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  1. It sounds like you never have even played those dlc missions, thus the mistake of saying it didn't take place in the past.
  2. I wouldn't call all fire emblem dlc bad, they did story dlc missions with echoes. Why note Three Houses? I would much rather see the tragedy of duscur and the purge of duscur rather then DLC that has no impact on anything.
  3. So far I haven't really liked the DLC that has been added, sense it is so minor. I am wondering if they will ever expand certain sections of the story into mini campaigns such as having a tragedy of Duscur/ Purge of Duscur missions.
  4. Does wave 3 add any new cutscenes for Crimson Flower?
  5. I just want more cutscenes for CF. Though I doubt this will ever happen.
  6. For me the biggest thing I want is more story content in the forum of either past wars, Historical Battles or mini campaigns. I would love to have more areas to explore. I would also pay for new paths or a expanded fourth path with more chapters, (for new paths it could either be alts or a civil war inside the Black Eagles where all the students don't follow you.). Basically I would love there to be tons and tons of new content.
  7. Look I am not trying to not be "nice", the whole point is what would you call canon. The reason why I pointed that out is due to RPG's and Roy's game. In Roy's is you miss those weapons which most people will do on the default play through is the default path sense you have to go out of your way/make sure to get those to get the canon ending. My point is about forcing others to prefer that ending my point is if one had to be made canon for a sequel that would most likely be the one due to that tradition. I don't see how that is disrespecting people. And it only matters if they make a sequel and make that ending or one of the another a canon ending.
  8. True but the fact is it just makes more sense, mind you I would still prefer there to be no canon if there is a sequel and it to just take your choices from Three Houses.
  9. I don't know, I personally believe that the Edelgard path is canon if we had to pick one. Why? She is the pov in the main theme song, all the trailers focused on her. The true ending is never the default path which is what the church is. The harder to get paths are usually the canon one when there are multiple endings. Plus it would be more interesting to pick up on that path for a sequel if they couldn't fit all four paths in a sequel.
  10. Really the best outcome for a sequel though would just be having four separate start points depending on what you choice.
  11. So I finished the route where you side as Edelgard, and sense I didn't make separate saves for the path I am wondering if it is wroth replaying the whole Black Eagles path just for the Church path.
  12. I honestly would say the fourth path is the canon path, for one they push Edelgard as the main lord. Two for me personally it seems to fit the best and is the most interesting plot wise for a potential sequel (DLC or video game). Though it could be the default Black Eagles path. But I personally doubt they will ever say if one or the other is canon.
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