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  1. Good evening everyone! It has been a while since I last visited the forumsπŸ˜… Anyway, here are some new custom characters portraits for the gallery: Remy Class: CommonerA merchant's child who often visits the Garreg-Mach monastery when his parents have business there.He is the Gatekeeper biggest fan (Who doesn't love him?) Holst Goneril Class: General The head of House Goneril, and Hilda's older brother. He loves fashion. It seems that many 3H players want to see what he actually looks like... Aldith Class: MyrmidonA young mercenary from the Kingdom. She fights to support an orphanage. Loves to gamble. Faline Class: SwordmasterA highly-skilled Kunoichi from the Kingdom. Swift and agile as a cat. A decisive woman who also is thoughtful of her comrades. (Just noticed after uploading that the bottom part of the ear has a color that doesn't match, I'll fix it later) So this is it, 4 new portraits in the gallery πŸ™‚ Feel free to give critique, as always ! Here are 2 bonuses: The first one is an early stage of Faline's portrait. As you can see I used Ferdinand's hair on Petra's portrait... Using a true noble's hair is sufficient to make anyone look even more noble, this is now proven πŸ˜› I found the mix kinda cool so I saved it^^ The second was supposed to be a female thief but I couldn't find something satisfying enough to finish her hairstyle so I gave-up for now.
  2. This could be a good idea! Are there some dialogue lines in Three Houses (story, supports) where we learn what kind of person she was? I'll definitly give it a try for the next ones πŸ™‚
  3. I don't know if this is the appropriate section for this since they are portraits and not "sprites"... still I used the same process as for creating GBA/DS style portraits (i.e using parts from different existing portraits to make new ones) so I guess it's not really different...Moderators are free to move the topic to a more appropriate section if there is one. Anyway...here is my first attempt to create some custom portraits. Some look better than others, there are a few odd details or color here and there if you look closely...please feel free to comment and give critique. Young Alois Class: Fighter A young squire who served Jeralt when he was still a Knight Captain. (Sorry I just noticed the eyes color isn't right.) Margery Class: Priest A young lady who recently started to work at the Garreg-Mach monastery. Always ready to help others, unfortunately quite clumsy... June Class: Swordmaster A young Lady from the Kingdom. Loves to travel accross the continent to hone her sword skills. Fleur Class: Pegasus Knight A Pegasus Knight in training. Cool and detached. Artus Class: Dark Mage Wait...that guy looks way too young and cheerful to be a Dark Mage, right?? Guillaume the Gentilhomme Class: Sniper Stories abound about that mysterious man. Some say he came from a faraway continent, other say he was once a thieft converted to the teaching of Seiros, now trveling the land and helping the oppressed. However, all agree to say that he always acts very...noble. Edelys Class: Wyvern Rider A noble from the faraway land of Medon. Came to Fodlan as part of the study-eschange program. May look cold at first, but actually friendly, modest and polite to a fault. I'm working on some other portraits but I'm running out of ideas.. If there are any kind of character you want to see (Alois with Edelgard hair, etc.) feel free to suggest on here or by private message. Once again, feel free to comment and give critique!
  4. I just finished chapter 18 and my current professor level is A, but some parts of the monastery don't seem to be unlockable yet. That large grey area right of the Knights' Hall, as well as a large batiment next to the Training grounds, won't let me go through. Do you need to get a S professor level, to achieve particular quests, or to beat the game once with certain conditions to unlock these areas? Also, look at that guard playing with the dog while YOU can't πŸ˜…
  5. I won't go too much into details in case some people haven't reached that part in the pre-timeskip yet, but I liked the fact that Byleth tried to use the divine pulse during a cinematic. We all know video games in which tragic events happens at some point in the story, and the characters could use their special items/abilities to save someone, go back through time etc. and fix the whole situation but they don't, while it's unlimited when the player is in control. (eg: Phoenix downs in the Final Fantasy series...). Well, the result was what it was, but at least we can't complain and say "He has that power, so why didn't he try to use it?"
  6. Thanks for the answer! That's what I thought... I finally appointed her as an adjudant for now so that she can gain some xp without making me waste too much on her.
  7. Missed targets, only 1 to 3 stats up when leveling up...my Felix was so bad in the early game that I ended up not using him a lot. I'm proud of my Ingrid who has amazing growth and can surprisingly crit. hit quite often. Maybe it's just luck, but still. Also my recruited Raphael who can take Giant Birds by himself with a wooden training weapon😁 Toe to toe with Dedue, too bad his resistance sucks.
  8. I started my first game with the Blue Lions but tried to recruit some characters I like from the other houses. I'm in the middle of chapter 7 and recruited 4 characters from the Golden Deers so far (actually quite easy if you invite students to meals/missions/tea or give them mountains of gifts from the new merchants, one of the characters even asked to join my house by herself after reaching a B rank support with the protagonist. Is polishing your skills really that important for recruiting?). And then, I recruited Hilda last chapter. As I like her to be in my team but do not plan to use her a lot, I wanted to have her focus on Faith to create a Serra lookalike see how far she can grow in a field she is weak at. I reclassed her to her Noble class, which is supposed to be able to use some magic, however she does not have any tome attached, and I can't either have her take the monk exam since her magic abilities are inexistant. So I was wondering if there was any way to teach her Faith beside the weekly instructing ? I have plans for my other characters as well so I don't want to waste lessons on her, and the only other Faith users in my team are Mercedes who already is a Bishop (A rank) and Flayn (who is an absolute weakling at this point), so seminaries would be an even bigger waste...I somehow got a healing staff in a paralogue, but you cannot get or buy magic tomes in 3H right? Also, I spotted Anna during one of Ashe's support conversation πŸ˜‰
  9. Good morning/evening to all of you! I've been visiting the Serenes Forest website for a decade, though never signed up to the forums. I'm a 25yo Fire Emblem fan from Europe, living in Japan (Which by the way means that on the 26th at 0:00 I can start playing Three houses some hours earlier than the rest of the world πŸ˜€) I got into the FE series when I was 12, with Sacred Stones. I played about half of the FE games (All GBA titles, Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn, New mystery of the Emblem and Echoes that I both liked a lot.) I never played Awakening (Not a fan of the graphics and character's armors design) but I played Fates:Birthright and it was OK, though I don't consider it like a real FE...it looks more like a rip-off to me. Blazing Sword is my favorite game, I played it countless times and I must say it hasn't aged! I'm really excited for Three Houses too! My first play will be with the Blue Lions but I'll try to recruit Petra, Raphael and Leonie into my house. I'd like to recruit Marianne too but if she requests a high level in magic it might be challenging. We shall see... My English is not perfect, and I'm not sure I will be really active on the forums, but I'm pleased to meet you all. And yes, my avatar is DImitri with Masamune Date's helmet :P
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