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  1. Chapter 2: 6/18 Turns Wasn't that bad, really. Fred did 90% of the work, but I fed the boss kill to Chrom and the scrub gang fought like one soldier. My free units for this were Sully and Miriel. Chrom got a Str/Spd/Def level, same with Robin. Fred got 2 levels, which both gave Str and Spd and also +3 HP among them. He's in a good spot. Will update when I get back to it, have attempted Chapter 3 several times and am already hating it.
  2. Just did a generic female Avatar, going with +Mag/-Luck. Premonition: 2/2 Turns This took me 3 attempts. Goddammit, Robin. Prologue: 5/7 Turns Unfortunately Fred had to take the boss kill, but this took me like 20 attempts anyway so I call it a victory either way. I got a level on Robin either way and she got HP/Str/Mag/Skl/Spd/Res. I call it a win. Chapter 1: 5/12 Turns I fail to understand how a unit with a 65% Strength growth fails to level strength 90% of the time. This took me like 30 attempts cuz Freddy decided to be unepic for like half an hour. Strat for this is sort of an improvised version of Chiki's 4 turn but I can't use Sully to chip the archer (which does in fact cost me that 1 turn). Fred gets the bronze sword from Robin, pairs up with Chrom and gets on the fort. He levels strength and speed which lets him ORKO the generic non-HP+5 fighters and also double the boss. Also important for Fred+Chrom or Robin+Virion to get a dual strike to kill a merc, otherwise Robin dies on EP. After a bit of weakening the boss and a vulnerary use, I was able to feed the boss kill to Robin. She got a level but it was HP+luck, and that this point I was done with the chapter so I decided to move on.
  3. Hmm, Virion is an epic mortal. I shall take him for myself. @Carmine Sword
  4. I wake up from a nap to see the both of you take my first two choices? How cruel. I suppose I’ll take Lissa. Waving that staff around early on is bound to be helpful. @Finalinsanity The floor is yours.
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