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  1. You'll have to marry Corn for it, but General/Great Knight Subaki is insane
  2. In fact, Armored Blow is broken when used with the Armor Strike attribute: you CANNOT loose your armor as long as you don´t stop attacking (Pass works too but is kinda pointless). Also, C1 of the archers count as an attack while charging, so.... have fun!
  3. Then Kinshi it is!...... with Rend Heaven + Quixotic just in case. At least she has a high lvl cieling to fix her. Thanks
  4. Hiya! Crazy builder person here, having a hard time to make something USEFUL out of Reina. I was thinking about giving her Quixotic (mine is blind) and also Rend Haven of course, but should I turn her into Basara from the start? Can a few Ninja Master levels fix her skill? What class is the best for her to end? If someone can lend me some good build for the creepy lady I will be very grateful...
  5. Nesugosu


    I know! I´ve come to think that Hoshidian classes are just better than Nohrian ones. Change teams and the game gets harder? What a coincidence.... Still, I want to clear all paths and I can´t wait for the ¨challenge¨ of Nohr and Valla
  6. Nesugosu


    I have Special Edition and I`m stuck in Hoshido since the game came out; too many choices. This time I might actually finish it and start Nohr..... my avatar ended up pretty broken (Dread Fighter is too OP)
  7. Nesugosu


    Soooo how should I start? I came to this forum looking for help with some skills in FE Fates (maybe this time I will finally clear the game) and it seemed like a fun community so here I am XD.
  8. Hiya! I´m a crazy person who wants to bulid up every character in every path to their full potential. Right now I need Lancefaire for Subaki (Dark Falcon apprentice). Help please? And yes, i know I´m a bit late 😅
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