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  1. Yeah, look I kind of understand that you think people were making a big deal about this before, but there was nothing wrong with wanting some more diversity. Regardless of how it all turned out in the end. Granted what happened now is so much more upsetting in my eyes and just sucks so much seeing how incredibly slow IS and other Japanese companies seem to be at including diversity in their games. Yes it is their game and they can make it how they want, I just hate how they suddenly decided to change what S supports mean now and just made the whole thing a confusing mess, getting my hopes up for nothing.
  2. Alright wow this is just super disappointing, and the fact that Linhardt's dialogue doesn't change between genders is even more of a slap in the face, and shows how much this doesn't matter to IS. I really thought that Niles and Leon were the first step towards introducing even more inclusion into the games but it seems Three Houses won't change a thing. I guess it makes sense that they're just platonic, I was very surprised they were options in the first place and thought it was a very original move on the part of IS, boy was I wrong on that one. I'll still love this game like I do all FE games, it just sucks that it feels like we're moving backwards instead of forwards will all of this subtext crap again.
  3. Pretty sure I read somewhere that Byleth is about 20 years old. It makes sense considering how he/she looks, plus it lessens the creep factor from romancing the students when they are very close in age.
  4. So I made an account just so I could chime in on the topic here. Honestly, I feel like the options we were given for M/M are quite original when compared to what I've seen from other games so far. Even though Linhardt fits the stereotypical feminine gay option that a lot of games have, I think choosing Alois and Gilbert to be the other 2 options is quite strange, I can't help but feel like this choice was deliberate on the part of IS, I think they have a story to tell here with both of these characters and I'm very curious to see how these options come about and whether they work or not. The reasons I say that is that there is no way they looked at the age disparity between Byleth and them and thought that it made sense to choose them as options unless they have something in mind. I do have a bit of bias here seeing as I think Alois is very handsome and will be who I romance my first go around. I still feel like there's something pleasantly new about some of the options we're being given.
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