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  1. The whole "but realism" argument falls also flat when considering that there are no real gay Characters, just straights and bisexuals. Might be interpreted as a reflection on the conservative Japanese narrative of Homosexuals as straight-available in denial. (I actually met a Japanese woman who couldn't get her head around the fact that as gay person I won't develop any sexual or romantic feelings for her. In the end I had to finally cut contact after trying to make her see reason multiple times.) Skyrim is imo a good example for this freedom, NPCs there are either Dohvakiinsexual or not at all, regardless of the Dohvakiin's gender. I think they didn't even have to alternate the dialogues. Yikes, I've been told the same and it is tbh utterly frustrating. To put it in the words of MLK Jr.: Of course MLK had bigger issues to fight for, but I think it's fitting regardless.
  2. I had similar feelings, except for the fact that I didn't preorder it but decided to postpone the purchase indefinetely. Fortunately my disappointment is slowly turning into acceptance. And yeah, I have been told in another forum that "SJWs" like me shouldn't complain because we are a minority that noone is supposed to care about. In such cases having people who you can talk to and who actually care helps a lot. What I wonder is that I've been told that FE usually has a very strong female playerbase. I can't dig it up but someone on Discord showed my a statistic from an official Artbook or something showing that the majority of FE Awakening players is actually female. Considering the fujoshi potential in that demographic, why is Nintendo neglecting them so hard as well?
  3. Hi, actually Heroes brought me here, because it was recommended to me as a good mobile game - which I think it is. Apart from that I haven't played any main title for the lack of a console, but I plan on getting Awakening and Fates soon. Being also curious about FE3H, I was brought to this Forum by a Google search and decided to stay for the pleasant level of discussion found here. Some people also call me Roy on the internet (for reasons unrelated to FE). Have a nice one o/
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