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  1. Also starting a war where countless innocents die - Or get orphans - Or loose loved ones is a much more serious bad thing then retaliating against an army that have attacked you. One can be considered self defense the other one an aggressive act.
  2. I now finished Blue Lions routes. And in the A support with Hanneman he actuals states that there is a theory that the crests will influence your likings etc. While ofc it also may be the other way around meaning that you only get a crest because you have a similiar personality as the original crest bearer. Meaning that when going through similiar life situations they will act the same. That would explain why onl a hand full of kids each generation have a crest.
  3. That is a quite unfair question because I want all of them ^^ But I think in order it would be: 1.) God Emperor Byleth Route like Shoblongo suggested. 2.) Story set around the ancient Nabatean-Argathian war. But I give that one a 0.1% chance because it is literally sci-fi fire emblem. 3.) Some Lore related side story in current time. Exploring Nabatean ruins e. g. 4.) Story centered around war Seiros/Nemesis (I think this is the most likely one) But only if the manaketes can transform into their dragon form. We need more dragons..... 5.) Story centered around Loog the Lion King
  4. But if you only compare two 1 min shoots from armies going to battle - one from the year 91 (roman legionaries e.g.) and one from 1180 (crusaders) the visible advancement become quite small. Sure they look different but not as big of a difference when compared to a modern soldier. And when comparing a soldier from the 3. Egyptian Dynasty with on from the 8. I doubt we will recognize which one is who.
  5. I always thought that at the time of Seiros the world was similiar state as europe when the roman empire ruled. And that the current time is then directly in the middle ages. That the same models appear in the beginning cutscenes I think is just because of budget reasons. They just didnt wat to design armor models that then never be seen in the game again.
  6. Well actually yes I do. There is no evidence that suggest the church would interfere when the empire would make reforms to create more equality between crest owners and not crest owners. On the contrary, there is a lot of evidence that they would not interfere. But if you have support-talks, book chapters or any other text directly from the game that suggest Rhea would go to war with the empire because Edelgard wants to take the privilege of the imperial nobillity away I am happy to hear it.
  7. She is true with what? Most of her stories regarding Nemesis or the goddess are definetly wrong. Nice lies created by the TWSITD. They even mook her for thinking Nemesis to be some kind of underdog hero. And for that statement you have evidence? Because we know for a fact that Rhea hates the 10 Elites and the crest system they have created (she tells us so on GD route after freeing her). So its more like a necessary evil for her. Quite similiar to how the TWSITD are seen by Edelgard. And we also know that Edelgard only starts to act against them when she knows that she has the power to replace them. Assuming that Rhea would do the same if she can be convinced that she will get away with it without creating a continent wide war is quite logical to me.
  8. Yeah but Monicas Objective was abducting the students to make more demonic beasts. And probably getting her hands on the crest stones if there were a possibillity for that. Just because she is close to Edelgard while doing that doesnt mean she is a watch dog. And I dont see any evidence for it. Hubert concerns dont count, he is concerned about everyone getting in a 10m radius around Edelgard.
  9. Male. But only because in my first playthrough i wanted to S-Support him with Edel. For my Blue Lions Route I picked female.
  10. Of course he has to be. The whole teaching system wouldnt make any sense without it.
  11. I miss the option "They mean well but do the wrong actions". Because I think both of them are guilty of that, while to be fair Edelgard is a little bit more guilty. After all Rhea didnt start a continent wide war with tens of thousands of victims for her ambition. Unless you count the war against Nemesis. But that one was started by Nemesis.
  12. First Azure Moon, it has the best cutscenes, the most traditional story arc and is a perfect intro into the world. Then Crimson Flower, to understand the motivation of your oppenent and its driving forces Lastly either Verdant Winds or Silver Snow, to find out what actually happened and who the true antagonist is.
  13. Technical they are even not dealt with Post Game. As the ending always just talks about a battle against TWSITD and never about actually defeating them. So it could be that they just ditched there well known bodies (as they seem to be able to change them on will) feign their death and went into hiding until Edelgard and her comrades died out of old age and they can resurface again. And in my personal mind that was their plan all along (or at least their insurance plan) - would quite fit to the slippery master schemers that they are. They are waiting for a millenia for their plans to come into fruition after all - what is there a few dozend years more? And i also would find it completly weird if that they had no contingency plan what to do if Edelgard is finally in power and turns against them. Didnt they forsee that? I mean it is quite obvious that she hates them, she even direct says that into their faces. Unfortunately I dont have finished Golden Deer campaign (or the church route) so I dont know if there is revealed how the bodies of the TWSITD work but from the other routes it seems that all the "TWSITD" (meaning Monica, Tomas and Arundel) were total normal humans until they vanished for a while and then had suddenly another personality after reappearing. So I assume that they can either shapeshift at will or somehow possess other humans. So it would totally be plausible if the feign death by letting Arundel and the other bodies Edelgard know die, get new ones and back into hibernation.
  14. That would be a canon ending not a "golden ending". If the golden ending stands on equal foot with the others and they are just diffrent timeline or whatever your choice is not wrong or right. If the game devs told us like "Yeah Dimitris Route is canon" the sentence you said would also apply without any golden ending present.
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