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  1. I got to +10 Rath within 30 minutes of the banner dropping. I started playing Heroes because I thought he was in the game already (turned out to be theory-craft). It's been surreal, as the announcement was on the eve of my anniversary of playing FEH. Disappointed he didn't come with Rienfleche and that he's green, but honestly I'm just happy he's in the game. Slowly, but surely, he will be my one unit that somehow has all available skills on him. Is it wise? No. Is it wasteful of prime fodder? Yes. But dammit, I will go all out for my favourite character, otherwise, what is this all for? Really wanted Farina on this banner, and I don't understand why Fiora got in instead (bearing in mind she already has a summer alt), but she's definitely gotta be in the next one. Leila... I know she's popular, though if I'm being honest, I don't fully understand why. Either way, I'm just salty she got the stats and skills.
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