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  1. I wasn't hopping for more really, Marth is a beautiful SR+ 😄 Yes I agree it's still very very sad to know it's now finnished. All those amazing pulls makes feel that Cipher thanks us for being fans of the game. This is amazing. But yeah, I will still have fun playing with Lackey and making funny or serious decks xD I could share one maybe 😄
  2. Phew! i finnally received my box today! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G pulls I've got! Mostly what I was wishing for!! I don't know what to say really, I'm so happy to have these pulls! Your luck wishes happened really 😄 It's not very clear so I'm writing here the pulls left to right: R: Hinoka/ Edelgard / Mia / Kris / Caeda / Claude / Knoll/ Kronya / Soren / Medeus / Narcian SR: Chrom/ Sigurd / Eirika / Micaiah And....... WOW seriously! I'm gonna keep this card forever! He truly will be my best Cipher memory!!
  3. W-O-W amazing pulls @AllStarKnight you're lucky with that Byleth SR+! At all, just missing Eirika SR seems okay with 6 boxes! Amazing pulls everyone got here!
  4. Wow you got a SR+ with one box? This is amazing cause the rate for having an SR+ in this set looks very low (it's not in every box you'll have a + card!) Amazing pulls really!
  5. There's so much SR+ cards I love that I couldn't post all of them, But my top 4 would be:
  6. If you join what jiayejoe says, I would not reccomend buying booster packs indeed. I don't thought about that, but I don't think TCG Republic do that thing. I've bought from them few things, and they offer one booster pack for first order and for an expensive order I've purchased. (it was a booster box). For my first order they offer me a B04 booster pack, was lucky and got a Tsubasa SR. Then for the second gift booster pack I have a R. After what, I don't know if they are doing this, but since they are a shop, I don't think they're doing this. jiayejoe is right, there's peoples who can still dot this, so I don't know what to think really about buying single packs, if it's trustworthy or not.
  7. Whoa thanks for sharing those! I didn't know there was so much pages dedicated to Cipher! The Claude really is beautiful, amazing art they've made, representing one of my favorite cutscenes really! I guess I'm also gonna try the Edelgard deck, I'm back to the game since not a long time, and it looks pretty cool play with it, I just checked new Claude's and Dimitri's skills and they both looks pretty good to play! I would love to be abble to translate the comic, but I don't have any japanese skills, it looks to be very funny and I want to know what's happening with Faye! xD
  8. At the moment, because it's a very recent set, I don't think there's a lot of websites that are selling only packs of B22. But maybe in few days, you'll be abble to find some in Surugay-ya, if you're familiar with proxy service. I see they sell single packs for some sets, so maybe there will be B22, but since boxes are sold out mostly everywhere, it will be hard I think to found packs or boxes from this set. Anyway, here is the link for the research of single packs with Suruga-ya, maybe there will be B22 soon. Or there is TCG Republic that use to sell single packs, but for expensive, but they provide free shipping (without tracking). Actually website is in maintenance, but you'll see after all the prices. They normally are rarely out of stock, and in that case, they have a "Ask restocking". I used them and except saying that prices are a but much, they have a great serice! Hope that helps! 🙂
  9. Pretty surprised with those new reveals, I didn't expect that! I'm sad now, those were the very last reveals... This will miss me so much, waiting everyday for new reveal, livestreams. But that's not a reason for stop loving Cipher and end the community!! That's also sad to say, but after we've put our pulls here, will the thread still be here? That was so nice to discuss about Cipher releases and except what new could be released. Also, yeah I was wishing for more new characters, like Rudolf will not have at least one card, and lots of characters also, not only him. I have to thank you for creating this thread! I had so much fun and happiness discussing here about new cards, and I think it's too early to stop but Cipher's end want that so.... Best of luck you too, and everyone for your pulls! Now I will try to find a second box from any website I can xD
  10. This is just when I was watching the Livestream that I really realized that it was the very last. And this makes me feel so sad.... At the point that seeing Cipher things makes me being sad and think that watching my cards will never make me feel the same than before. Really, I only watched few livestreams, I started with B18 (and don't watch B19) but this is really really sad. I was at the point to cry at the end of the stream with seeing everybody tearing. I have to be grateful to Cipher, because it makes me have so much joy discussing with people, making friends and even so much, with the few times I've played and spend good time with playing (I'm back to the game since some weeks, playing with Lackey and learn how to use it!) About reveals, this is pretty much what I was waiting for. Some of the rarity reveal of the few art-only cards we had before, and new cards, such as the maid/butler, I like the arts, but there's a lot of Black/White characters that should have updates of their skills. But I'm so happy with the beautiful Byleth SR+ reveal, amazing card I wish to have really!! Gilbert has surprised me, I would rather think they would have put Rodrigue of someone other but since Rodrigue isn't in every routes as Gilbert is, it sounds right to put Gilbert instead of putting a character that doesn't appears in every routes. We still have to wait for some more reveals, I can't wait to see them, then there's just 4 days left before the set's release. And Cipher will stop. Really I was sad with this stream, realizing that it was the last one, and then all the flashbacks of previous events. Thinking again of this makes me tearing really.
  11. Hi nice to meet you! Welcome to the Forest! ^^
  12. She has been revealed with this tweet, FE Cipher's twitter don't revealed her today since they use to reveal one card per days, but there's sometimes other magazines/ posters that reveal few other cards on a day.
  13. Today we have lots of reveals with Miranda, Deirdre, Azura and Hinoka! With the Azura being Black/White, I guess the other Azura will be the same colour. Though, they could decide to make her a colorless version. But I think they would have better do it for a Cost 2 verison,the revealed one today. I would also like seeing a Narcian colorless. After all he is one of the first Heroes that have been included with Grand Hero Battle on FEH, that could be possible.
  14. I sadly don't have them, but I could find them maybe. You gave me the idea to try to find the stickers of the FE Echoes soundtrack, that could do something good for my binder, thanks 😄
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