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  1. I was thinking Heal/Physic got equipped after you used them like weapons change when you attack with a new one, but you're probably right that they don't. Does make it less of a factor. Mine didn't get put into harms way basically ever, so I haven't actually noticed.
  2. The Dancer is a utility class. It can use magic and has sword-related combat arts and abilities. The class gives a boost to Charm and its combat art Sword Dance uses Charm to boost damage. The best fitting candidates should be those who are proficient in both swords and faith with high charm. Dorothea (budding talent faith), Lysiethea (budding talent swords), and Marianne are the only people who qualify. Manuela cannot be made into a Dancer, although she does qualify. Of these 3, Lysithea has much better things to do than dance. Thus, Dorothea and Marianne are the best choices. They both have decent Charm growths to take advantage of Sword Dance (and Dorothea has one of the highest bases). They both learn Physic at C. Marianne also learns Silence. Sword Dance is a bit redundant with Soulblade for Marianne, but she uses Blutgang and gets Beast Fang, which is the best weapon to use as a utility Faith/Sword Dancer. Dorothea can still use it, but it does make her take damage since she does not have a crest (this can be fixed in NG+). A high charm Blutgang Sword Dance makes the Dancer a utility mage an actual sword threat if needed. Dorothea's budding talent gives White Magic Avo +20, which pairs really nicely with the classes Sword Avo +20 to basically always give you Avo +20, even when using different classes. To me, this is the reason why she's the best Dancer. She also learns Meteor if you train reason, which is a great offensive utility spell (especially for units that tend to fall behind others).
  3. Now that I think about it, it's also possible the first one was equipped to a unit I lost in the time skip.
  4. Somehow I didn't get a Rapier until much, much later in my playthrough.
  5. Yes I forged a Wo Dao+ pretty early relative to other available weapons and use that as my default equipped weapon for baiting with my dodgetanks..Only drawback is a bit annoying to repair.
  6. Because you can hit from a mile away. You're arguing her hit was too low to hit from 5 away, and then asking why you would add hit. You've answered your own question. In the ring's case, hitting from deep is more valuable than +2 speed or crit +5 and there are better users of march and she shouldn't be taking damage so you don't need evade. She doesn't need any of the gems since her skill path is straight-forward. The battalions obviously do more than just add to hit, that's just a nice side effect. Many add a ranged gambit, which is always nice for ganging up on monsters and keeping your squishy ranged unit out of the fray.
  7. Bingo. Not sure why he's arguing so hard against actual evidence when he seemingly hasn't tried it. There are a million ways to boost Hit in this game. I forgot the accuracy ring in my list, too, that's another +10. Edit- Looked it up for fun. Lvl 44 Bernie. I forgot I even took off +20 to hit in favor of +10 to bow crit, because I wasn't having any trouble with accuracy. Iron Bow+ 95, Dex 41 (34 natural, 3 bow knight, +4 dex riding ability), Accuracy Ring +10, Bow Prowess 5 +15, Empire Snipers lvl 5 +10 is 171 to hit without supports (which often add +10-30 hit) or the +20 ability. Theoretically above 200 hit. I equipped the accuracy ring pretty early on, iron bow+ is early, bow prowess 2 or 3 still gets you +8-10 hit, empire snipers is 'C' level authority, but you can actually get more +5 more hit from D level Serios/Empire/Alliance Archers. Enemies have much less speed/avoid early on as well. So not just a late-game situation.
  8. In my normal difficulty playthrough, Bernadetta with a very average dexterity growth still had 80-100 to hit (and usually 100) from max range with Deadeye every time. Helps that she's in 80th %tile for character growth dex in general in the game, but also forged Iron Bows+ were my most common weapon and they have 95 hit, Bow Prowess adding +6-15 to hit, the Archer +20 to Hit ability, supports, and a battalion boosting hit equipped. I'm guessing her raw accuracy was often like 160-170 before penalties and enemy avoid. I did not need to expend any significant special treatment or waste any levels to have her master Archer for that +20 to hit, and it was extremely useful. 5 weapon durability is worth hitting someone when you normally wouldn't be able to do anything, even if it's just chip damage or getting a stationary target to aggro. I don't know if this changes with hard difficulty, yet.
  9. My Dorothea dancer is a nice user of Blutgang with sword dance combat art. Would be better with a crest stone.
  10. The Lethality word icon will show up sometimes during an attack featuring the Assassinate combat art on the left hand side. Whether this is the Assassinate % chance kicking in or just normal lethality % chance, I'm not sure. I should probably remove lethality from abilities and see if it still shows up (and then warp my Leonie directly into enemy lines with her Wo Dao+ as per usual).
  11. If that's HP/D/Res, then not screwed, about average for all 3. At most 1 or 2 points on D below average.
  12. Hubert 2 tiers below Annette is... curious. Better Mag, Speed, and Res, access to dark magic (especially Dark Spikes) and dark mage/bishop. Literally the only stat category she's definitively better than him is Dex, which isn't super important. Plus his gambit Mt boost is decent. I guess if you really like Rally's?
  13. Since all mages can heal and attack, I prefer to use a heal by committee approach. Dancer/Mage/Healer + Mage/Healer + Mage/Healer. Unfortunately, no one has both warp and fortify. I like to have at least 2 physics, and I chose 2 warps over 1 warp and 1 fortify. I used: Dorothea (Dancer, Physic), Linhardt (Warp, Physic), Lysithea (Warp, Seraphim). I think tier-wise, they've balanced the spells well. I think Warp/Physic makes Linhardt a notch above considering the slight redundancy between Physic/Fortify that Mercedes has (or better utility than Physic, Silence for Marianne). They all have terrible speed and good Res. Linhardt has the worst Mag stat of the 3, though. Like I said, I think they're pretty well balanced.
  14. That month I didn't see any rainbows, I just assumed the "something strange going on" was the Fodlandy (I had caught it in part 1 also).
  15. Sniper class (she's a pre-promote that breaks the rules of the game since she gets that class before the actual level requirement) gets +5 dex. So she's earned 17 dex Starts with 7, 11 levels to get 10 dex at 75% growth rate. I guess it's possible. Also possibly some minimum class base stats hijinks for Sniper brought her up to 12, then she grew 5 in 11 levels? That would actually be under performing.
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