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  1. So your rebuttal is that none of the things we learn in game can be ascertained as true. Considering the fact that that apparently includes Patricia's culpability for the tragedy, a testimony that was corroborated by another character confessing his own culpability, that immediately makes it clear you are not to be taken seriously
  2. Consider the angle that Patricia was forced into marrying Lambert. What basis do you have for this claim? The story about Patricia's academy student life lover is told by Edelgard, and the man in question is quite explicitly Ionius. Coupled with the fact that, after learning of her culpability in the Tragedy, Dimitri remarks that his memories of his mother were not as warm as he had deluded himself into believing, the most likely explanation is that she loved Ionius and Edelgard and resented Lambert for keeping her away from them.
  3. If the developers don't put any important information in those monastery conversations then suddenly they're a lot less interesting I'm not gonna say Crimson Flower was perfect, because it clearly had chapters cannibalized by the "need" to create a coward's route, but this conversation has clarified to me why people are so critical of it while they sing such praises for Dimitri's character arc in AM so I guess that was worth doing
  4. I really don't think it's that much of an ask to try to see all of the dialogue. Hell, there was plenty of dialogue in prior FE games that you had to completely go out of your way to find too - a proper culmination to the Lyn/Bandits storyline requires you to get her to an A support with Wallace of all people. And that was a game where you could only get one A support per campaign.
  5. Friendly reminder that Seteth burns books that are inconvenient for the Central Church's politics and version of history. How many smaller acts of rebellion have simply been washed away from history before we got to the point that people decided assassination is the only option?
  6. If you only played the main plot and skipped the paralogues then yeah, you missed a ton of important information. Did you really not play the Hubert paralogue? And yeah you... really need to talk to people in the monastery to know everything that's going on. At least talk to the original house members. Do people play JRPG's with exploration mechanics and not talk to everyone? Wait a minute. Is this why people think Dimitri is all hunky dory after he "gets better" in Azure Moon? Did none of you talk to Dedue???
  7. AM being bad is an unpopular opinion I have. I wouldn't be surprised if you like it, given that you seem to have just completely missed some story details of CF that are crucial to its themes. Yes, the Slitherers are responsible for experimenting on the Hresvelgs. The Slitherers provided support for the Insurrection, bodysnatched Arundel (with the caveat that he appears to have been a willing supporter of the rebellion prior to being bodysnatched, though that's not quite clear) and installed Aegir as a puppet with the specific purpose of leaving Ionius powerless to stop them from experimenting on his children. Edelgard did not want to work with them for all these reasons and more, and had to be convinced it was the only way by Hubert. Without the initial support of the Slitherers it would be impossible for Edelgard to remove Aegir and secure her own authority. It's a tenuous alliance, with Edelgard's faction absolutely disgusted with the existence of the Slitherers and the Slitherers seeing Edelgard as an amusing puppet that they will be able to corral eventually. This balance is most clearly seen when the Black Eagles go behind Thales's back to kill Cordelia and Thales responds by nuking the city and a large portion of the imperial army.
  8. We can't say for sure, though it wouldn't surprise me if they did. We do know that the kidnappings around Garreg Mach had been going on for quite some time prior to Flayn's kidnapping, and the Slitherers must have used those people for something because they aren't around anymore. Three Houses isn't a game that's inclined to dump information on you that nobody you're in contact with would know or want to tell you (other than that one guy in AM that shows up just to tell Dimitri information he didn't earn, but hey, AM is a bad route). Maybe we'll find out more details when Jeritza gets added to the roster, but I find it unlikely that the Slitherers were just sitting around with their thumbs up their butts before experimenting on the Ordelias and Hresvelgs.
  9. Canonizing Dimitri's route would be the worst way to go, honestly. They'd have to have him address the Slitherers, and as was made very clear in Azure Moon multiple times he did not earn the truth.
  10. For clarity, that wasn't intended to be an unpopular opinion, just a response to the existing conversation at the time. They didn't. They experimented on Lysithea's family first.
  11. Excuse me for not taking an out of context quote as unilateral fact. The bombing of Arianrhod is the one point in the story where Hubert is genuinely horrified, they were not expecting that response.
  12. Unfortunately the game expects you to like him, and thus he must be judged by that metric. The worst part about him is how all of the women come around to him being not so bad despite his behavior barely if at all changing. If he was an antagonist you got to stab that would be a different story. Adrestia has poor relations with the church. Think about Rhea's behavior to anyone who isn't constantly kissing her feet and you won't be surprised that she doesn't care about what's happening in Adrestia.
  13. He really doesn't. It's like, grow up dude, we all have crest drama, and you're the only one who decided it meant it's okay to be a terrible person
  14. Seth. Not because Seth isn't overpowered, but because FE8 is so easy that if you're using Seth over any other character in the roster then I don't respect you
  15. They somehow managed to combine every bad lesbian trope into one character with Soleil. Conquest would be a better game if it had no characters and your units were nameless pips on a board and that's why Fates is the worst Fire Emblem game
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