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  1. Did you find any use for magic tanks? That's Ingrid's best role in the game. She has the highest combined res, hp, and speed in the late game.
  2. Next question: How absurd are his stats?
  3. Dorothea dancer -> mortal savant, reclass back to Dancer for most maps (you'll usually get some nice strength bonus level-ups to help a bit with speed and bulk). Equip with Blutgang. Reclass to Savant pre-battle if you want to mess around with Hexblade.
  4. With Thyrsus she has the equivalent attack range of 8, which is the same as a Pegasus Knight with ranged capabilities. Non-mages can't get this, so it's fair to include as an advantage for your most potent nuking mage. She can survive on Enemy Phase. As mentioned she gets pseudo Pavise and she's often one-shotting back so not too reliably getting doubled. And that's if she's involved in EP at all. The benefit of the Thyrsus that makes it so OP is that it gives her effective attack range without putting her actual body in harm. She can still close in close enough to enemies to stay in the action with the rest of your team, but stays far enough back to avoid getting hit by straggling survivors or advancing hordes. She's not baiting enemies or canto-ing forward, but not all 10 of your units need to be able to bait. Since canto isn't really combat anyways, if you bring it up that's more than offset when then considering warp. Lastly, her spell list is just bonkers in combat. The reason she one-shots so often is that she has spells effective against: Monsters, Cavalry, and (essentially) high res users, and 2 of those are at only 'C' rank. And obviously a mage is very good against low res enemies. So she's good against low res enemies, high res enemies, cavalry, AND monsters. That leaves... nobody. MAYBE high res dodgetanks like Pegasus/Falcon Knights since Aura is only 70 hit, but her Dex is top tier so her accuracy against Hard mode dodgetanks isn't really a problem. She also has Proficiency in Authority, so that just makes her more OP by 2nd half of the game when she can focus on that after getting Warp and Dark Spikes. Also, the huge attack range comes in handy when enemies are behind walls, on a different path, etc. She gets to 9 attack range (at S reason) pretty easily due to her personal skill as well, so she's still on par with the movement of Mastery classes. I don't know if she'd be S tier without warp, but at least A for me. If you said she couldn't have Thyrsus AND warp, she'd be much lower. As then the movement becomes a real hindrance.
  5. In my experience, Hit+20 is useful for much of the game, but becomes less relevant later. Although it can still be useful for Bow Knights, one of if not the strongest/most popular Master class, so I think it's still worth getting for some characters on that path. It's probably on a tier below the +6 skills, though in terms of full game usefulness. I remembered how strong Vantage/Desperation were in previous games, so I made sure a few of my units mastered them. I'm not sure I procced desperation or battalion desperation a single time in this game, and if I did, it wasn't relevant. The prevalence of multiple early Physic users made it unlikely for a unit to get stuck in situations that they needed it. Perhaps I could have been more strategic and restrained from healing to use it, but that level of tactics wasn't necessary in this game. Vantage procced a few times, but still not very often and never was relevant for a unit staying alive for me. Perhaps these will be more useful on Lunatic difficulty. In my experience, expanded range attacks (bowrange +1+2, thyrsus, caduceus, black magic +1, meteor, etc.), no follupws on gambits, and increased validity of bows and magic on more of my characters (bows on anyone, mortal savant, dancer, and all healers using magic) meant that my units were very often fighting those who could not fight back and I was taking less damage in general compared to past games. High mobility in the endgame classes plus things like stride makes the endgame very player phase focused also. For that reason, the +6 skills are the most useful.
  6. You made comments using the present tense that said you were in the early going on the same day you were arguing dodge tanks and deep Deadeye weren't ever viable in the game. In both cases, people pointed to actual game use and/or gave statistics from in-game and you referred to incorrect theory or noted how the formulas were worse than in other games in the series without considering the validity in this game's unique environment. In both cases you continued the same argument over several more posts after evidence (anecdotal or screen shot) was brought forth to prove you wrong. In this instance, a week later after further anecdotal evidence was shared to oppose your viewpoint, you continued the argument without any supporting in-game evidence or even anything anecdotal. You just compared the game's formula to a different game again. I respect the fact that you seem to know the other games in the series very well, but when someone tells you something works because they have done it in this one, repeatedly arguing that it doesn't with no supporting evidence isn't a very effective strategy and is quite annoying. Once your standard of "it's impossible" is shattered, your next main argument against things seems to be that it takes a lot of investment. Your main character's role in this game is literally a teacher. All you are doing is investing in characters. It's like 50% of the game. Try it, it's fun.
  7. He just thinks nothing works and everything takes too much investment. But he hasn't really played the game yet. What he doesn't realize is that this game has HUGE customization to it, and it's pretty much all plannable. More than pretty much any game in the series, you can tailor units to your specifications and min/max through boosts from: Class abilities Personal abilities Skill abilities Crests Rings Weapons Weapon forges Combat art bonuses Class stat bonuses Class min stat boosts Grown / found attribute boost items Battalion stats Monthly meal cooks Support bonuses And probably more that I'm forgetting. Your enemies have access to much less of these things, and most are not optimized. We'll see if Lunatic takes more advantage, but right now the player has a massive resource and option advantage, which is why people say this game is easy. And it is. But that means that most things you want to make work, you can. Is it a lot of investment? For most things, not really. You can buy or grow a lot of the necessary things in shops eventually and things like rings drop plentifully (i had a couple of most of each type of ring in the end). Getting to a certain class gives you certain skill abilities you earn on the way, along with 2 different kinds of stat boosts. 4 birds with one stone. Growing in the garden boosts your professor rank while also giving you food to cook with, gifts to recruit, and stat boosting items. 4 birds with 1 stone. And because the game is fairly easy, it's not hard to train units. Along with the min class stats meaning characters can't get THAT rng screwed, there's not a lot of downsides to just making your units whatever you want them to be. If your definition of high investment is that you need to equip a certain battalion and equip a certain ring and get a certain class ability and get a certain weapon skill ability and certain weapon. Okay sure, it might take high investment to make a dodgetank or high range archer or quick riposte tank work, but those things are just basic gameplay. If you're not equipping those things or instructing towards a certain class for all your units, are you really even playing the game?
  8. I was thinking Heal/Physic got equipped after you used them like weapons change when you attack with a new one, but you're probably right that they don't. Does make it less of a factor. Mine didn't get put into harms way basically ever, so I haven't actually noticed.
  9. The Dancer is a utility class. It can use magic and has sword-related combat arts and abilities. The class gives a boost to Charm and its combat art Sword Dance uses Charm to boost damage. The best fitting candidates should be those who are proficient in both swords and faith with high charm. Dorothea (budding talent faith), Lysiethea (budding talent swords), and Marianne are the only people who qualify. Manuela cannot be made into a Dancer, although she does qualify. Of these 3, Lysithea has much better things to do than dance. Thus, Dorothea and Marianne are the best choices. They both have decent Charm growths to take advantage of Sword Dance (and Dorothea has one of the highest bases). They both learn Physic at C. Marianne also learns Silence. Sword Dance is a bit redundant with Soulblade for Marianne, but she uses Blutgang and gets Beast Fang, which is the best weapon to use as a utility Faith/Sword Dancer. Dorothea can still use it, but it does make her take damage since she does not have a crest (this can be fixed in NG+). A high charm Blutgang Sword Dance makes the Dancer a utility mage an actual sword threat if needed. Dorothea's budding talent gives White Magic Avo +20, which pairs really nicely with the classes Sword Avo +20 to basically always give you Avo +20, even when using different classes. To me, this is the reason why she's the best Dancer. She also learns Meteor if you train reason, which is a great offensive utility spell (especially for units that tend to fall behind others).
  10. Now that I think about it, it's also possible the first one was equipped to a unit I lost in the time skip.
  11. Somehow I didn't get a Rapier until much, much later in my playthrough.
  12. Yes I forged a Wo Dao+ pretty early relative to other available weapons and use that as my default equipped weapon for baiting with my dodgetanks..Only drawback is a bit annoying to repair.
  13. Because you can hit from a mile away. You're arguing her hit was too low to hit from 5 away, and then asking why you would add hit. You've answered your own question. In the ring's case, hitting from deep is more valuable than +2 speed or crit +5 and there are better users of march and she shouldn't be taking damage so you don't need evade. She doesn't need any of the gems since her skill path is straight-forward. The battalions obviously do more than just add to hit, that's just a nice side effect. Many add a ranged gambit, which is always nice for ganging up on monsters and keeping your squishy ranged unit out of the fray.
  14. Bingo. Not sure why he's arguing so hard against actual evidence when he seemingly hasn't tried it. There are a million ways to boost Hit in this game. I forgot the accuracy ring in my list, too, that's another +10. Edit- Looked it up for fun. Lvl 44 Bernie. I forgot I even took off +20 to hit in favor of +10 to bow crit, because I wasn't having any trouble with accuracy. Iron Bow+ 95, Dex 41 (34 natural, 3 bow knight, +4 dex riding ability), Accuracy Ring +10, Bow Prowess 5 +15, Empire Snipers lvl 5 +10 is 171 to hit without supports (which often add +10-30 hit) or the +20 ability. Theoretically above 200 hit. I equipped the accuracy ring pretty early on, iron bow+ is early, bow prowess 2 or 3 still gets you +8-10 hit, empire snipers is 'C' level authority, but you can actually get more +5 more hit from D level Serios/Empire/Alliance Archers. Enemies have much less speed/avoid early on as well. So not just a late-game situation.
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