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  1. Thank you. For some reason I thought some of these battalions were only available on the CF route, but I must have been confusing them with Edelgard’s personal battalion. I appreciate it.
  2. Hello! Could someone please direct me to a breakdown of which battalions are available on which routes? I’m planning out my SS Maddening playthrough but can’t find which BE battalions are exclusive to CF and which ones aren’t.
  3. Do characters receive a set number of free level ups between the timeskip and Chapter 13? I’m planning a Maddening NG BL run and was thinking about benching Ashe and Annette but wasn’t sure if I’d be able to get through Chapter 13 with them alive if their levels weren’t in the 20s.
  4. Does anyone have some great builds to put Dimitri through for a NG+ Maddening run? I know about the Battalion Vantage and Battalion Wrath combination, but are there any others that have been really successful?
  5. The one character I’ve recruited in every route that I’ve played thus far is Petra, just cuz she’s best girl imo. She will get the victory no matter what class you put her in.
  6. Does anyone have any tips on a solid build for Caspar for a NG+ Maddening run? I was thinking I’d send him down the War Master route and pick up Vantage and Wrath to make him a Crit machine, but that’s the only idea I’ve come up with thus far. I know the subject of his his usefulness (or lack thereof) can be a bit of a contentious, especially on a Maddening run, so any suggestions would be appreciated.
  7. I’ve been waiting to start my first Maddening run until this dropped. It’s coming out so soon! This is going to be fun. I wonder how often the new classes will pop up in the game’s maps as enemy units? It will be interesting to see how any additions change playthroughs, if at all.
  8. Right... I mean, I know she’s a Lord character so it’s pretty hard to go wrong with her, but I wasn’t sure how much more care to her class line and skills was necessary on a Maddening run. I’m hoping to make Edelgard into a tanky wall to bait out physical attackers while ensuring she has enough accuracy to actually hit with her axe weapons, but maybe I’m over-preparing with my current plan? I thought about mastering Brigand for Death Blow and then taking her down the Lord line for the Dex growth but maybe that’s not even necessary because none of the classes I’m considering will penalize her already-decent Dex growth, you know?
  9. Any suggestions for maximizing Edelgard’s tankiness in a NG+ Maddening run? I’m thinking of taking her through the Brigand line for Death Blow and then upgrading her to Fortress Knight for the offense/defense boosts. I thought I’d put a defensive adjutant on her to minimize damage from doubled attacks and maybe the Empire Heavy Soldiers battalion to maximize her defense. This is my first Maddening run and based off of what I’ve seen about the experience of playing it, I’m definitely open to any and all help lol.
  10. Hi, all. I’m planning on starting a Hard/Classic CF run and have been thinking a bit about the builds and classes I’d like for my team. I thought it would be a good idea to get some feedback and ideas. Please let me know what your thoughts are concerning my team and their classes and abilities. I am doing a New Game+ run here, too, to make sure I can get a few abilities that take some time to learn. Bylass: Myrmidon —> Pegasus Knight —> Swordmaster —> Falcon Knight I thought it would be a good idea to include Swordmaster to bolster Bylass’ strength and speed, but I am worried about how it will impact her Resistance. I was thinking I’d include Swordbreaker, Axebreaker, Defensive Tactics, Sword Prowess Lv. 5, and Lance Prowess Lv. 5 as abilities. Edelgard: Fighter —> Brigand —> Armored Lord —> Emperor. I’m thinking that Edelgard will be my main defensive unit, but the classes she runs through in the early game will still bolster her insane strength. Any thoughts about the pros and cons of moving her through the Fortress Knight line instead would be particularly appreciated. I’m thinking I’ll have Lancebreaker, Axe Breaker, Sword Prowess Lv. 5, Axe Prowess Lv. 5, and Defensive Tactics as abilities. Hubert: Monk —> Mage —> Warlock —> Dark Knight. I chose these classes in my previous run and thought they worked splendidly for my spooky vampire boy. I’m thinking I’ll have him use Reason Prowess Lv. 5, Authority Prowess Lv. 5, Fiendish Blow, Dark Magic Range +1, and Defensive Tactics as abilities. I’m definitely open to suggestions concerning replacement abilities for Defensive Tactics, though, so please let me know if you know of any that you think are better suited for Hubert. Caspar: Fighter —> Brigand —> Grappler —> War Master. I love Caspie and usually slap a pair of Killer Knuckles on him to guarantee some crits. I think I’ll have his abilities be Brawling Prowess Lv. 5, Axe Prowess Lv. 5, Death Blow, Brawl Critical +10, and Strength +2. Dorothea: Monk —> Mage —> Warlock —> Gremory. I think Dorothea is a great mixed magic user and one of my personal favorite characters. I usually give her a Magic Staff and a Healing Staff and let her work. I think I’ll make her abilities Reason Prowess Lv. 5, Faith Prowess Lv. 5, Fiendish Blow, Black Magic Range +1, and Magic +2. Petra: Myrmidon —> Thief —> Assassin. Petra is going to be my dodge tank, so I’ve been considering a few different ways to maximize her dodginess. I thought I’d put her through the White Heron Cup for the Sword Avo +20, but I wasn’t sure if that would be overkill. I’ve been considering a few abilities for Petra to use to maximize her role’s potential but haven’t landed on anything, so let me know what your thoughts are on this topic. As for abilities, I was thinking I’d go with Sword Prowess Lv. 5, Bow Prowess Lv. 5, Close Counter, Alert Stance, and Sword Avo +20/Sword Critical +10/Axebreaker. Ferdinand: Fighter —> Brigand —> Wyvern Rider —> Wyvern Lord. I absolutely adore having Ferdie as a Wyvern Lord. I tried it in a previous run and never looked back. I’m thinking I’ll have his abilities be Lance Prowess Lv. 5, Death Blow, Alert Stance, Swordbreaker and Lancebreaker. Linhardt: Monk —> Priest —> Bishop. Linhardt is pretty straightforward as far as his classes and abilities are concerning imo. He’s a great Bishop. I’ll have his abilities be White Magic Range +1, Magic +2, Renewal, and Reason and Faith Prowess Lv 5. Bernadetta: Fighter —> Brigand —> Sniper —> Bow Knight. Okay, so Bernie has never performed well for me because her speed, despite being great on paper, has always been waylaid through the Archer line. Ashe performed excellently by following this path in my AM run, so I thought I’d try it with Bernie, too, and see if it helps to keep her stats more balanced. Let me know what you think about this plan. I was going to choose Bow Prowess Lv. 5, Close Counter, Death Blow, Dexterity +5, and Bow Critical +10 as her abilities. Lysithea: Mage —> Warlock —> Gremory. Lysithea is also straightforward as far as builds are concerned imo. I’m planning on putting her into the fray more than Dorothea, so I’ll probably recruit Lorenz just so I can give her Thyrsus. I think her abilities will be Reason Prowess Lv. 5, Faith Prowess Lv. 5, Authority Prowess Lv. 5, Fiendish Blow, and Dark Magic Range +1. Felix: Mercenary —> Swordmaster. Felix is a monster and I love having him on my team. I was going to work his brawling skills up a bit, too, so that Caspar isn’t the only brawler on my team. I’ll pick up his shield to give him some much needed protection, too. I was thinking I’d have Sword Prowess Lv. 5, Brawl Prowess Lv. 5, Axebreaker, Sword Critical +10, and Brawl Critical +10 as his abilities. Leonie: Cavalier —> Paladin —> Bow Knight. This will be my first time including Leonie in a playthrough so I’m not entirely sure what to do with her to balance my team. I like the idea of having her as a Bow Knight, though, and I know that that’s one of the most sensible choices for her as far as Master Classes are concerned, but I’m completely open to suggestions. I was thinking about making Lance Prowess Lv. 5, Bow Prowess Lv. 5, Close Counter, Swordbreaker, and Dexterity +5 her abilities. This is definitely still a rough draft of my final team’s classes and abilities, so any thoughts or feedback would be fantastic to have from y’all. Thanks in advance!
  11. I didn’t think either gender impacted the flow of the story much. One extremely small qualm I had was the fact that the Enlightened One’s outfit looks strikingly worse on Bylass imo. I suppose that isn’t saying much, though, considering that I think it looks like something Sothis put together if she had Dimitri’s sewing skills and about ten too many glasses of wine.
  12. I’m so curious to hear your guys’ thoughts on this. I’ve read reviews from players going through the various routes and it seems like each gets dark at times, but I’m curious to hear your thoughts on which one has the darkest storyline? Also: no spoilers, please, if at all possible.
  13. Without posting spoilers, can anyone confirm whether or not we battle a dragon in some form throughout the various routes in Three Houses? I’m so curious. Not sure if anyone shares the sentiment, but I’ve always found presenting a dragon as the final boss in most of the games as an oddly charming aspect of the Fire Emblem series.
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