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  1. With DLC on the horizon and the success of the game im expecting IS to add new master classes as the current list is a tiny bit disappointing. The only classes I really want is a Mage flyer (Malig Knight), A physical sword unit (Like another level of assassain with the same bowrange as bowknight but footlocked) and a male Gremory type class. Does anyone have any ideas as to possible classes that could be added?
  2. Mounting/Dismounting taking an action to do, or half an action so they can attack but not move after mounting/dismounting. Wyrmslayers and more archers, as well as a few more beastslayers. They need to change the enemy to really balance the game, give them more skills make us think more before taking actions.
  3. List seems really solid the only change i would make is putting Hubert in B- tier.
  4. I don't want a "True" ending akin to fates, I also wouldn't want a story where you have all three lords or all students it would bloat the story and limit team diversity (Yets face it they are all OP). What I wouldn't mind is a "What if" scenario where they show a potential outcome if said thing happened where all three of the nations didn't fight and joined up to face the threat of those who slither in the dark or maybe a different nation from another contient. What I would really like however is a Jeralt Mercenary path where you don't end up going to garreg mach and join with Jeralt and his mercenaries (Similar to PoR) I can imagine a character like Leonie joining you early and being more relevant but it might take some time to develop such a story.
  5. This is a really solid list and good explanation, I'd personally argue that both Dedue and Hubert have good early game usage however as Dedue single handely destroys early game blue lions route with his personal skill and low amount of mages in the garreg mach chapters. He does completely fall off however due to joining later in the second half and his horrible speed/restistance meaning he gets ORKO by even the weakest mages, Hubert similarly is a great early game archer counter as he accesses Mire very fast, no other character will have 1-3 range in such a fast time (As even though bows are really good Archers are not meaning bow users will often go the cav or flier route), and with lunatic showing that archers will have poison strike I think it will now be even more important to be able to counter attack them in enemy phase. He does also fall off since he is male and locked to 4 mov untill he can access Dark Knight which he can get into easily but still no where near as good as Dorothea as a black eagles mage (Double Meteor Gremory is insane) or Lysithea. I do however think even regardless of being weaker in comparison to other characters he still has his use and Black eagles have two horrible units in Berendetta and Caspar so deployment slots early are not hard to find.
  6. Special dance gives the unit danced for +4 speed +4 dex and luck +4 so it's like using rallies (Also i'd prefer to attack, heal or dance instead of rally but if there is no other option then I guess rally can be usable) But that being said imagine using Annetes rally on Shamir, getting a kill with her and then special dancing her, she would be crazy.
  7. I think the dancer debates honestly needs a thread for itself, I personally believe that Annette makes the best dancer, her awful speed makes her just not good as an offensive mage but lack of faith strength makes it harder for her to become a gremory then Mercedes can. She lacks range outside of 1-2 magic but being a dancer allows her to keep her strong spells whilst supporting the team. I would also argue that both Flayn and Marianne make for good dancers as they are both secondary healers really and lack of warp access means that at most they will either be stride bots or wasting turn one. *EDIT* Also rescue and silence both of their "Unique" spells are very rarely needed and being a dancer means that they can still use them when they need to. Also Marianne can benefit from sword avoid +20 with the Blutgang which is an amazing sword.
  8. If im being entirely honest I don't think tiers matter for hard mode. This is one of the easiest fire emblem games and because it's well balanced every character is usable, I think we should wait untill Lunatic and the 5th route DLC (If we are getting it) to truly see the value of all units.
  9. True I guess I did undervalue Lin's warp a bit, Mariannes reason is not a strength but if your willing to invest a bit more time I guess it can become worthwhile. I even admitelly forgot about Flayn a bit. She joins chapter 7 if I remember right(?) I'd argue at that point whichever healer you have used has had enough time to master monk so they have magic+2 and drawback, in terms of avaibility flayn will always struggle compare to your primary white mage. It's a small thing to also mention but Mercedes will end with Gremory compared to Linhardts Bishop so she will always have one more move then him. I personally find fortify better then warp as Stride will effectively get your whole team to places a single unit could have been warped to (In most cases) however I can 100% see your reasoning as to why warp might be more important, I might actually need to start using it on my next run. I have changed my mind however on the top of my personal tier list I would say whoever is your primary healer is also top tier.
  10. I don't really want to make an account to post here and im sure there will be many people who disagree with me but Three houses is really well balanced which results in units be ranked on how easy it is to use them. As a result I personally believe that Cyrill, Bernedetta, Ignatz and Ashe are the worst students. Cyrill joins with too low bases, he has a good set of skills and pretty good growths but lack of personal skill damages him. Im tying Bernedetta, Ignatz and Ashe they all have steep competition with Shamir who will join regardless of house who has much higher stats, a great personal skill that makes her an amazing dance bait and is only lacking one skill to become a bow knight. I know it's a pitfall not to use mutiple units of the same class but all three of the archers have lacking growths Ignatz horrible strength, Bernedetta has horrible base speed making her easy to be speed screwed and Ashe having a horrible skill set as well as a worthless personal skill. Claude and Leonie (Who is also one of the easiest characters to recruit) both make great bow units as well so at the very least you will have two bow knights. Caspar and Rapheal are also low tier. Caspar has the horrible fate of having bad authority so it will take him a while to get good battalions also both Gauntlets and Axes are horrible weapon types, many of the strongest enemies will use swords so lance breaker is not too effective. War master is however a strong class but their low move might damage them. Rapheal is a step above Caspar, his good armor growth will let him nab weight -3 to be more effective with axes earlier. Byleth, all three lords and Mercedes are all the best units in the game. Byleth and the three lords thanks to their abilites will snowball at an insane rate reaching a high level early, all three of them can easily OHKO enemies into the endgame. Mercedes is the best healer in the game, Live to serve is so much more useful then the other house's healers personals, Linhardt's is worthless he will never wait and Marianne similar will likely be far away from other units as healers are often stride bots too. Thanks to being able to heal anywhere on the map for lots of health with pyschic and her insane resistance she can become the best mage killer in the game, she also becomes a glass cannon (Not on the level of Lysithea) and will likely even outdo Annette the blue lions mage in terms of damage. Healers are also universally needed I would recommend running two, her only negative is having really dumb recruitment requirements so gifts are really needed. Also in terms of healers Linhardt is the worst (But just by being a healer boosts him a lot) thanks to useless personal skill and lack of Gremory access, Marianne having Silence and skills for holy knight is actually really good but I would still say Mercedes is better at the end of the day it's utility (Marianne) vs stats (Mercedes). I feel like it'll take too long for me to go through everyone but maybe i'll return and post more of my thoughts or maybe im just wrong.
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