been made even more invalid since Piranha Plant.
  3. People use that argument? I don't even think Bandanna Waddle Dee should be considered a generic enemy, since the character represents the "P4" of Kirby, not a basic Waddle Dee.
  4. Top Row: Sora, Crash, Bandanna Dee, Axel Stone, Euden Bottom Row: ???, Min Min, Sakura (can't remember last name), Captain Toad, Rayman. Who is the first person in the second row?
  5. If the ARMS character is revealed during a direct/Sakurai presentation then I think we could see a reveal of Fighter #7. If they just drop a trailer then I doubt we'll see a reveal for Fighter #7. Personally, I'm hoping we get a Sakurai presentation announcing the ARMS fighter and Fighter #7.
  6. Ooh, yay! I'm looking forward to it! 😊
  7. I saw Swablu, does that mean Altaria is coming? 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃 Altaria is my favorite Pokemon of all time!!!!
  8. 100% agree! Terry's pack pretty much represented SNK. I really don't want another Microsoft rep., and I can only picture Steve as a mii custome.
  9. Nintendo: Rex and Pyra (I just picked a fairly likely one, I want a lot of Nintendo reps) Konami: Bomberman SEGA: Arle Nadja Capcom: Phoenix Wright NAMCO: Lloyd Irving Microsoft: I guess Steve, I really don't know... SNK: Nakoruru Bonus: Koei Tecmo: Ryu Hayabusa
  10. Yeah, I'm worried it's going to be like the new Paper Mario game announcement, where it comes out if nowhere. (Well I guess that was leaked/heavily rumored...) @Lord_Brand And Isaac!!! 😃🤞 (Probably won't happen but we sure can hope...)
  11. It definitely could still happen... (I hope not) Even if they were to promote an assist trophy, why waste it on Springman?
  12. I would much prefer Celica over Byleth, but I just don't see the value that Nintendo would receive from doing that. They most likely added Byleth to promote Three Houses, therefore having Celica wouldn't do them any favors. Also, people are more likely to buy Byleth, since Three Houses was much more successful than Shadows of Valentia. (I would love it though, ugh just think of the music we would get...)
  13. @Perkilator Here is my short list... I'll edit it later if anything pops into my head. Likely Until Proven Wrong: Min-Min Non-spirit event Sword and Shield Pokemon Ryu Hayabusa Slept On: Bravely Default 2 rep.
  14. CLAUDE IS THE WINNER!!!!!!!!! I hope you guys have enjoyed these polls. I am planning to do one with the Church of Seiros/Officer's Academy characters, however, I will not be starting that till a little while. For now, congrats to Claude's supporters!!!!!
  15. Good point. I guess it wouldn't really be considered a flunk unless it sold terribly. Thanks for bringing that up.
  16. The insane amount of hate and dislike regarding Byleth was insane after his release. I kind of hope that Nintendo gives another FE rep to show that you don't get what you want by whining and complaining.
  17. Good point. Byleth is my favorite FP 1 character, but I mean in terms of the ridiculous fan outcry, which I don't think Nintendo would want to re-create. I wouldn't mind another FE rep or a Nintendo rep though.
  18. They might've learned their lesson after Byleth (I mean that's what we all thought after Corrin), or maybe not. If they did we could expect a big character like Sora or Crash. However, if they didn't, then they could just pick a character from one of their upcoming games.
  19. It's a pretty good idea, but for a Fighters Pass character that has a big focus on bringing something unique, it doesn't seem likely or very interesting.
  20. Is it true that Dragalia Lost is still not available in EU countries due to the EU's hostility towards gacha games? If so, this would seriously hinder the chances of getting a fighter.
  21. Week Five Poll Posted!!!! Week Four Results: Unfortunately, Hilda has been eliminated! This week (WEEK FIVE) we will be eliminating ONE character to determine the winner! Make sure to continue to vote for your favorite! You can also comment down reactions to poll results, predictions for future polls, and why you voted for the character. Your Top 2... Claude and Marianne! Who will win?
  22. I've grown to really like Caeda. She would be a Pegasus knight in Smash, which is very unique, plus she's a solo-lance user. I wasn't too thrilled with the Arms rep but I've grown to really like and support Min Min and Twintelle.
  23. I like the FP 1 roster, I'm surprised Resident Evil didn't get a rep in FP 1. The FP 2 roster is cool and interesting! Anna is a great rep to represent the Fire Emblem series as a whole (I'm curious about Caeda in the base game... 👍), Min Min is my #1 pick for the ARMS rep, Crash is a solid modern/legacy third party character, I'm not familiar with Axel Stone, Captain Toad is an interesting first-party character, and Sora is amazing. (Only issue is no Isabelle... 😢👎)
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