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  1. I guess Ingrid is really one of those units where RNG really breaks or makes her. in (all of) my playthrough(s), she has always been in the top4 best units of my BL teams (behind Dimitri and Byleth obviously) I also advise against making her a wyvern simple because it's so much easier and takes so little effort making her a falcon knight, which has basically comparable performances to wyvern lord btw, maddening mode is not actually that hard (especially blue lions), I suggest you play with what you actually like. if everything goes wrong you can just fall back onto Dimitri, who can easily solo the game by himself with the already mentioned battallion wrath + battallion vantage combo if you really want some pointers: if you want to use Ashe I recommend wyvern (how novel I know), he has easy access to that class and having a flying thief is -extremely- comfy, also in wyvern he can realistically kill enemies and not just chip them. he obviously needs some babbying early on tho (imho he's not that good if you make him a cav archer, his dmg is really lacking there) Dedue is also a very comfy unit, he's like the only unit in the game who can actually tank hits in maddening (excluding evasion tank builds on other characters, who are also usually better), extremely useful early on, post timeskip he stops being as useful (you cannot use him in the early timeskip chapters and the later chapters are full of mages), but it's still useable you could use Seteth over Hilda as a wyvern since he takes way less work to get (don't have to recruit him, comes already in wyvern with good ranks and easy promotion to wyvern lord, has swift strikes, has authority for good flying battallions, iirc has more supports with BL units so more linked attacks and gambit boosts opportunities etc) weapon crit+ are pretty underwhelming, especially considering the effort you need to put in to get them, I'd consider them only on Dimitri (100% crit builds), brawlers (they get more valoue out of it due to multiple hits) and snipers (hunters volley) swift strikes users usually ORKO units even without crits if you feel you lack archers (if you make Ashe a wyvern for example), you could consider making Felix one (he's pretty good as one)
  2. Dunno about you but most of my non mage units usually carry: - a light weapon (training/iron, might be silver late game) - combat art weapon (aka steel or another silver) - a ranged option (bows or javelins/etc) - a utility weapon (brave, horse/armorslayers/etc) - a weapon of some other type in order not to get fucked by -breaker skills (most units should wield multiple weapon types, be it because you need lance ranks for most classes or any other reason) also, in mid+late game vulneraries and concotions are mostly a waste of an item slot (they heal very little + you should have healers with physics) and if you need them just give them to the mages so you can trade them around if need be soooo, wtf? speed is a non issue for mages, they will not be doubling anything but armors anyway (on maddening atleast), same goes for getting doubled, it usually won't matter a bit dismounted cavalry still has 6 mov, which is waaaay better than the 4 mov for male mages, and do not suffer from cavalry terrain penalty. also your last point is very disingenuous. holy knight are a shit class because there are no good faith spells with decent ammount of uses, not because mounts are inherently bad. in fact, dark knight is a great mage class.
  3. Dorothea won't be outdamaging Lorenz even with Agnea's Arrow, they would be around the same power. The difference being that Dorothea learns that spell at A+, which is way to late (assuming you are not putting all your tutoring on Dorothea's reasoning skills, you should get it around mid timeskip iirc). Lorenz starts nuking immediatly since he learns powerful spells super early (ragnarok at B). Also, by the time other mages start getting the jump on him in term of spell damage, he should be in Dark Knight and using Frozen Lance + canto (Frozen Lance is stronger than any spell). Only Hubert should realistically be able to outdamage him at this point with the same setup (and I guess Marianne could do it too with a mounted masterclass, but she's usually a little to squishy and should be doing other things like healing or dancing). Hanneman getting hit+20 sounds impractical tbh, and I was actually referring to the accuracy he grants with linked attacks, not his own, he sould not have accuracy issues tbh asides from these things, I don't really disagree with the rest of your post. extra: Poison Strike and Lifetaker are super underwhelming skills, not really worth going for them (though, what are you doing in your game if you don't kill the Death Knight on every his appearence?!?!?)
  4. lol, you're right, I completely forgot about Hanneman still, Hanneman lacks Lorenz's bulk (his main nieche) and ability to support with most of the cast (for linked attacks), so I guess they are roughly on par in terms of overall utility (meteor at A+ is not really a big factor imho since you either have 4mov (bleargh) and 2 meteors or 7mov and 1 meteor (meh), also A+ means that it will only be relevant in the lategame) in case you missed it, I posted numbers that show that Lorenz outdamages most mages for most of the early+mid game, and he easily outdamages Dorothea, Annette and Marianne (also, Frozen Lance is a thing)
  5. Lorenz talk: tl;dr: Lorenz is an Ok unit (especially in-house, I personally would not train him outside of golden deer since you either lose him for some chapters or are already over saturated with magical units), and one of the best dammage dealing mages out there (I'd argue top 3 in the game, behind Hubert and about tied with Lysithea) (he lacks utility tough) and the only mage that can be used aggressively on the frontlines. I discuss this further in other posts, were you so interested to check them out. Dark Mage / Dark Bishop are both pretty shit classes though. especially Dark Mage, poison strike utility is pretty bad, with mages you already either one round or nearly kill every enemy, only instance of poison strike being somewhat relevant would be against demonic beasts.
  6. I'm pretty sure that you get extra skill points if you have a strength there not that it matters since group task give very little exp anyway, they are better used to build supports rather than actually levelling skills
  7. I don't know if I understood the first question right but Hubert for example has riding at neutral but dislikes stable duty, on the top of my head I don't really remember but I think a lot of characters are like this. group task are mostly based on the unit's personality regarding the second question, I cannot give you any certainty but I believe that yes, the crest can still activate, as I seem to recall one time where Dimitri fucked up a lance by activating his crest. do not quote me on this though, might be just my hazy memory.
  8. this topic honestly makes me wonder if we're all playing the same game especially when talking like accuracy ring is an opportunity cost or that farming arena is unreliable lol early game you SHOULD spam arena whenever possible since it gives you the most professor exp (and arena is still piss easy in maddening) once you hit like chapter 10 you should be at professor level A/A+, at which point you have way more points than you actually need and you can start focusing on tutoring Byleth if you so desire, or still do arena for money. best use for leftover activity points would probably be tea time for extra charm but as I absolutely HATE tea time I never do it outside of birthdays PS: Ferdinand is easily the best BE combat unit, finished a few weeks ago a NG (no online/DLC) maddening BE no recruits run (besides Lysithea for her supports with Edelgard and Mercedes+Jeritza so I could complete their supports aswell without having to play the game another time, the core students always got deployed) and he literally carried my team, got him to brigand and not cavalier (tho iirc he did lv 18-19 while in cavalier since I needed extra mov in some chapters), then wyvern, he almost always hogged one knowledge gem to himself in order to level up his flying ranks (so he only used the evasion ring in the late game once he learned alert stance+)
  9. it's actually quite easy, especially so if you grind aux battles or cheese armored units with broken weapons (you could even master 3-4 intermediate classes with this kind of grinding) if you want to do it with very minor or no grinding try not to make your units too strong in order to maximize combat turns vs enemies and be sure to grab the knowledge gem asap (that's kinda what I did in my NG maddening CF playthough, my Petra was able to get darting and death blow easily while my Hubert struggled to get fiendish blow before lv20 due to him nuking enemies and not having an enemy phase)
  10. fistful of fishes event is on month 8 and month 12 assuming you got the month mixed up with che chapter, it's still not possible by chapter 6. Earliest that's humanly possible is I believe by chapter 9. Even assuming you savescummed for EVERY bait in the fishing tournament, the most prof exp you can get is 1000 points (50 baits x 20 exp per fish, since you can only catch light blue ones for points in that event) (and this is already highly unrealistic) 1000 points are not NEARLY enough to get to A+ by chapter 6 lol
  11. I was arguing about Lorenz in the midgame in the first place (tho admittedly I have not made it very clear). but anyway, once hit lv30 he gain access to Dark Knight and Black Tomefaire, while the others will probably transition to Gremory, meaning he will still have comparatively good/better offense. it's hard to compare him to Hubert because he's a CF exclusive, and you probably won't be levelling Lorenz outside of the Golden Deer, though yes as a pure offensive mage he will be probably better (when he hits) the jump from A to A+ is quite significant, considering Dorothea will most likely be splitting some attention to Faith magic in order to become a Gremory I don't see how she should have Agnea's Arrow at around lv20-25, and even then, she would not outdmg Lorenz also, early game Lorenz is using Tempest Lance and Frozen Lance to do dmg (tho yes, he has to be babbied a little) anyway, I think I made my points plenty clear already, I'm not here to argue that Lorenz is a secret top tier, I was just answering PPPPPPP270 on why Lorenz is not actually bad.
  12. As I did not want to spread bullshit, I did some calculations first of all, here are the stats of the various students who will likely want to be mages at various different levels (assuming 1-5 commoner/noble, 5-10 monk, 10-20 mage): (I ignored the 5% charm growth as a noble that commoners don't get in order to make the calcs easier on me, should not make any difference anyway) and here are some practical numbers: (I already added the 2 extra dmg from Lorenz's personal skill in the image) (dmg is just mag+spell mt+bonuses from personal skills) as you can see, I was not wrong in my earlier post. Under level 20 only Lysithea can do more dmg than him, and past level 20 he still is in the top3 of most damaging mages. All of this while being more accurate than both Lysithea and Hubert, his only 2 real competitors. If you included Frozen Lance (which you should be using) in the calcs, he would look even better, even moreso at earlier levels. As far as speed goes, they all basically have the same AS. Damage on weaker spells is not really important, if they double (aka: against armored units) they kill even if weak, if they don't kill, they deal similar chip dmg. Yes, he lacks utility, but as a pure damage dealer mage there hardly are better options, also, compared to the other mages, Lorenz has some semblance of bulk, meaning he can actually be used even on enemy phase if the situation calls for it, adding some bit of flexibility in your strategies.
  13. if she'd have 35 mag at level 40, at level 35 she should have 2-3 points less on average, that's what he meant, and that even with 32-33 mag she can still kill some stuff
  14. Dedue's tanking abilities are still rock solid in the endgame, he still takes like 0 dmg from assassins and most other enemy types, he even manages to survive 1-2 berserk rounds (his worst non mage matchup) (this is assuming you're using him in an armored class) (and yes, I'm talking NG maddening) If only BL endgame was not so chock full of mages Dedue would still be amazing there Lorenz might have lower magic bases than other mages, but he easily makes up for it by having: - a personal skill which gives free +2 extra dmg - super high power spells (learns ragnarok early at B reason and sagittae at C) (and between this 2 points here he already outdamages most mages barring maybe Lysithea, while still being accurate to boot) - the easiest path to dark knight of all mages - he also has his crest which occasionally boosts his firepower too (not really a huge help since it's hard to plan on randomness but it's still there)
  15. I don't get why you completely ignored the rest of my post but: if you're using gremory Dorothea that means you're actually attacking sometimes, which means not having meteor equipped thus no accuracy bonuses (yes, you can work around this because you don't always need the extra bonuses), as a dancer, this is basically never the case. (would be a non problem if you could trade magic equips like you could with weapon but alas) Meteor will not be one hit koing enemies on maddening, you're going to use it mostly to chip away scary enemies or finish off enemies safely. both thing can be accomplished by dancing in her case, with basically the same degree of success. Having dancer's 6 move vs gremory's 5 move means you're also extending your linked bonus range, getting more utility out of it. and no, I don't think I'm doing something wrong if on some maps there are some turns where your dancer can't do a useful dance. your team should be composed by lots of mounted units, it's not uncommon that you should spread out your army to seize objectives quickly (the term objective is used loosely here, can mean killing some siege user, grabbing some chests, stop someone from escaping etc). a dancer simply can't keep up at all times if you're not playing to conservatively. physic access also gives you more flexibility in what strategies you can do, besides giving you an useful action while dancing would be impossible or impractical. she's not going to be your healer anyway so you're not robbing your team of an useful physic user either. that aside, I do agree with your reasonings of using your weaker units to be dancers (even tho I might not necessarily 100% agree with your actual picks), though I feel like you're overstating the importance of chapter13 btw, my arguments are based on some kind of "standard" efficient play, not LTC in a LTC setting I could see your arguments being more valid overall
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