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  1. I would leave the death of kostas as a Paralogue for Shamir&Alois. I kind of makes sense that they are sent after the bandits. The Flame Emperor could even still appear and kill him. Storywise it then just happens a little bit later (somewehere around chapter 4-5). And the Flame Emperor would need a new proper introduction. A cutscene after Chapter 3 would be enough for that I think. While also something in Chapter 5C could happen ofc. I play a lot of Triangle Strategy recently so I like the concept of early path branches.Even if they dont change to much in the long run. I didnt even though about Monster Enemies beeing introduced in that chapter. For Edelgards Chapter it could be having a remaining cell of the southern church that activates one of these golems and attacking something with it. That would keep the anti-church theme and also explain why the adrestians are a little bit more wary about the church. Which was explained in the game but never actually shown outside of edelgard. And yes the other chapters beeing canonical what the other guys were doing in that month is quite logical. The idea to let them mention it as a way of foreshadowing future runs is also interesting. I agree that it would not be perfect. But Edelgards Route is quite special in the regard that you are in the role of the aggressor and you stay in that role. While everyone knew that Dimitri is fixed at the end of his path. And I think the problem with Verdant Wind is mostly that they had to make it quite generic so it fits the church and Golden Deer. I mean Seteth also does not do much in Silver Snow. So I think it would have been better if they have given Verdant Wind to Claude entirely and integrated the church storyline in azure moon. They have similiar goals after all. Or as its own DLC.
  2. Hi - I really like your ideas and agree with most of the issues (dont want to call them problems because it makes sound as if Three houses is a bad game, which it certainly is not). But I see some gameplay issues ..... White Clouds: I find the idea of having Byleth as a personal tutor at first and only a proper professor after Jeritzas Betrayal quite cool and fitting. Both from a story perspective (making the rise from nobody to professor a little bit more believable) and for gameplay purposes (as you can actuall try out the units you want to have control over). I just think that two rounds of introductions are a little bit much. Considering that if you already have a favourite house, you would spend entire 4 chapters with units you dont want/care about. Also one of the most important gameplay loops - continously upgrading your units in the lectures, will be shifted quite backwards if for the first 6 chapters you always have an entire new cast. I would suggest only one round of "introduction chapters" I agree that Mutiny in the Mist and Godesses Rite of Rebirth serve perfectly as the introduction chapter for Blue lions and Black Eagels- as their themes nicely foreshadow azure moon and crimsom flower. Unfortunately Golden Deers do not have that kind of fit in the first chapters. We could simply give them Familiar Scenery, because it happens story-wise at that time, but it does not really reflect what verdant brink or Claude is all about. While the chapter you created would also meet the requirements quite well.... we already have a chapter ingame that would also work perfectly..... namely the Paralogue Sword and Shield of Seiros. While in this chapter the almyrans do not appear by themselves, it shows their impact on the people including the prejudice and fear the folans have against them. So I would suggest to swap this paralogue with the the second mission. So that the first task of new tutor with the students is something mundane in Deirdru which then escalates with the unexpected arrival of pirates, while the hunt after Bandits is given to Shamir&Alois. The order then would be: Prologue: An Inevitable Encounter (Three Lords) Chapter 1: Three Houses Chapter 1: Sword and Shield of Seiros (Golden Deers, will need a new name) Chapter 2: Mutiny in the Mists (Blue Lions) Chapter 3: The Godesses Rite of Rebirth (Black Eagles) Chapter 4: Rumors of a Reaper (Choose a House) - The logic then would be that with Flayn disappearing the houses would work together, instead of Manuela Hanneman will gets knocked out, forcing Manuela to stay in the infirmary and heal him. With all three professors busy/gone, you as the combat tutor will have the task the pick a house and lead them to battle..... which then becomes your house .... Afterwards the story could continue with Tower of Black Winds and then the normal sequence. But I personally would already like here if Chapter 5 at this point would be something quite specific to the house you have choosen like e.g. Chapter 5a - Tower of Black Winds (if Blue Lions were choosen) Chapter 5b - Almyran Cannon (I like the idea ... also would be quite the interesting boss, if Golden Dear was choosen) Chapter 5c - Something in the Empire (if Black Eagles were chosen) Chapter 6: Field of the Eagle and Lion ... That would mean that White Clouds is a Chapter short but would have more replayabillity as there are unique chapters quite early on. Of course there is also the issue with Familiar Scenary beeing a paralogue that people might miss the introduction of the the Flame Emperor, but I think that can be solved by an additional Cutscene after Chapter 3 or 4 where the character is properly introduced. Crimson Flower I like the central ideas about giving Edelgard a tough time and letting her use the demonic beast to win the war. I also feel the biggest issue with this route is that you steamroll your enemies without any kind of trouble ..... balancing morality and power/efficiency would fit quite nicely in this route imo and it would cement its more grey nature. I just dont like that in this version everything would be solved while the other routes have issues left. If there isnt a golden route - which I would prefer if there is, but wide consensus seems to be that there should not be one - all decisions should lead to endings that have pros and cons. Or all paths should lead to a golden future .... So I would suggest that each path concentrate on one core issue. In case of Crimson Flower that would be the Church and the crest System. Which is fitting with Rhea as the last Boss. The Agarthians could be dealt a major blow on the way, but getting completly rid of them should be the honor of a different path. Silver Snow Rhea as a Lord is certainly a must here. I would not agree about the students betraying you all. While I see the story impact behind it, from a gameplay perspective that would be horrible. Exspecially for people that do this on their first run. Also giving it the Nemesis-Fight and an closure over the agarthian situation would give fit nicely in this path..... but to be honest ..... it would need a sincerly redesign from the ground up and considering the ressources necessary for this ..... I would simply remove this path in its entirety and allocate the free ressources and story beats to flesh out the paths of the three lords (which should be the main focus of the game to begin with). Of course that does not mean that people that picked Black Eagles are forced to join Edelgard (that path should remain more grey after all) but instead of siding with the church an reliving most of verdant wind (without Claude) I would give the player the option to either join forces with the Kingdom or Alliance. Then the Player would directly go over to Azure Moon or Verdant Winds. In this case the Lords plus retainer would replace Edelgard and Hubert and you would continue that story-line. For most cutscenes we would get away with as they focus on Byleth and the Lord only the in-engine ones and obviously the dialogue would need to be adjusted to include Black Eagle students. I would prefer a playable Rhea (maybe even with playable Sothis?) but it would require a lot of work...... and sometimes less is more...... it also would have been a nice idea for a dlc pack (Where we got certainly not enough from ...) Azure Moon Azure Moon is quite fine I think. I like your idea of Dimitri having a mad rush towards enbarr and failing there to come back to his senses. But I would keep Rodrigues Death at Gronder as the turning point, it fits thematically more. But the idea with him attacking first the Fort is also quite promising. You could include the story of having an insane commander quite nicely in gameplay by attacking unlimited amounts of enemies in defensive positions until someone can convice your stupid leader to sound the retreat (together with many heroic green units to sacrifice of course). In the case that Silver Snow gets scraped this route can get the church storyline concerning Byleths origins (as it is a character-driven route to begin with) and the more church-friedly story beats of Silver Snow. Considering the Church and Kindom were quite close. Main Enemy would still be the empire. With Edelgard as the last boss. Verdant Wind I kinda like our your first three chapters and Evil Dimitri as a Chapter Boss ..... but I would not include the marriage proposal ..... that would be quite weird for people that are trying to S-Rank Claude with Byleth. Maybe instead let Evil Dimitri be a part of this version of Gonder-Fields Storywise it could be explained that the Agarthians thought Edelgard was a little bit to sucessful and has outlived her usefulness (considering most of fodlan is in their graspes now and the alliance seemed weak and disunited). So they already plan for her retirement. He could even reappear (now fully corrupted by Agarthan Tech) in the chapter where you beat Edelgard instead of Dedue. Giving Claude a nice reminder of what the Agartians are capable of....... If Silver Snow is gone, the problem with the two paths beeing to similiar would also no longer exist ^^..... Anyways, the last battle against Nemesis and the 10 elites are quite thematic fitting to the route. As they represent the past of fodlan that needs to be overcomed for it to turn towards future. A little bit more forshadowing would be nice , as that chapter comes quite unexpected.
  3. That would be the war between Nemesis and Seiros. From the Agarthan/Nabatean war we know almost nothing, outside that sothis was involved and they turned the world into literal hell. But I agree with the problem of characters. Age of Calamity works because the champions of Botw were fan favourites where people wanted more from. I did not see to much interest in the missing saints or apostels or the group around loog to get much hype behind it. But maybe they could try either Use Time Travelling Stuff and let characters from the present experience/interact with the events (because sothis), or they tab into the realm of reincarnation/repeating history where e.g. Loog is basically an version of dimitri etc etc to solve this.
  4. I actually posted exactly this idea in another thread before I saw that this thread existed..... Technically the ancient nabatean agarthian war would also be a war that shaped fodlan but maybe that one was a little bit to crazy because the factions there were fireing nukes at each other 😅
  5. What I was thinking .... when Age of Calamity is the success it seems to be .... will they also go with Fire Emblem Warriors 2 this route? So instead of a festival style game where characters from all over the universe meet for some kind of reason they create a canonical (or almost canonical) game that tells the Pre-Story of 3H (for example because its the most recent and has the most unexplored history to its lore, technically all past conflicts are possible)? Enough material to choose they would have including: - The Ancient Nabatean-Agarthian War - Nemesis vs Seiros - The Rebellion of the Lion King I actually liked the approach that the warrior games add to the lore of the universe instead of beeing high budget fanfictions.
  6. Hello, sorry for necroing this thread but i thought it is better then creating a new one with the same topic. So according to this video Xenoblade Chronicles 2 & Fire Emblem Three Houses Break Major Franchise Sales Records! + The Future! Three Houses broke the 3 Million Sales Barrier and is therefore officially the best selling (non-mobile) Fire Emblem Game now 🥳 Does anyone now some official information about this (because i think it is hardly reported anywhere)? I tried to do source research from the video but it brought me to an article and then to resetera where a member posted the numbers. According to twitter that seems tobe an industry insider, but i thought that maybe nintendo or IS had reports also oin this somewhere.
  7. I think most endings - in the short term - would be quite similiar with mirrored roles. So in CF Faerghus might have some troubles with rebellions, on the other side in AM the same can happen in old empire terretority. In CF part of the central church might still stand behind Rhea (and despise the empire), in any other route fractions of the the old southern and western church might make some problems. The more interesting differences I think will apear many years after the ending. As discussed in other threads I am quite sure that in AM Dimitri will lean towards an constitutional monarchy with some kind of council/parlament that also gives a the common folks a voice. Also think that his system is pretty federal meaning that the individual provinces have a lot of indipendencies. Which has good things and bad about it. What happens after VW I have no clue. IN SS I think Byleth and Rhea will go the more traditional Manakete way and move to some remote location to wait for the world to get in trouble again. I am wondering what happens with Sothis after the ending. Does she truely fuse with Byleth making him de facto a God? Will he then remove/change the crest system with his new found godly powers? Sothis is said to have healed the world back from nuclear war meaning that should be a piece of make. BTW: Are we assuming that everyone that can be recruited was? Because otherwise Ingrid and Sylvain die in CF.
  8. To be fair considering what we know from Cyril and Claude about Almyra that statement wouldnt be too far fetched ....
  9. Do you think that AM Dimitri would really mind if the Alliance and Almyra get along better? He doesnt seem to be the "Outsiders Out" guy from my point of view as his personal assisstent Dedue is also considered by many an outsider (even if technically his homeland is part of fodlan) and strongly opposed when persons were treading him bad for it.
  10. Are you assuming that - if the attack didnt happen - she would just keep Byleth as a professor with no influence? I dont think so - even if he doesnt get the position as archbishop he will get something with a lot of influence. Something like Cardinal or personal adviser level. They have given him the most powerful weapon in fodlan on the hunch that he might become the goddess. So if he would ally with Dimitri (or with any other of the leaders) to help improving the situation in the corresponding countries I can hardly imagine that she would stop him. After all Rhea never actively defended the nobles which misused their powers .... she just did nothing to stop it. Also unfortunately we dont really now what will happen with Byleth after the end of the game. Silver Snow only mentions that his work was "miraculos". So does he actually become the goddess? Then it would be only a question of time until he takes over the church.
  11. But she puts you in charge of the church in the beginning of chapter 12. That is before her imprisionment. And she clearly states in that cutscene that this was here endgoal to begin with (well to be fair she thinks more of Sothis then Byleth but this is not a discussion about Rheas Morals). But the end result gets the same - Byleth becomes pratically leader of the church.
  12. If that is true, getting the church on your side would then solve the problem right? Funnily enough in the "peaceful revolution" the churches were a big supporter of the movement. And as the discussion started from the question how Dimitri in Azure Moon could reform the system without bloody civil war - with Byleth as Archbishop he has the support of the church. If the major powers in the continent are dead set to oppose you things will of course get difficult.
  13. I am not entirely sure what you want to state with your comment - there is certainly no hard border between the three countries inside of fodlan so what has the situation on fodlans throat to do with anything (if you are refering to that)? If its the word "global" I ment that in the sense of "international". To copy the most basic requirements for the "peaceful revolution" only two countries are needed.
  14. Coming from a country were the people had overthrown the oppressive government (even peacefully with almost no violence used) I would not agree with this satement. Sure there were global situations benefitting the cause, but saying that it is impossible is not true. If you remove the peaceful part, there are even more examples in history were exactly that happened. Well basically every revolution that ever happened.
  15. I disagree with that statement in parts. Having multiple stories tied together makes the world feel much bigger and alive then just having a linear story. But i admit and agree that the current state of the world building lets so much open questions. What they should have done is using dlcs pack to further explore the stories only mentioned in the main game. Like the Argathian/Nabatean War, Loog the Lion King, Red Canyon etc. With Sothis Time Travel Abilities they could even get away with having old characters in the dlc (because having a cast of just new chars for a dlc pack will probably to much to ask) saying that byleth used his powers to travel to the past to find the truth behind certain events etc.
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