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  1. That's my goal with my current (second) playthrough. I'm recruiting every single student and trying to get all supports except for the other two lords/their retainers, which I'll save for a couple of speedruns I guess. I just like being able to go back and watch them whenever I want.
  2. Dimitri cause idk, it felt canon (all that hand-holding) and he has a lot more story interaction with Byleth than anyone else. Mercedes is my fave girl, but I like a lot of the girls.
  3. I played Blue Lions first, so... nuff said. That was honestly a mistake on my part -- I should have left it for last, because it's very hard to play the other routes knowing what happens in them, once you've (I've) already developed an emotional investment in the BL arc. I think Edelgard's an interesting character, and from what I know of her story in the other routes, I can see how she's more sympathetic in them, but I still think she's misguided and that some of her actions (even in BE route) are very hard to defend. I am curious how my thoughts would differ if I'd played BE first, but I suspect I'd still have a preference for the other lords.
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