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  1. Does anyone else think this game requires no amount of optimization or strategy? I’m playing on hard and about half way through the second half of my first play through with golden deer. I’ve had everyone at the master class I want them at for a while now, I don’t care about getting any other certifications cause I’m just facerolling the game anyways. Shamir has like a 60% crit rate on most enemies and hilda one shots everyone... Raphael can eat magic attacks no problem (fortress), and I don’t remember the last time leonie didn’t double attack someone. Maxed out nearly every support, shops make resources infinite and weapon durability isn’t valuable anymore. I have way more gold than I know what to do with and absolutely no shortage on any items... now all of a sudden I don’t care about motivation, I have way too many action points for as few options there are in the cathedral. I auto battle some of the auxiliary battles cause I can... honestly the only time I ever divine pulse is when I warp someone into the middle of the enemy ranks wondering if I can survive 6 attacks in one turn (Shamir effing did it, dodged 5/6 attacks and crit 4/6 of them back) Anyways I still have about a quarter of the game left, but no motivation to finish it cause it’s kinda boring... anyone else feel the same? Gimme lunatic and lunatic+ please..
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