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    I like to draw, mostly digitally. I also spend a lot of time with RP‘s and writing Fanfics when I ever get to have an
    idea for a topic. Playing Videogames in my leisure Time, when I’m not being productive.
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  1. Alice

    Alice‘s Artwork

    Not the best Artist around here, but definitely trying her best to show the work :3 (The character with Xander is my Self-Insert OC hoo hoo) - /Also the FE 3H Portrait is my Fatesona/
  2. Alice


    Hello, I‘m Alice~ I‘m a 18 years old girl with a passionate amount of creativity to draw. My first Game was FE Fates Conquest, although, my favorite may now change to Three Houses 🙂 As mentioned before, I like to draw, and I spend a lot of time working on them. May believe or not, my shyness provides that I still haven‘t opened commissions, though everyone suggests me to do so. I‘d like to hear about how the forum works and meet new people to chat with 😉 Hope y‘all accept a Nohrian Scum in your team haha.
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