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  1. Sorry if this counts as thread necromancy, I just figured that it would be better to just use the already existing thread to note that I have completed this chart, now including all the DLC characters and classes. Hope it helps people!
  2. Also, and sorry for double posting, it won't let me edit my post for some reason. I may have knocked some people off by changing something with the sharing settings. So I'm sorry if you got booted or anything. I realized that allowing comments just allowed other people to wonk the comments used for descriptions on the sheet, so I turned that off. The link should still work and let anyone in. EDIT: If anyone knows the actual numbers for crests that add to stats, I'll add them to the sheet. For now, I'll add what I know, but I can't be specific with most of them.
  3. I'm not sure what all you're getting at, but you're free to use my sheet as a base for anything you're working on. It's not like I own the information in it anyway. Feel free to use and adjust my work to whatever suits you, and share it with people who might feel the same. All I did was consolidate information. Fixed, thanks. Yeah sure, it might take a moment for me to get to that, but I'll probably have it done by tomorrow sometime.
  4. Okay, as far as I can see, I'm done with the chart. I don't know if all the data is completely correct, so if anyone sees any discrepancies, let me know, but both the class and character pages are complete. If anyone has any thoughts on the colour scheme, or any potential additions, I'm open to suggestions, but otherwise, this is complete until any further game changes.
  5. I'm glad I can help. Oh, that's a really good idea, thanks. I'll get right on that and fiddle with it. EDIT: So, I've gone through an colour coded. I'm not sure how I feel about it. I wanted the growth rates and stat boosts to be different colours, so I went with Blue/Red for the stat changes, and Green/Yellow for the growth rates. I dunno that I like how that looks, but it was hard to tell until I had it laid out, because I needed to see the contrast. Sadly, Google Sheets, doesn't have an easy way to mass change the formatting, so it's a pain in the ass to shift around. I might play with it more later, but if you (or anyone) have thoughts, I'd be happy to hear them.
  6. So, cross referencing across 3 or 4 different pages to see all the different stats, growth rates, abilities, masteries, and whatever else has been a huge pain in the ass. So I decided to put it all together into one big chart. I also did a little write up about Advanced Classes and Master Classes to go with it over on reddit. If you find this helpful, maybe give it an upvote for visibility. I know the chart is going to help me a lot in planning my future runs, so I hope it helps other people. [EDIT: The chart is now complete with all DLC characters and classes! If anyone spots any mistakes, let me know and I'll fix it up!]
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