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  1. I would say Marianne from Golden Deer and Mercedes from blue lion because they are quite the faithful ones. Maybe also Petra from Black Eagles as in CF Route the church tried to get Brigid on their side.
  2. Didnt we already have a thread for this? But I think already beeing the second best selling (non mobile) game in the series in just two months is quite the sucess right? We probably outsale Fates around christmas and will settle somewhere between 2-3 Millions Copies in total. At least if I interpret these numbers right: https://vgsales.fandom.com/wiki/Fire_Emblem I think this is a good sign for the series and things will hopefully start to steamroll from here on (also a sign that the homeconsole is also a place where the series belongs). I am curious how the sucessors of this game will do.
  3. Well the thing with the divine right to rule comes from Rhea herself. We dont know exactly why she decided to put her old enemy in charge of vast amount of lands and cement their authority (maybe the dlc will tackle these questions) but the most convincing theory is that her forces were just tired of war and she needed somehow to achieve peace fast. Therefore she needed to offer the remaining leaders of the enemy faction a really good reason to lay down weapons. And including them into the new ruling body seemed to her answer for that (something that happened in medieval europe also a few times btw). After that she could not easily go back without risking another war. And while the actions of the nobles reveal them to be human trash what have they actually done to blame them? Not loving their children if they dont have crests. Forcing them to marry based on crests. Mistreading them to make them obidient. Belittling them if they dont have crest. And more in the same region. All things that -as mentioned- show their ugly faces. But what of that is really a reason to wage war over? Most of it wasnt even illegal in our world a few hundred years ago and it certainly dont seem to be in fodlan. The only thing that may be an argument is the human experimentation and sacrifing of the TWSiTD. But it seems that almost no one knew about it and the victims (and the church) had zero proof for any it.
  4. She could send her Knights there if the ruling Lord over that territory requested her aid. I dont think it is ever mentioned or hinted at that they could go as they please. On contrary on multiple occassions we learn that they do a missions because the authority over that part of the world requested their help or at least allowed the intrusion. So I find it quite logical to assume that the other missions are handled similiary until I ofc I have missed some evidence that claims the opposite.
  5. Well I think here we have to clearly devide between the lore of the game and the mechanics behind it. So I dont think that every skirmish really happened (that would mean that the empire and kingdom would constantly loose whole cities to rebell forces - something that is definetly not canon.) But it seems to be right that the lords of fodlan have much use for skilled mercenaries, as the group around your father also seemed to be booked out quite frequently. And the Knights beeing basically a glorified troop of elite mercenaries may be really requested in that kind of enviroment.... but wasnt your original point that they could basically overthrow the ruling lords whenever they feel like it? I dont see any evidence for that, heck in most of the routes they need the support of the kingdom or alliance to beat the empire alone and in some even with that it is not enough. But against all three forces of fodlan combined the dont have the slighest chance at all. And thos power most likely would come together if the church suddenly starts a holy war to replace the ruling caste .... from history we can tell that they dont like things like this at all. I think the military power of the central church is higly overestimated. Most likely because the knights of seiros overestimated themselves before the war. After all they are elite mercenaries that squashed regularly their enemies on the battlefield. But they dont have numbers on their side. And in an all out war that counts the most. Something they had to learn the hard was in most of the routes.....
  6. While there is neither any evidence in support or against that Enbarr is protected, most of the ancient magic are actually advanced technology. And from the description of this "Protective Power" (changing the course of the missile to hit somewhere else) it sounds quite like a device that messes with navigationprogramms of the rocket. (Interestingly the Sci-Fi Series "Battlestar Galactica" utilized similiar devices as protective "shield" against missiles, but that is another story... ) And if there is one device that can do that it is highly likely that there were more of them to protect critical parts of nabatean society in the war. The main aspect of technology is after all that you can easily copy it as long as you know what you are doing and have the materials for it.
  7. Maybe Enbarr was also protected quite similiar to Garreg Mach. It was after all the place most of the Nabateans sought shelter after the war. So it was probably protected.
  8. I wouldnt say true intentions. Her true intentions were to resurrect Sothis go back to Zanados and live happily after. Its more like the worst mental state she could get into. Quite similiar to Dimitri in Verdant Wind and Edelgard in Azure Moon. Because everyone who opposes Byleth opposes gets a mental breakdown....
  9. Have a look on the wiki. Otherwise Golden Deer Route gives a lot of Background information.
  10. Well it is at least at big as Leicester from the map alone. And there it is cut off by the border of the map. But in the lore they mentioned almyra contains whole desserts, praires and mountain ranges in it i always thought of it as massive. So if Fodlan is in the seize of Europe I think Almyra is more comparable to Russia.
  11. Isnt Almyra not like really huge? Therefore isnt Saying that it now belongs to Leicester Alliance like saying the USA is now a part of Puerto Rico.😅
  12. Well I would like Manakets to be able to turn into their dragon form. Or recruitable Agathians that can change between their human and not so human form. Or the abillity to turn into a demonic beast fora few rounds.... So I voted yes, but I am not a fan of the other shapeshifter ideas which look like their only there to have shapeshifter classes. I also wouldnt implement them as extra classes but as an alternative to the gambit system. So instead of beeing follwed by a goon squat they can send at someone 3 times a battle these shapeshifters could turn into a dragon (e.g.) for 1 round 3 times a battle.
  13. You can find 30 pages of these kind of discussions in this thread alone were this was tried. And it led to nowhere but constantly spinning in circles with larger and larger wall of texts. Without core questions/claims that all parties can agree to try to solve the discussion becomes quite meaningless as then there cannot be any answers. But if you are not interested in a structured discussion I can understand that. It was an experiment from me to begin with.
  14. I wouldnt say that. From the A-Support between Edelgard and Hubert we know that the adrestian emperor has the right to execute everyone (with official duties) which refuses to obey to his/her orders. Therefore, I cannot imagine that attempted murder of a political leader will be punished with anything less. That the students are spooked by this is most likely because they not often witness these judgements. I mean for example in some states of America there is death penalty till today. But if you take a random class from these states and let them actually witness the execution there also will be spooked by it.
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