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  1. Haven't started it yet but I'm pretty hyped πŸ˜… This is my first run in the game, and I'm eager to see how it ends, and I'm not sure how difficult this level is supposed to be. There's a lot of things I don't know, so I was wondering what are the general things to look out for this chapter? I've got everyone except Tinny, Iucharba (but he's a perma-castle guard anyways), Patty, and Coirpre promoted so far (miiiight be able to stretch out a promote for the first two if I can RNG right with arena). Most of them I managed to get promoted from Chapter 10 alone, so they're fresh promotes! One of the things I'm wondering is if I could sell Seliph's crit-broken Silver Sword (since he has a full 50 use Tyrfing now) for someone else (Oifey?) to buy, and still retain the crit-broken status? Is that a good idea? This is just one question, I'm hoping for any sort of advice for the level πŸ˜„
  2. When I made this poll I pretty much just started gen 2, now I'm on the Final Holy War! I'd say now, my no-brainers are Julia, Ares, Patty, and Ishtar. Shanan, Altena, and Julius are also super solid, and overall I'd say gen 2 has more interesting/more characterized characters than gen 1! As a side note, Seliph is now definitely my favorite character in Genealogy, and Leif is extremely likely to be my favorite in Thracia if not all the FE titles.
  3. I've only played three, but of those, the "worst" has gotta be Awakening. Weak story, bad maps, beginning of waifu emblem, etc. And that's coming from someone who's writing a character analysis series on its cast. I still had a lot of fun playing it.
  4. I had omelettes while I was in Japan, and omelettes have always been my favorite but the ones there somehow topped everything I already had. THEN, I had omurice, which is a rice dish inside of an omelette. Absolutely heavenly.
  5. It's here that I realize I'm a complete edgelord who loves dark mages, dark knights, and dark fliers. Tricksters are also very fun.
  6. Love Julia so far, good pick! She's like if Deirdre had character, a character arc, was actually useful…
  7. Haha sorry, I excluded them because I knew I would have voted Seliph, Leif, or Finn for sure
  8. Hi again! After a good amount of effort I've finally made it to chapter 5, which I'm also aware is like the "last call" to get everything ready for the second generation. As such, I was wondering what are some items I could move around to be the best for my second gen? My pairings are - Ayra/Noishe - Lachesis/Beowulf - Sylvia/Claude (hopefully will finish this chapter) - Azel/Tailtiu - Lewyn/Fury - Brigid/Dew (also will hopefully and probably finish) - Midir/Aideen And, from looking through the forums here, my general idea for the rings is: Speed - Sigurd Power - Sigurd Magic - Azel/Lewyn Skill - Beowulf/Ayra Shield - Tailtiu/Lewyn Barrier - Sigurd Paragon - everyone Return - Quan Leg - Sylvia/Sigurd Life - Sigurd/healer/dancer Prayer - any second gen Pursuit - Ethlyn Should I change any of these rings around? And what items should I give everyone? Thanks!
  9. Hi, I've been having a hard transition from the 3DS games to Genealogy, but it's pretty fun still. I spent pretty much all day doing chapter 2 (it was a rough one) and was wondering if there's anything I need to be concerned with regarding my levels? I've been trying to use the arena as much as possible but still struggling with winning fights. Sigurd 20.70 Naoise/Noish 12.54 Alec 8.51 Arden 4.32 but I barely use him anyways Azel 7.98 Quan 15.31 Finn 17.90 Ethlyn 15.92 Midir/Midayle 10.39 Aideen 14.00 Dew 1.98 lol Ayra 8.67 Jamke 10.30 Deirdre 7.02 Holyn 15.11 Lachesis/Raquesis 6.29 (I've been told to try to promote her ASAP but I hardly had many opportunities for her other than healing and like the first two rounds of arena, plus she can't afford the Paragon ring I sold) Lewyn 10.67 Sylvia 2.10 pretty hard to level Beowulf 10.37 Erin 7.46 Nobody's promoted more than their recruitment class still. As for Lex, he died in the prologue and I didn't realize I would struggle so hard with this game so I had no savestate to go to lmao.
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