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  1. tbh it's beatable the first time you encounter it, even without relying on major luck you have to whittle him down with gambits first, and then finish him off with something strong like the lance combat art that deals bonus dmg against cavalry I did it in Hard Classic (blue lions), did some gambits then rallied Dimitri's str and killed him do keep in mind that he aggroes only when you attack him directly, you can still dammage it through AoE gambits that do not target him but nearby enemies if you fail to do enough dmg with gambits alone you can try your luck and attack him from the evasion tiles, he usually has 55% hitrate when counterattacking while you're standing there, meaning you have like 70% chances of surviving if he takes 2 hits to kill your unit 25 turns are A LOT, you really are not pressured in that map also you can buy a battallion which gambit gives +5 movement to allies in a wide area, you can easily close in on the death knight and kill him 1-2 turns before the reinforcements
  2. is this confirmed? there's tons of weapons with double digit weight here, this would make everyones effective speed super slow... also the weight taken into account is just that of your current equipped weapon or is it the total weight of all your equipments in your inventory?
  3. I'm aware that growth rates are out (they have their own topic here aswell), they are more relevant for a standard playthrough too but here I just wanted to discuss some possible endgame minmaxing, where growth rates are irrelevant cause you'll probably have all stats maxed out already, thus shifting the importance on the pure bases I'm aware that this does not show the whole picture tho, in fact I'll probably add personal skills and crests to make a more comprehensive chart
  4. I made a chart of all characters base stats I took the averages of all characters stats and used that as a baseline. The numbers basically just mean how much better or worse the character is compared to every other. Observations: the average scorse for each house is as follows: BE: -0.75 BL: +1.5 GD: +0.125 Others: -2.44 feels good knowing I'm gonna pick the best house :^) updated image:
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