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  1. It's so weird, you look at all these phenomenal sprites winning contests, and somehow I pulled off that crap one at #140 due to a lack of competition I believe. Jeez. Did splice competitions just end after #160?
  2. Wooo, i'm really excited to see the final result. Btw, I think it would be interesting if you kept the units at higher stats than what I saw in the video, see if it's possible to raise stat caps. You can make it fe7 with bigger numbers.
  3. Nvm, it's 1 range. Assuming it's like that to balance that it has infinite uses?
  4. Stop being so darn amazing my guy. The lyn does look little awkward, like you forgot shade some of the face, and the left eye seems a bit too low for how her head is tilted. The personal just looks sick. Wow. Excited to see that WIP come to fruition.
  5. Well, here's my submission. It's been awhile, just as crap as ever. XD Does a Merc In training fit the theme?
  6. Why is there no Eliwood? Also I would recommend editing the portraits so they have FE8 colors. It would make it look much better. Just a thought.
  7. That ice dragon is really gorgeous, the details, the different textures being shown on the back and the stomach to represent scales and the stomach. Really amazing job on that. The bird medium portrait really just looks amazing as well. Everything else looks great also. Shame about the old gallery, that really sucks to have to drop that thread.
  8. Is that, liek, SSJB Hector.

  9. Can't tell if I made a possible fur.... transformable unit or just a weirdo shaman.
  10. Hello again guys. It's been about a year, went on hiatus due to school and some other things. But i'm back! Trying to make an Alvis animation, based off the Sage animation if you couldn't tell. For now it's a work in progress, about a quarter of the way done I guess? Bit more zoomed in.
  11. I haven't done one of these in awhile, and i'm just as bad as I used to be. My submission: (Edit: Didn't realize how huge the image was, whoops)
  12. Is the battle animation pointer a valid animation? It says custom armored, is there actually an animation there, it might be glitching out the game if it's trying to load an animation in that promotion scene that doesn't exist.
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