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  1. I think you quoted the wrong guy, I never implied that. to all who ask: wtf why was he a noble?!? my guess would be: his little brother is little
  2. at that point you won't be able to salvage him, growths matter only when you have lots of level ups to do, at level 41 I doubt you'll have lots of level ups to do but at least by making him an assassin you'll get the modifiers, which gives 5 extra point in speed compared to noble.
  3. 😐 everything has a problem if you are not smart and don't adress it in any way you can then. (gambits are bad they have terrible accuracy and I don't consider linked attacks a solution because I have to get out of my way to position my units!!!!!!!!!!!) a training axe+ has 6mt, 80acc, 4wt and 65 uses iron sword+ has 6mt, 100acc, 5wt and 45 uses iron lance+ has 7mt, 90acc, 6wt, 35 uses why would you not consider this a valid solution??? also iron axe+ has just 1 extra wt over the iron lance+ training axe+ wt will be offset by most good physical unit str even in the midgame my personal opinion is that swords are actually useful early game since they often times are the only option that will not get you doubled, but fall off in the later chapters, mostly because they have bad endgame classes a physical weapon tierlist imo would be: bows>lances>swords>axes in the early game and bows>lances>axes>swords in the lategame (I rate lances that high mostly because of tempest lance and swift strikes, that and the fact that most endgame classes need lance ranks anyway) yes I forgot guantlets
  4. you'd be right thinking this to be a stupid idea for anything serious this though is something mostly done for fun and for a challange. and there's nothing wrong with that
  5. iirc he was either sniper or bow knight, don't really remember btw I do agree with the overall point that ashe is among the bottom half of the cast in terms of "strength" and probably even utility, but a thing I like about FE in general is that even a shitty unit with some luck can be decent (level up rng, the inverse can be true too), this adds to the repleyability because the -actual- usefulness of a unit is something that can only be estimated while playing -in the moment- using my friend's Ashe as an example again, seeing as his Ashe probably got great level ups in his early game, should he have benched him because "there are better options"? the answer is: probably not. you update your unit evaluation with the new information you've got, a RNG blessed Ashe can be way better than some actual "stronger" units Fire Emblem as a whole is a game where you adapt to the circumstances the RNG throws at you, both in battle and out of battle while planning, if a shitty character gets blessed you use him, if a strong character gets cursed you can bench him Using better units means minimizing the possible effects of bad RNG, not erasing it from the game (still, if you wanted to play optimally you should minimize bad RNG obviously)
  6. Ashe might not be "good", but he is one of the comfiest units to use for lazies like me. Flying lockpick is amazing, and you don't need to clutter your inventory with keys meaning you're free to have access to all the weapons you need without compromises. If you were to collect all chests in the story chapters (no paralogues counted) you'd save around 6300 gold in keys not bought. Money kinda loses its value in the late game since you'll be swimming in it but 6k+ (more if you include paralogues) is quite a decent sum Also, for one (very) casual friend of mine, Ashe was his MVP for most chapters (NG hard mode Azure Moon, no dlc/online) (including the final one where he soloed the map basically. I could not believe my eyes when I saw him do that, extreme luck with crits and dodges) not every unit needs to one round every enemy to be decent
  7. He's talking about hunter's volley, which hits twice, which means 2 chances to crit
  8. this is the first time I've seen an admin shitpost more than a regular user in a thread, are you not supposed to provide a positive example to the userbase?
  9. those are automatic recruits iirc, the 3 I mentioned can be missed ty
  10. I appreciate you trying to help, sadly I don't need a height chart of sorts but just images of their 3d models standing. Thank you anyway
  11. Thank you all for your inputs, in the end I think I'll do a maddening Silver Snow minimal monastery run (enough to recruit Manuela, Hanneman and Shamir, no other recruits aside from them)
  12. Sorry for the unusual request but I'm trying to find good quality pics of Three Houses characters in a standing pose (preferably their idle pose, and from an as much as an orthographic angle as possible) kind of like in this picture here but in at least 3-4 times the resolution lol. Don't need to be all character together like this picture, a pic for each character would be best, actually. Thank you in advance.
  13. I do believe you can have fun with it, but I honestly don't want to be stressed out by having to always remember ambush spawns locations and never being able to try risky plays I like these 2 suggestions but I think I'd need monastery to make them really work
  14. Recently I've been wanting to do a new run, but base lunatic is too easy/boring, what are some interesting limitations I could abide to to make the run more fun? I don't really want to limit divine pulses though, they are very useful to make everything less stressful I was thinking something like a no extra recruits no monastery run (no dlc/online stuff too obviously), but ehh I kinda enjoyed the customization that the monastery offers so I'm not sure I'd do a no growth run if I had a modded switch but sadly I cannot
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