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  1. So I know it might seem like a stupid answer, but what I really mean is the ability you get when you master a class. I found out that its class specific. For example, I leveled Petra up to max out Theif, but when I change her into a mercenary, her steal ability is gone. So what's the point of maxing out your class? What if I get too many abilities and i wanna trade one out for a new one? Is there a way to keep your abilities, of so how? I know that there are leveling stats the differ based on what class you're in, bit is that it? What's the benefit of mastering out a class? Sorry if this is confusing, it's just that I've never been confused with a class system before xD
  2. Is there a way to make him in your class.....? I doubt it 😞 but it's weird because he also attends my lectures and when I click roster he shows up. Are you sure that's the issue? Like I said, it probably is the issue but idk.....had to replay 5 hours worth of gameplay because I forgot to recruit him before the cup so maybe I'm just desperate xD
  3. Please help....im trying to get Cyril to be my dancer but he isnt responding to me when i talk to him when im supposed to. I know its nothing to do with his charm because i've asked dedue, who only has 8, has offered to be the representative. Cyril, on the other hand, has 11.....please help <_>
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