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  1. Anyone know which battalions break beast armor the easiest? So far I think I’ve only had blaze break all the armor on one shot.
  2. I realized she was actually rng screwed in my game her health was 37, 1 higher than my Lysteria, 14 strength which was 1 higher than my Marianna = and 22 speed which was 3 lower than my Hilda, though I think my Hilda is blessed because has the highest strength, 2nd highest speed only slower than Petra and 3rd highest dex in my squad, her dex is also higher than Leonie. I’ve since given Leonie some strength boosts and I might try to broken weapon grind mercenary so she can get vantage and at least focus on doubling enemies when low on health. Hilda as a Wyvern master is amazing. She is just a one shot god even against monsters and her crest procs all the time. Right now I have an accuracy ring on her and I never worry about missing. Plus she has her hero axe for even more damage.
  3. I feel like I’ve screwed my Leonie by making her a Pegasus Knight instead of focusing on Bow knight since I thought Ignatz would be a good bow user....I was very wrong about Ignatz and now most of my characters are level 20 and I dont know if I have enough time to switch course. Everyone says she is great but I just haven’t seen it yet.
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