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  1. Indeed, idk if telling the truth would have been a good thing. Look at what people do with relics. If they knew there were dragons or missiles lying around, you'd have a nemesis situation all over again. Hubert even says he wants their tech. Also would it really matter if they told the truth? The "history" El knows is fake anyway. Why would that change if the church told them what really happened. There were already two different accounts.
  2. Well, you're free to disagree. And no, if I thought there was a true path, it would be the BL or actually yeah maybe the church route. Simply because- it's the one that feels most like a Fire emblem- You got the young prince having his kingdom taken away by an evil empire and the main goal is to get it back. It's very character driven and people go through growth. It's just very typical Fire emblem. (And they do defeat those who slither in it just like the others.) Or the church route which is like how Corrin is the main lord. I see CF as an alternative path to let you be the "villlains". And before you say anything- plenty of the villains had good intentions and siding with them doesn't make them heroes. Which is how plenty of people see it. Basically siding with Arvis. Are you saying that pov is non valid? But, plenty of people see it another way. Though I will point out that just because it provokes thought doesn't mean people come to the intended conclusion. There are articles like this about literally anything. Anything. But agree to disagree I guess.
  3. It's almost certainly meant to be the true BE path. I have a very hard time believing otherwise. Thinking about it tho, it never occurred to me but yeah I do think it's important for there to be an option to picking BE and then being the one to take her down. Sort of a- as her teacher it's my responsibility thing. That made it pretty cool. Tho only Seteth and Flayn really do anything there. Couldn't recruiting the church on another route have the same effect? I know Catherine has a few more scenes on the BL route, or well sentences anyway. Is there any particular reason you like it better then GD? I'm curious considering I found them almost identical but I admit I enjoyed the Church route a little more and I have no idea why. I don't like not having a Lord to defer to so in theory I should have liked it less. That said- The route ends with Byleth ruling Fodlan as a unified continent....just like GD and the truth about Byleth can be gleaned from past conversations. When she revealed the truth on GD- I was like "Whoah! What?!" and on the church route, it was like uh I know. You basically said this earlier, just with less detail.
  4. This is just my personal opinion of course, but I never really got the feeling that she cared about Byleth as a person; while I understand her distrust of them considering she felt they'd back stab her any minute, it just never felt like a genuine affection. More like, they were worthy to usher in a new age with her. And of course she gets attached to them, they save her, comfort her, listen to her, and so on. But that's latching onto the first source of comfort. It might not have anything to do with them. She just never came across as caring personally. If they didn't have all that talent and skill, I doubt she'd give em a second glance. I mean that's just how I felt so I dunno. The painting is really the only thing I'd say points to anything. I just thought it was kinda creepy. But that's just me as I don't like that kind of thing; it's not a bad thing or anything. Although, my bro did CF; and he said it was that she saw only them as an equal to her, he didn't see it as romantic at all. Same with other routes when I told him what she said on them. He was pretty adamant about it honestly. And he doesn't hate romance or ships so yeah. And when I asked why the heck he picked Sothis; he said that it felt like everyone was living out their lives and didn't need Byleth anymore. So it was weird to marry him to anyone. He was just kinda there. And honestly, I felt the same on the church route. It seemed like he was just there to cut down enemies, especially compared to the GD and BL routes. But all that might be my bias talking. I'm just sick of people romanticizing friendships. (even if it can or does turn into romance) It's the same with Dimitri. While I admit, his relationship with F!leth progresses into romance very naturally, if I don't pursue it, it comes across as just a beautiful friendship. Like Chrobin. Actually no, I thought that friendship felt really one sided and the romance was...uh something. Claude's on the other hand, I had a really hard time seeing as romantic. Like ever. The proposal or lack there of and ending(no mention of any relationship whatsoever) just really cemented it for me. He even refers to them as basically, well, brother in Japanese rather then calling them teach after the time-skip. The eng ver even added the I love you bit, but that might be a cultural thing. Tho he isn't Japanese and other people say it so idk. It felt like F! - BL/ M- the others, specifically church or GD but again, that's just me. It just felt more natural that way. Ah that got off track, but yeah I just don't see it as romantic. It could progress into that I guess but it's certainly nothing like say Eliwood/Ninian, Jaffar/Nino or other such pairs. More like Hector/Lyn but not quite that either. I guess it's just about perspective, but personally-no.
  5. Anyone have Ingrid vs Sylvain or Felix on crimson flower? Like where Ingrid is on the the empire side? I'd really appreciate it as I don't really wanna do the whole path just for 2 conversations.
  6. What really stands out to me is how angry everyone is if you side with the empire. Like, of course but it never really comes up if you're against them. I can't recall a single BE member mentioning the empire or fighting for El, nor do they express outrage at the professors actions. Like there's Caspar but that's more of a "fight your friends thing" then anything to do with the empire or El. Whereas everyone is outraged and disgusted with them if they join the BE path. It really hammers in that it's the villain path. And before anyone says anything, of course it's not the case from your armies pov on that route. El thinks she's right after all. @wissenschaft Well in fairness, she's trying to eliminate an entire religion, uses highly immoral means, and seeks to make the world a better place, her version of it, fully admitting she'll do ANYTH|NG to achieve that. So it's not as if the comparisons are completely unfair. Even if you don't like it. 'Sides Napoleon has more then his share of dissenters too.
  7. Agh, this makes my head spin. Like you can like her, join her, love her, but I don't get how people think she's a hero. Though considering, I just had a convo with a friend where they claimed if Hitler brought peace through his actions somehow, what he did would have been justified. And I just.....I see how people side with El. Actually, it specifically states Dimitris subjects have a saying in the ruling. It makes no such mention with Edelgard. In fact it makes note of her supreme power multiple times. So by definition of the term, how is she not a dictator? Also are we forgetting that El is waging war based on an entirely falsified account of history? Everything she thinks is the truth are just lies from those who slither. As for oh she can't trust anyone so they have to die, um it specifically says Claude can't trust. And yet, he seems pretty peaceful.
  8. Oh, I don't disagree. I think it's a very fitting and indeed, inevitable ending for that route and cruel fate those two share. It really is impossible for them to coexist, they've changed too much-as Dimitri says. I just meant I dislike her actions as a person. As for Alm and Celica, I agree, but that's because their fate is the opposite of these two. I mean, you couldn't have a conversation like Dimi/El and reconcile it with echoes ending. Or vice versa. As you know- Strength vs compassion when you need both was the point of gaiden. Though honestly, I didn't get why they were fighting. Like, I sort of do but it seemed more just so they were split up. Whereas here, one couldn't accept a future built on corpses and one couldn't accept the present. You can't really have both after all.
  9. Right? The last one is especially bad on the BL route where Like Els interesting. A good villain, but as a person, I can't stand her. On that note though, do you think that's why crestless people turn into monsters when wielding a relic? Like if they have the blood of the dragon, it would recognize them as its owner right? Whereas otherwise, it punishes them for trying to wield such power? I'm just thinking FE4 where the weapons were given as a result of a covenant with the dragons and nothing happened if someone else tried to used them. They just wouldn't be able to. Or did it mention something else and I just didn't notice?
  10. On the history thing. I don't think it doesn't reveal the whole truth. Like, I mean, I don't think there'd be a 5th path that revealed the whole thing. Maybe extra snippets but not a whole other version. I'm pretty sure that's what the GD path is. Otherwise there'd be no point to it. I'm curious as to why you guys think the GD isn't just the whole truth? Also where does it say ever, that the church is responsible for the crest thing? I thought it was TWSITD and the more twisted nobles. They mention they're powerful relics and not to misuse them, but they don't say to define people by them. Felix says he was raised to be strong, a crest meant nothing if you couldn't swing a sword. He also mentioned- everyone in his area was raised like that. Sylvain says the opposite so it seems to be up to the nobles themselves. I never saw the church encourage that and Seteth is against that view. Anyway, how does inventing communism fix it? A classless system with a supreme ruler. Perfect. Really. And if I hear one more word about killing non believers, I'm gonna lose it. She employs several in her knights after all. They punish those who turn against them. Extreme yes, but are they supposed to just roll over and die? Also ruling the world? She was gonna turn the position over to Byleth. Rhea has problems, but she ain't evil. she only loses it after a massive betrayal, similar to Dimitri on one route. She steps down willingly and peacefully otherwise. Unlike a certain someone who makes it clear that the only way to end the war is to kill her. It seems El is just directing her anger at them unjustly because of those who slither manipulating her just like they did with Lonato and the western church. It's sad she never learns the truth and lives in a world of delusion. Ironic that she thinks that of Dimitri. Actually, I never noticed it but it really is. She says he's obsessed with her in his delusion and yet she's the same with Rhea. And of course, Dimis breakdown was bad, they all acknowledge it and were helping him through it. Actually Rhea too, church route. Els the one who doesn't. That's why she's worse. She never reforms or recovers.
  11. That's the thing though. I don't feel she has any right to start a war to do that. And honestly, triggering a war seems pretty evil to me. Good has come from wars. That doesn't make em right. I disagree with calling it childish, she commits atrocities over and over and never owns up to it. And I personally see it the opposite, it says freedom from crests and status. But, considering Fodlan is one small part of the world, I'd say foreign relations are much more important then status and ones own power. She also has a war on her hands and who knows how long that lasted or how many died. Not that she'd care. Here's how I feel about the perspective shift. Cause people always say it makes her seem more good or heroic. But a shift is just that, it doesn't change the story, it only changes the pov. For example I feel it's completely justified to completely hate her on the BL route.This is what she did to the Kingdom. That doesn't change on any route. You hate her because the Blue lions do. She took everything from them and plunged their home into chaos. The story makes it pretty clear that the kingdom is the worst off in terms of the war. As Ashe says on her route at the capital battle something like "You took our people, our king, our kingdom! What else is there for you to take?!" She completely ruined them. Of course they want her dead. She also sides with people who manipulate the western church into fighting the central so quite frankly she's allied with the people who actually do all those awful crest experiments yet blames Rhea for them when there's no indication it's her or the church's fault. Whereas on the GD and ironically the church route, she's more sympathetic. Because they see her that way. Claude understands her and would like to reason with her as he frankly cares more about Almyra then Fodlan. But he knows she won't surrender and so they do as they must. Same with the church route. They don't hate her nearly as much so it's only natural you don't. And then on her route, all her followers praise her, and she confides in Byleth and oh isn't that nice. She's so sympathetic and is truly trying to do the right thing. None of that changes what she does to the others. You just don't fully see it. You get small glimpses but it's easy to ignore when everyone's praising their beloved emperor. And quite frankly I don't see how what she does on that route is better then the others. She doesn't spare people who disagree. She marches right in and destroys the kingdom, can kill Claude which I'm sure Almyra wouldn't be mad about at all, and everyone feeds her ego, reinforcing her belief as this savior of the people. She really is very much like Walhart, except you had to stop him. Why? Oh yeah because while everyone fully acknowledged his plan would work, it didn't justify what? Oh right, starting a war to unite the continent and defeat the evil, no matter who had to die. Even he admitted that.
  12. Does anyone know how to trigger getting the ring for s supports? I can't seem to get it. BL route.
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