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  1. Hello, I have few questions about grey cards and about some skills: -They do not provide any Symbols,but it's possible to deploy units with them, if I have, as an example, 4 grey cards in my Bond area and 1 red, I would be abble to deploy a 5 deployment cost red card? - Also, as the same example, I can class change a red card with grey cards if I have at least one red card in my Bond area? - Is that possible to deploy a grey card with a symboled card (can I deploy a 1 deployment cost Alfonse with a red bond?) - Are those cards are counted as face down bonds? Is that possible to use them for skills? --For Ryoma: Master Swordsman of Hoshido, skill "White Light Army [ ] Each time this unit or an other ally is deployed, if you pay the cost and if you do: Until the end of the turn, all allies gain +10 attack." is this skill is usable just one time? Or as long as I deploy another unit, all allies gain +x for each allies I deployed if I flip needed number of bond (for example, if I deployed 2 allies, if I face down 4 bond cards, do all allies will gain +20)?-Then for Ryoma: Prince Born of White Dragon Blood second skill: Resonance of Dragon’s Blood This unit acquires all possessed by other allies. However, he may only have 1 skill among those with shared skill names. Does that mean, he can only have one more DB skill, (for example Takumi's one who does non MC characters can't evade his attack) and no other DB skills? Thank you by advance.
  2. +1 laCruel fast shipment, and good transaction! 😄
  3. Thank you for respond me, i'll sure ask other questions soon, as long as I'm trying to build decks 😄 Thanks again!
  4. Hello, I have some questions about some Alm's skills First, for Alm: Prince of Rigel 1st skill" Heir to Strength When you deploy another ally, until the end of the turn, this unit gains +10 attack. I would like to know if by "this unit" they mean Alm or the deployed unit? Also for skills who need to tap an ally and then this action grants +10 to "this unit"(as it's said for example on Alm's Ambitious Youth), they also mean Alm by "this unit" I guess? Also is Alm : Hero of Prophecy 2nd skill: Brand of Destiny When your Main Character's attack destroys an enemy, you may choose 1 card with a Deployment Cost of 5 or lower from your hand and deploy it. function if this Alm is the MC? Also is it possible to class change a red card into a grey Card (for example is it possible to class change Celica: Sofian Warrior Priestess ( a red Card) into Celica: Determined to save the world (a grey card)? Those are basics questions but I prefer ask as long as I'm not sure of the answer. Thank you by advance!
  5. Hello, I'm looking to buy these following cards for a reasonnable price to complete my B09 and B10 sets. I'm ready to buy international if needed (with PayPal for payement), also willing to trade in EU only. Want list (B09 and P09 set) Set 10 want list: Have List: (For trade or sale in EU only): Feel free to PM me if you're interested by something. Thank you for reading!
  6. Hello, I'm looking for these cards, for a reasonnable price to complete my Set 9. I'm ready to buy from internationnal, if needed. All of the cards are list by order of priority, here they are: High priority: -B09-056 SR Tiena -B09-085 Ena -P09-09 PR Anna/ P09-09 PRr Anna ( one of those two) -P09-010 PR Alm -P09-011 PR Celica Low priority: -B09-034 N+X Delthea -B09-054 N+X Roy Thank you for reading!
  7. Hello, I'm looking to sell some of my B09 Rare cards and P09 cards. Because I'm in France, I can only ship in EU. Shipping cost is 0,88€ for France, 1,30€ for EU (no tracking), 4,50€ (tracking). For payment, I prefer use PayPal. List of the cards I'm selling: Rare Cards: B09-029R- Saber B09-058R- Lilina B09-062R- Kilmar B09-078R- Lethe B09-090R- Caineghis B09-091R- Ike Promo Cards: P09-007 Jemmie P09-008 Mist x2 Feel free to PM me if you're interested by something. Thank you for reading!
  8. Hello, I have some questions about rules and other things. -Is a Critical Hit can be evaded? Also, is a Critical Hit can counter an evade? If my unit is evading, is my opponent's unit can do a Critical Hit? -Also, is a flipped bond can still be tapped for deploy units? When a Bond was flipped for a skill, at the next turn, can I still tap it for deploy unit? -About this Skill, and each of this "type" of skills: For example, Sakura Priestess of Love skill permite her Once per turn, by flip 2 bonds, to add a card from the Retreat Area to the hand, if a Hoshido unit was destroyed by the ennemy. But, there is a cost for activate this Skill (Flip 2 bonds), do I have to activate this Skill when it's my turn, before a Hoshido unit is destroyed, or can I flip the 2 Bonds after the unit was destroyed, even if it's not my turn? -Is a Colorless card can be deployed with a Colorless Bond card? -Then, about skills that need to reveal a card from my hand (like Conrad, Prince of Zofia, his skill require to reveal a "Celica" card from my hand for him to gain +10). After the card was revealed, do I leave this card in my hand, or did I have to discard the card? Sorry if it's not clear. Thanks by advance.
  9. Hello, thanks for responding my previous question :D I just have another quetsion about skills, when can they be activated? If I want to use Conrad: White Guardian Knight first's skill: Knight's Silvery Shadow If you have 1 or fewer Orbs, this card's Deployment and Class Change Costs becomes 1, do I have to deploy him before? Or is that skill is activated as long as I got him on my hand and that I have at least less than 1 Orb? Thanks by advance.
  10. Hello, I have a question about Mathilda: Legendary Knightess's skill's : Goddess of the Battlefield When this unit is untapped, until the end of this turn, this unit gains +10 attack. If she is untapped, and then tapped for attacking, is the +10 will still count? Or is this one is "lost" when she is tapped? Also, if her second skill, Indomitable Knight When this unit is tapped by a skill's effect or by the cost of a skill, untap this unit, is activated but that she previously gain +10 due to her first skill, will she again gain +10 attack in addition to the first +10 she gain? (Will she be at +20 ?) Thanks in advance.
  11. Thank you for your quick response, it's now really more clearer to me about Zeke's and Shigure's skills :D.
  12. Hello, I have a question regarding Shigure: End of the Ideal Path's skill's, and Zeke, Rigel's Sable Knight's one: Forbidden Lyric Choose 1 non-Main Character enemy, and destroy them. Then, destroy this unit. Treasured Memory Other than this unit, if you have 1 or more of each and allies, this unit cannot be destroyed by the cost or effect of a skill. -Does that mean that if I activate Forbidden Lyric, and that I have 1 and as allies, Shigure isn't destroyed? - Also can a card activate two skills in one turn? Can I activate, for example, Shigure skill's Lost in the Waves [ ] Reveal the top card of your deck. Choose any number of allies with the same Symbol as that card as you wish, and move them, and Forbidden Lyric Choose 1 non-Main Character enemy, and destroy them. Then, destroy this unit, both at the same turn? -For Zeke, Rigel's Sable Knight's 1st skill: Regalia: Gradivus [Discard a card] Until the end of this turn, the Deployment Cost of all enemies becomes 1, and this unit's range becomes 1-2. -First, are discard and destroy are the same? Is discard is only used to say that you have to discard one card from your hand and does destroy is used for say that you have to discard a card from you Front/Back line? In the case of Zeke, it meant that I have to discard a card from my hand isn't it? -Second, for the effect "the Deployment Cost of all enemies becomes 1" Is that affect card's power? For example, is the 4 Deployment Cost (Corrin (Male): Prince who chooses the future) with 70 of power, will be like a 1 Deployment Cost Corrin (Male): Crown Prince of Hoshido, with 20 of power until the end of the turn? Is the Class Change Corrin will be consider as a 1 Deployment Cost Corrin, about his skills and power? Sorry, if it's not clear and also if one of those questions has been asked before. Thanks for read my post!
  13. Okay thanks, I think I understand what you mean. Thanks again a lot for respond to each of my questions!
  14. Thanks for explain me this! I think this Silque's skill don't function if my opponent use a skill that grants +20? This will destroy my Silque isn't it? Ah? But for Berkut's skill (Kriemhild [Destroy another untapped ally] Until the end of your opponent's next turn, this unit gains +10 attack and this unit's range becomes 1-3. ) I have to destroy an untaped ally,as it's said, if I want this skill to function...
  15. Thanks a lot again for respond me! I now well understand those things! I'm trying to do decks, and sometimes skills are hard to understand, thanks for respond me! Also there are still things I don't understand that I saw on some skills like: -Silque's skill Absolve This unit cannot be destroyed by a skill's cost or effect. What is meant by "skill's cost or effect?" -And also, when my units attack one of my ally, I don't had to put a card on the support area for those units? If, for example, my Tobin attack my ally Gray, I don't have to use supports for them? Well, I think that's all for the moment, thank you again :D!
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