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  1. Does anyone know if switching to Casual mode from Classic mode will revive fallen characters from previous chapters? I remember this being the case with Fates, but I want to confirm if it’s the same for 3H. I just lost Ashe on Ch 17 of BL and I’m all out of divine pulses, and I reaaaaally don’t want to have to restart this battle.
  2. Gauntlets were the main weapon of choice for my Dancer Felix in my last playthrough.
  3. I just beat Golden Deer. I love Claude, so he would have to be my house leader without a doubt. As far as the other characters, my choices would be:
  4. As far as I’ve seen, there’s never more than one birthday on any given day, and same with an event and a birthday on the same date. So like for an example, Saint Cethleann Day and a birthday haven’t coincided. However, when a birthday falls on a free day or a mission day, which I’ve seen happen before, you get the prompt to give flowers/host a tea party before being taken to the mission select/free day screen.
  5. Can you choose a different gender/name Byleth when playing NG+?
  6. It sounds like you're just being RNG screwed. I can confirm that it's not because GD suck though, I've been playing with them on Hard Classic and I'm nearly at the end of the game without much concern about being doubled too frequently or any other Spd problems. Also, if it's just a few particular units who keep having problems, you can randomly get Speed boosters by growing flowers in the greenhouse to permanently increase a unit's speed, or you can cook meals to increase every unit's speed by a set number for the whole month.
  7. You can recruit them later. I was in the same situation with Felix and Cyril, and I came back the next month and there were no issues with recruitment.
  8. Does anyone know what bonus (if any) you get for choosing a character’s favorite tea? As far as I can tell, you basically just get an extra line of dialogue and nothing else.
  9. Are tea parties the only way to increase Charm outside of level ups? The unit I’m looking to put in the dance competition only has 11 Charm right now.
  10. I have to say that one thing about this game that amazes me is the dialogue. Forgetting just the sheer amount of it, where even the unnamed NPCs have changing and voiced dialogue, the writing in this game is great compared to previous FE games. Also, the little things really stand out, like how some characters have unique conversations depending on who they're paired up with during group tasks. I'm just really happy with how this gameplay experience has been so far.
  11. Lysithea is an absolute god in my run so far. Her growths are seriously stacked and when she doubles, it’s literally over for whoever is on the other side. Only problem with her is that she’s a bit squishy, but you can pretty much counteract that by sending her out with a chaperone and positioning well. Honorable mentions go to... well, almost everyone to be honest. Hilda is pretty handy with her axe (I have her as a Pegasus Knight for now to build up her flying skills for Wyvern Rider); Ignatz and Claude are reliable archers that consistently dish out strong damage; Raphael and Felix are beasts with gauntlets; even Marianne is handy to finish off an enemy with Nosferatu or heal someone up in a pinch. The only person who I’d say is lacking is Leonie, but she’s not even a bad unit, she just doesn’t do as much damage as everyone else.
  12. I haven’t auto instructed at all though. I just want Claude to unlock Diamond Axe 😞. Also, another question, does anyone know if Dancer is a viable late game class? I recruited Felix to my house and have been instructing him in Reason to unlock his talent + get him on the path to Mortal Savant, but I realize he could also become a Dancer with those skills. However, I don’t want to put him in Dancer if it isn’t going to hold up against other late game classes.
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