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  1. I think most endings - in the short term - would be quite similiar with mirrored roles. So in CF Faerghus might have some troubles with rebellions, on the other side in AM the same can happen in old empire terretority. In CF part of the central church might still stand behind Rhea (and despise the empire), in any other route fractions of the the old southern and western church might make some problems. The more interesting differences I think will apear many years after the ending. As discussed in other threads I am quite sure that in AM Dimitri will lean towards an constitutional monarchy with some kind of council/parlament that also gives a the common folks a voice. Also think that his system is pretty federal meaning that the individual provinces have a lot of indipendencies. Which has good things and bad about it. What happens after VW I have no clue. IN SS I think Byleth and Rhea will go the more traditional Manakete way and move to some remote location to wait for the world to get in trouble again. I am wondering what happens with Sothis after the ending. Does she truely fuse with Byleth making him de facto a God? Will he then remove/change the crest system with his new found godly powers? Sothis is said to have healed the world back from nuclear war meaning that should be a piece of make. BTW: Are we assuming that everyone that can be recruited was? Because otherwise Ingrid and Sylvain die in CF.
  2. To be fair considering what we know from Cyril and Claude about Almyra that statement wouldnt be too far fetched ....
  3. Do you think that AM Dimitri would really mind if the Alliance and Almyra get along better? He doesnt seem to be the "Outsiders Out" guy from my point of view as his personal assisstent Dedue is also considered by many an outsider (even if technically his homeland is part of fodlan) and strongly opposed when persons were treading him bad for it.
  4. Are you assuming that - if the attack didnt happen - she would just keep Byleth as a professor with no influence? I dont think so - even if he doesnt get the position as archbishop he will get something with a lot of influence. Something like Cardinal or personal adviser level. They have given him the most powerful weapon in fodlan on the hunch that he might become the goddess. So if he would ally with Dimitri (or with any other of the leaders) to help improving the situation in the corresponding countries I can hardly imagine that she would stop him. After all Rhea never actively defended the nobles which misused their powers .... she just did nothing to stop it. Also unfortunately we dont really now what will happen with Byleth after the end of the game. Silver Snow only mentions that his work was "miraculos". So does he actually become the goddess? Then it would be only a question of time until he takes over the church.
  5. But she puts you in charge of the church in the beginning of chapter 12. That is before her imprisionment. And she clearly states in that cutscene that this was here endgoal to begin with (well to be fair she thinks more of Sothis then Byleth but this is not a discussion about Rheas Morals). But the end result gets the same - Byleth becomes pratically leader of the church.
  6. If that is true, getting the church on your side would then solve the problem right? Funnily enough in the "peaceful revolution" the churches were a big supporter of the movement. And as the discussion started from the question how Dimitri in Azure Moon could reform the system without bloody civil war - with Byleth as Archbishop he has the support of the church. If the major powers in the continent are dead set to oppose you things will of course get difficult.
  7. I am not entirely sure what you want to state with your comment - there is certainly no hard border between the three countries inside of fodlan so what has the situation on fodlans throat to do with anything (if you are refering to that)? If its the word "global" I ment that in the sense of "international". To copy the most basic requirements for the "peaceful revolution" only two countries are needed.
  8. Coming from a country were the people had overthrown the oppressive government (even peacefully with almost no violence used) I would not agree with this satement. Sure there were global situations benefitting the cause, but saying that it is impossible is not true. If you remove the peaceful part, there are even more examples in history were exactly that happened. Well basically every revolution that ever happened.
  9. I disagree with that statement in parts. Having multiple stories tied together makes the world feel much bigger and alive then just having a linear story. But i admit and agree that the current state of the world building lets so much open questions. What they should have done is using dlcs pack to further explore the stories only mentioned in the main game. Like the Argathian/Nabatean War, Loog the Lion King, Red Canyon etc. With Sothis Time Travel Abilities they could even get away with having old characters in the dlc (because having a cast of just new chars for a dlc pack will probably to much to ask) saying that byleth used his powers to travel to the past to find the truth behind certain events etc.
  10. Also the story stuff is a discussion which I am not a part of. I just wanted to clarify that using this sentence from the magazine is not undeniable proof of this particular lore question. Because there is no (at least from my pov) convincing argument that this particular sentence is actually from the developers. So if there are ingame sources as evidence for your claims just use them instead of the outgame source.
  11. It is the advantage of the skeptic that there is no proof required to not believe something. It is enough that there is no proof for the opposite either. I just find it weird that the author would decide to cut that text passage out of the actual interview and use it as a caption. When authors use phrases from the interview partner (like e.g. for headlines) you normally find them in the actual text as the interview is normally done and finished before the article is written. Also they are then usually marked and I didnt saw japanese quotation marks in the picture you showed.
  12. That goes now into story discussion. And I have noticed that the Moderators do not like it if every thread goes into story discussions. If you have a source inside the game please use that for your arguments not some sentence from some magazine. It is much more canon. I did not contribute to whatever discussion you had before. I was just mentioning that the source you had is not reliable. Unfortunately many game magazine journalist just state their personal opinions in articles as if they were facts. So in general I do not believe anything (at least when it goes alittle bit deeper into the substance of the story ) I read in an article as long as it is not clearly cited/quoted where that information comes from. But you can be free to believe whatever you like. Just dont be surprised if other peopledo not follow your argumentation then.
  13. Well you can believe whatever you like. But normally developers of a game do not write articles in magazines. That is the job of journalists. So unless the writer directly quotes a developer (which he does not) or directly states that a certain sentence is not from him but from someone else I am going to assume that certain sentence is from that writer. For me that is common sense or do you really think that each caption in a article of a game is approved (for loreful correctness) by the developers? So in my opinion the situation is quite simple - everything that is in the actual interview is canon because it comes directly from the developers. Everything around it is fan theory. Which of course could be from a secret private interview which we do not know about. Or it could just be - as I personally think - something the writer came up with because he needed something the round off the nice picture he wanted to include. So - in all due respect - in my opinion it is silly to state something outside the actual game as canon or an unquestioned fact - unless it can be traced back directly to a statement of developer. Which in this case cant be done.
  14. But its not in the interview. They only talk about it beeing a sign of hardships. Its something a writer of nintendo dreams (who has most likely not more insight into the depths of lore of foldlan than you or me) has written to round of the picture. A personal opinion of that guy so to speak. If it would be a sentence of a developer (and therefore be part of the interview) it would appear in the transcript of the interview. But it does not.
  15. I wouldnt trust every word in that translation. A user already mentioned that "conspiring" is not what the japanese text actually ment and it means more of a neutral "cooperation". Also isnt that quote just a caption to the picture? Meaning that some journalist at nintendo dreams wrote it and it does not directly comes from a developer? Because I dont find that passage in the actual interview.
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